Discussion: Personal rights, microchips, protests

As long as there has been governments, there has been protests against them. We have heard many tales of the masses using their voice against the powers of the establishment.

However, in recent months, we have seen peaceful protests by 5G activists and anti-lockdown protesters shut down under ‘public health’ restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Victor Tey on the ground. Photo: EMR

How can Australians wanting to express their fundamental right to freedom of expression maneuver this new draconian climate? Further, how is the establishment clamping down in response?

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia are joined by Victor Tey from Exercising My Rights to discuss lockdown protest experiences, innovative ways to voice your opinions, the latest track-and-trace moves and more.




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