September 23, 2023

7 thoughts on “‘Segregation Picnic’: Protesters make a statement outside St. Kilda restaurants

  1. The more people that refuse to go along with rules with resistance like this perhaps change will occur but if the violence and oppression already at play by the state and its enforcers has not been enough to persuade the populace action is needed to stop the tyranny, I don’t hold a lot of hope that picnics on the pavement will persuade the compliant to recognize the folly of believing the government is here to help them.

  2. My standard response to anyone asking about my vaccination status is, “Thank you for asking about my health! I am well thank you.” I like Novak Djokovics stance. It really isn’t anyone else’s business, but this is how the people in power work. Fear and herd mentality.
    F alse: E xpectations: A ppearing: R eal:

  3. Much more of this needed. Of course, can’t help the compliant sheeple from marching themselves to digital slavery and death by quax, but smarter, more courageous people need to increase non-compliance and ultimately live in parallel, freer societies than the digital dystopia being imposed.

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