Protesters crash Melbourne Cup to stand for freedom

Demonstrators staged a takeover of the 2021 Melbourne Cup this afternoon, attending a rally for freedom outside of the Flemington Racecourse.

Streets actions continue.

A group of protests gathered outside the Melbourne Cup event this afternoon to protest against ongoing vaccine segregation, mandates, Dan’s new bill and many more pressing issues.

A sizeable group of anti-lockdown protesters gathered outside the Melbourne Cup today in a demonstration calling on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to stand down.

The demonstrators met at Footscray Park outside of the event at around noon, before beginning their march to the Hill Stand Gate at Flemington Racecourse, chanting “Kill the Bill”:

The group marched across the bridge to the racecourse, where fully-vaccinated patrons are celebrating their newly found ‘freedom’ at the popular event.

Someone speculated that at one point, there were more people gathered here than inside.

On arrival at the outside gates, police were waiting and watching. Protesters chant “no vaccine passports” and “save our children”, as they attempt to bring further awareness to their cause.

Signs and banners could be seen that read, “Sack Dan” and “Kill the Bill”, as Dan Andrews permanent pandemic powers are expected to pass when Parliament votes on the weekend.

These demonstrations follow powerful protests in the Melbourne CBD earlier this week, and are the latest instalment in a long wave of actions across tyrannical actions in the state.

Check out more highlights from the rally this afternoon below:

The group says they are determined to continue the fight against the ‘new normal’. TOTT News will keep readers updated on any further developments.


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