‘We Say No!’: Victorians continue the fight against pandemic bill

Tens of thousands of citizens were seen on the streets of Melbourne’s CBD today, to oppose increasing establishment coercion and control.

Perhaps the largest crowd to-date packed the streets of Melbourne in opposition to increasing establishment control, including coercive employment mandates and Dan’s permanent pandemic legislation.

Find extended coverage from Melbourne’s ongoing struggle at the #MelbourneProtests tag.


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2 comments on “‘We Say No!’: Victorians continue the fight against pandemic bill”

  1. Nice reporting, Ethan. I wonder if any of this will make it into the corrupt MSM. One of the KJD posters reminded me of one I saw at an Adelaide rally months ago, depicting the dictator as a grotesque hunchback with a pop-eye and the caption “I’ve been vaxxed and I feel great!”. His visage was remarkably similar to the real thing.

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