December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “Misinformation bill meets roadblock after strong opposition

    1. ‘THEY’, would have ALREADY envisaged this, in the same way that U.S. Surveillance Acronym’d ‘Crews’ in League with CorpoRATS, are ‘Enlisting’ Universities (& ALL PROactive Staff/ Students therein) to ‘Think Tank’ alternate ways to Bypass Social pushback or EVEN Systems Enquiry/ Attitudes, AND, the 5GW Concept of ‘Reality Bending’, Aka, Attaching/Amalgamating Population Vaxx Hesitancy, General Govt/Corporate Mis/DISinformation Agendas & ‘Exterior’ (False flag or Not!)- Political Electioneering AS ‘Group Think’ National Security Threats! IN PLAIN SIGHT – Broad Spectrum MEDIA, OF COURSE, EMBEDDED/ ENDORSED/PROGRAM REINFORCED!

  1. A little hope on the horizon. Gives us more time to fight it, but I suspect that will also give the Government more time to put fear into the community to increase their support. Contact your local MPs.

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