Eureka Freedom Rally: Crowds gather at Civic Hall in Ballarat for day of action

Protesters descended on the regional Victorian city of Ballarat in another day of protests against the state’s vaccine segregation, pandemic legislation and more.

Peaceful protest and the spirit of rebellion.
Photo: THS
Protesters gathered in Ballarat this afternoon to stand against vaccine mandates and passports, while also calling to ‘Stop the Pandemic Bill’ and ‘sack Dan Andrews’ in a day of action in the Eureka homeland.

The crowd first met outside the Ballarat Civic Hall and listened to speeches as the group grew.

A convoy of cars left Melbourne on Sunday morning before demonstrators met in the Ballarat CBD.

United Australia Party federal MP Craig Kelly once again addressed the group, describing vaccine mandates as “unethical and un-Australian”. 

Independent state MP Catherine Cumming, another frequent attendee of the protests, led a chant of “save the children”.

Ballarat Mayor, Daniel Moloney, said the city was aware of its historical significance and use for protests, as the symbolic home of the Eureka Stockade Rebellion.

The gold rush city was the historical home of the Eureka Stockade. The Eureka flag, a symbol of a miner’s rebellion from the 1800s, has been used as a symbol of defiance by protesters.

The crowd carried a large number of Eureka flags, upside-down Australian flags, placards and the flags of other nations.

The common refrain of “sack Dan Andrews” was chanted, along with “Eureka, united, we’ll never be defeated”.

They group marched through the CBD and to the Ballarat skate park, where there were more speeches and loud music.

The event follows tens of thousands gathering in Melbourne’s CBD yesterday to protest the passing of the new pandemic legislation.

The controversial law, which was passed by parliament last week, gives Victoria’s premier and health minister the power to declare a pandemic and enforce restrictions. 

To access most non-essential services and venues, people over the age of 12 need to show proof of vaccination or an exemption.

Video recently emerged showing an unvaccinated shopper being denied entry to Bunnings Warehouse and Big W, as jab requirements for entry continue to divide across the state.

The group says they will keep up the pressure into the future and will continue to incorporate the spirit of the Eureka events moving forward, as Australia continues its struggle for freedom.



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  1. Congratulations to the teachers. A great lesson for the children to teach them about freedom of choice and not allowing anyone to touch anyone’s body without one’s consent..Parents and students , support your valuable teachers . Weall must make a stand NOW. Before it is too late.

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