December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “WATCH: Melbourne protesters gather in CBD, calls to ‘Repeal The Bill’

  1. The comment by the vic Premier just proves again, that he and all other Premiers/ chiefs.. have NO idea or don’t want to know. OR have been told to have amnesia,THERE Is another way… it is called IVERMECTIN, Zinc and lots of sunshine or vit D 3 supp for winters… how can Uttar Pradesh with 200 million people get a handle on this bio weapon but Australia cannot>?>? OH PLEASE pull the other one we are fed up with the LIES, fed up with the coersion, fed up with the Gov lying,.,.. and the CFMEU is a disgrace not standing up for workers, regardless if they are members or not>> As one person said “who build this city” certainly not one of our “peoples representatives” that can only move a shovel of dirt for a photo shoot of planting 1 tree!~~ Cut out the lies get back to NORMAL NORMAL with Ivermectin and tell big Pharma it is NOT welcome in OZ! Thank you to all that marched, again, I am NOT in Vic but TAS but Thank you!!!

  2. All governments here and os have sold us out in exchange for money. That’s why they aren’t currently listening to alternative solutions and the dissent. But they are starting to break down (not quickly enough) and more people are waking up to the lies. We need to be very strategic about how we vote at the next fed election and who knows when we will get another election in Victoria

  3. Is there any law firm willing to take on a class action against the blackmail and extortion (these are indictable offences carrying a jail term) committed by our state (premiers) and federal (Prime minister) governments (and have been backed by all politicians who have the powers to stop these offences)? They are telling us we cannot function (have work, eat when we are away from our home area, gather with family and friends) unless we receive the vaccination they know is poisonous. This IS BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION under the law. It is about time ALL politicians were held accountable for their actions. Remember the ONLY way OMICRON came into Australia is from fully vaccinated people, they won’t let anyone else into the country! these viruses did not come from the UNvaccinated.

    1. The Courts are “CORRUPT” The Cabal, Banksters & their Talmudic, henchmen, have been working behind the scenes, corrupting Media, Courts, Politicians, for 50 years The Rothschilds own “OUR” Reserve bank, the sould out “CUNTS” WILL be held accountable, then the Hanging of the Instigators, Rothschilds & Rockerfellas, n co !

  4. The Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and Co, are and have always been the “guardians” of the Papal Treasure. They are not at the top of the pyramid. They have sold their souls for monetary gains. They don’t own the treasure, they are guarding it. It all goes back to Rome. The same papal system and papacy that persecuted the Christians during the dark ages is making its way back to this world as Rome has never changed and the same persecution is also following. Rome is aiming to re-establish her power, to recover her lost supremacy as its mortal wound is being fully healed. The time of trouble as there never was is almost at the door.

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