Freedom vs. Force – The Individual and the State

It is a fact that throughout history, freedom has been considered so precious that some individuals have preferred death to a life in which it is absent.

Once a society comes under the dominion of centralised authority, such a power will grow to leviathan proportions, which, like a parasite, sucks the life-blood from the subjects it governs.


Photo: Steve Cutts
The foundations of freedom are the panacea needed to find our way out of the absurd contemporary sociopolitical mess.

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3 comments on “Freedom vs. Force – The Individual and the State”

  1. Great share Ethan what a gem of a man Auberon Herbert was how can you not rally to the words of ” the one and only one true basis of society is the frank recognition of these rights of self-ownership; that is to say, of the rights of control and direction by the individual, as he himself chooses, over his own mind, his own body, and his own property, always provided, that he respects the same universal rights in others.’ Regards Russell

  2. Huge fan of the Academy of Ideas channel! Been a subscriber for a couple of years now and continuously share their vids hoping they might impact others as they have me.
    Quality channel and quality topic. Nice work

  3. A fantastic synopsis of what freedom vs cipher mentality encompasses!

    I’m surprised that U-Tube hasn’t taken the video down yet.

    Thanks for sharing.

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