December 6, 2023

5 thoughts on “Fanos Panayides discusses COVID-19, media lies

    1. Dear Dmitry Koronkevich, I absolutely agree that this virus narrative is a plot that was devised decades ago. Upon reading more and more, especially documents from the World Economic Forum, I have no doubt. The World Health Organisation’s official site declares that annually a total over 650,000 people die from the seasonal flu and last year, 2019, Australia lost over 900 of its citizens to the Influenza virus. Strangely though, when I searched for Data regarding the seasonal flu count in Australia this year, the total amount, miraculously, is ZERO. The total deaths occurring WITH this scamvirus is 278, out of 25,500,000 citizens. That is 0.001% of the total population. The fact that they are counting the usual INFLUENZA cases, yet giving it a sophisticated and scary name is blatant to see. The worrying factor is why the majority are so blind, and unable to decipher a scam, a lie that is unfolding in front of their faces. The sadness is the amount of docile sheep we have accumulated. The Governments will play games, yet they will only stop once they realize the majority is not falling for their lies. Unfortunately, the global population has presented as a gourmet feast for the handful of elites that control our money and entire lives.

      1. That’s because The Sheeples Neurological Connect, is Difficult thru a Vacuum. This is called Systemic programming & Information by Media, who relentlessly reinforce that THEY, can do NO wrong, because THEY, have a COC! – Code of Conduct. Suffice to say, The sheep, NEVER have been ‘Wired’ to question; “WHY have THE Politicians, Banks, AMA, Insurance Groups Et Al, ‘Historical Conduct’ been SOOO BAD, that THEY, have had a Code Of Conduct ‘Enforced’ upon these same Groups! Now that COC is ‘Apparently’ a ‘Protection’ for the Masses, THE ‘Group’ with a ‘COC’, have been going Gang Busters on their SAME previous Historical Behaviours!
        I feel a Hymn coming on;
        “Bringing in the Sheep, Bringing in the Sheep!” OR
        “The population of Australia go Bleat Bleat Bleat,
        Govt’s F*cked ‘Em over since the first Fleet Fleet Fleet.
        Rum Corps still active so discreet, Creet B/S does reek,
        Even while the peasants Sleep sleep sleep.
        The Corporates rate us as just another Resource base base base,
        Now it’s Blatant lying to ya face face face.
        RSLs part of the Game game game,
        ANZAC legends a test exercise ‘PASS’ lame lame lame.
        Medics & Cops are Purchased & bought bought bought,
        this extends to Judicial court court court.
        Education stratagem of NO knowledge knowledge NO ledge,
        Sexuality is MORE important than Survival Forage, forage, For an age.
        Medical Fraud By Force Force Force,
        THE Sheep DON’T GET IT, THEY’RE JUST A COMMODITY of Course course course!!

        Such a Pity,
        it’s a useless little Ditty.
        Informations not effectively Right,
        Unless it’s on 2,3, 7 ,9 & 10 Ad Central tonight.
        Viewing SOAP, Gogglebox is waiting,
        T.V. addicted Ozzies, Beer, Smiths & Flatuating Sofas MASS debating.
        Along came the News Opera, SBS kleenex box at ready,
        Current Focal demonic Russian Bastards- Ukraine support Co OPERAtive steady.
        Viewer Blitzkreig by Advertising onslaught,
        Thank God relief By Good looking Womens tennis skirt court.
        And equal ops for Oz Chicks AFL Blokes,
        Stay for another viewing 100 Years to earn 2 Pokemon tokes.
        NAH! Tomorrow Mate, I’m watchin’ the Melbourne cup Tits & Horses!
        NAH! Tomorrow Mate, sorting out What SHIT to buy for Flamin’ Christmas!
        Sorrowfully saw the demise of ordinary Australians the other Day,
        DIDN’T wake up AT ALL, now their LIFE’S for sale Undervalued on Ebay!

        Stats Apparently ‘LIE’- For those who are ‘Sheep’. & WHY, NOT BEFORE CON JAB-19;
        Feel Free ‘Fact Chuckers’. AUSTRALIA ONLY – ‘ANY STANDARD YEAR’; DEAD 2018/19
        CANCER; 144,700 DEAD. Heart & Circulatory Disease; 43,000 DEAD. Tobacco related illness; 21,000 DEAD. AMA Medics- WRONG diagnosis & effects of PRESCRIPTION drugs ( NO reflections on Medical personnel @ large) 18,000DEAD -Acceptable?(LOVE to see ‘ACTUALS CURRENT’), Alcohol related; 9- 6,000 Dead Est. Suicides; 63,000 attempts – 3,040 DEAD (Again under CON JAB-19 ‘Lock down ‘Protocols’ & ‘BURNING’ of ‘Independent Small Business’ by THE System – Govt/Banks /Medics & Insurance Groups Cabal Inclusive, what is this NOW – ACTUALS – ANOTHER ‘SUCCESS STORY’), Last – Road Toll; 1190 Plus Dead.
        SO, EVERY YEAR before PLANdemic EVENT 201 COinsiders; 240,000 (for Math Folks) Australians DIE in a STANDARD YEAR, and WHAT? – Hark! I hear ZIP, except for a Solitary Brave cicada, from THE SYSTEM!
        BUT, Across Australia 30 PEOPLE DIE – Apparently NOT TOTALLY PROVEN, to Theoretical Virus CON JAB-19, & Tyrants Australia wide, Marshall the ADF (Fed. Governor General ‘Release’ required.), & the Heroes of The ‘Home Guard’, Install Quasi Marshal Law with Gusto & Salivating checkpoints, & the rest of the RAW ‘Enforcement’ Enterprise!
        Acronym a coming round Da bend; RAW; = ‘Repression Authoritarian WANK’!
        Sub acronym WANK – Without Actual Nominal Knowledge.- HOORAH!
        Logic section; 240,000 Australian DEAD, every STANDARD Year, DO NOT A CRISIS MAKE! – I/ YOU/ EWE Knew that!

        Wellness as always

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