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Creating a New Slave Class: Workplaces in ‘post-lockdown’ Australia

Workplaces are looking very different from what they used to, as people begin to return to their jobs after months at home amid the coronavirus lockdown.

From mandatory ‘COVID Safe’ guidelines and work-from-home normalities, to online surveillance and virtualisation of business, a new social stage is being set.



Discussion: Australians reject the ‘new normal’

Humanity seems to be slowly entering a new ‘post-truth’ era in which objective reality takes a back seat in favour of engineered groupthink perceptions.

The media celebrates violent protests in the US, yet condemns peaceful COVID-19 actions in Australia – all while trying desperately to continue their virus narrative.


Australians rally against lockdowns, vaccines

Thousands of protesters have rallied across Australia today to object ongoing COVID-19 measures, including pushes for mandatory vaccination.

The following is highlights from major rallies.

Australian High-Speed Rail = COVID-19 Solution

As Australia begins to re-open on a path to ‘normality’, discussions have now shifted to new “nation-building projects” that can help the economy recover.

What is one of the main ‘solutions’ being presented as a “game changer”? A high-speed rail line to be built down the east coast of Australia.