September 23, 2023

12 thoughts on “Photos: Aussie elitists appear at Davos 2023

  1. Half these people are just there to feel important and claim bragging rights. How is Julie Bishop, what is it with the leather pants and boots? Is that a statement or what? “Don’t mess with me, or I will ram you with my Harley”

  2. GOD DAMN IT! WHAT IS IT WITH THESE FUCKIN’ ‘B’ CLASS AUSTRALIAN ‘ACTORS’, WHO’VE PASSED THE TROLL ‘GettA ThumBug’ UP YA Institute. Next Some of these WANNA ‘B’ees,Endorsed By the BARBIE (1)clinic, But TOTALLY Impractical @ ALL else except MORE Technocracy, will want their Photo taken with Current popular YouCranial ‘Actor’, Opiate Test Pilot Extrordinaire & Fool Time Actor – Voldimort StolenSkyy! – TOO LATE! – ‘Forest Twig’ & maybe some ‘Gaines’ O’ functions could star in an Entreprenurial role here, for ‘ORGANising’ another Australian First,where ‘CONstruction(2) Corporations’, ‘Charge’ Foreign Countries for ‘Rebuilding’ THEIR Country, for ‘Damage’ WE HAVE HELPED CAUSE!
    ORstralia, Has a Long History of LOSING @ WAR! – ONE way or Another, Why wouldn’t WE ‘Finance’ ANOTHER LOSS? – Ucranial seems CONvenient (2)! ‘While you were concentrating on DAVOS ‘Indulgences” – Thank You again Sun Tzu;
    With the Amount of Foreign ‘Four Arms’ (5 eyes Less 1), PERMANANTELY (3)installed up the OZ Govts Rectal Area, I’m SURE with the Help of Billy Goat Gates (Not a Feral Corral device), with the Help of BAMGF ‘Tech’ I’m sure an ‘Extension’ can be Knocked thru the Kirribilli Kids Rectal area, for ‘Future’ Expansions. “Here Prime Minstrel, there’s a bag of Boiled Sweets, to Dissipate the PAYIN’!
    It also AMAZES (4) me (NOT), that these EnTITies (5) ‘Visiting’ DAVOS (6)are Generally SO Useless @ Social/Economic activities in their Collective HOME (7) Nations, that ‘They’ are traversing the Planet ‘Disguised’ as ‘EXPERTS’ (8)! Let’s Check a Bishop, amongst MINsomething’s ‘Partners in’, let’s say a Lithium Mine, we have U.S. Corporate ‘Saints’- Albemarle Corporation Inc.,apart from ‘Non Recyclable ‘Lithium Battery Pack’ Ingredients’ Production(Wonder if this SMALL point is on THE Expert Enviro AGENDA – Disposal of ‘E’ batteries – GREAT NEWS! Is there an ‘e’ Commissioner in DA House? YER! But only for ‘Citizen Surveillance. Apologies ‘On Line Protection’- BUT ‘Physically’ THEY can ‘Drag you off to an oSSie ‘Detention Centre’ – FOR YOUR ‘Welfare’!), Back to Collaborative resource deals – Albemarle Corporation Inc., were Also previously 1 of 3 Major United States Investors/Producers of ‘Flame Retardant Chemicals’ (Sponsored by Big tobacco ‘Shadow money’ for Decades)- See Front Group set up by SAME Corporations called- ‘Citizens for Fire Safety’. This doesn’t include ‘Other’ Sales/Acquisitions by Same Group since 1994. SAFE/CLEAN/EFFECTIVE & Nothing to see here..
    Next to JustaBishop in photo of WEF Inc., we have Mr Takeshi Niinami, an obviously Excellent Business man, er Person (in keeping with U.N. ‘Protocols’) er-They/Singular. Mr Niinami is amongst other Titles, He/They – A DOER, served on the Industrial Competitiveness Council of Japan, as an economic advisor to the Prime Minister, and is a current member of the Tax Commission of the Government of Japan. Mr Niinami is a member of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy (CEFP) as a senior economic advisor to the Prime Minister and the Chair of Committee for Promoting the Integrated Economic and Fiscal Reforms. He is also Vice Chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (KEIZAI DOYUKAI), and a member of the ‘World Economic Forum’s’ -‘Global Agenda Council’ on Japan. Good Company JustaBishop!
    Acronym Time; 10 Years Suffering Acronym Central @ Resources Sector; WE have;
    (1) BARBIE – Busy At Righteous Bullshit Institutional Egotism
    (2) CON – ‘Cooked’ Operational Narratives.
    (3) PERMANANT – Period Extra Rectal Management Augmented National Authorised Neural Transference
    (4) AMAZES – Autocrats Manipulative Affluent Zoos Exuding Solutions = Just STOP IT Drones!
    (5) TIT – Twats In Ties
    (6) DAVOS Demonic Advocates Vision Operations Stealthfully
    (7) HOME Heretic Operators Massaging Economics – Maybe a Swiss DAVOS Hooker can help!
    (8) EXPERTS Egotists Xenial Professional Regulators Trading Shit
    Thanks once again Gough for YOUR Collective HOME UNIDROIT inputs! – WHAT was the ‘Leverage’?
    Last; Former Foreign Minstrel tagged as ‘JiBBIRISH’ – Apologies friends, that should be JBISH According to important Cameo Roles & FREE Airplay ADS on ‘Today Shows’, AmBashaDoor to MINRES & Puttin’ (Not the Smart Russkie) on their Resources Ritz, Spruiks’
    “Unlocking Mineral resources benefits” – But NOT for the Peasants! ‘Today Show’ appearances must mean your a ‘Star Player’. Also same Billing, JIBBERISH, apologies again – ‘JBISH’ Expounds the Virtues & ;
    “This New MINRES building is State of the Art, & has Global ratings in terms of the Environmental Stakes, Per the Light, The Air & Comfort!” – & these are the Folks whose 1st time on a Public transit bus, WAS to do THIS Resources Promo! Guess Bishops are the Same Globally – Private Everything for ‘Them’!
    Competition Time; DAVOS early stage A TYRE winners;
    Photo (A) & WINNER of the NEO Stylised Jack Boots, reminiscent of Herman Munster wardrobe, – Actually with ALL of that Leather & Belt, I thought The ‘Wide Jacket Lapels & Epaulettes’ Units, could have Sported some Retro Insignias (Nazi -In Vogue for Royals, OR, the much coveted ‘WEF Sole Defender insignias) to match the Boots! Nice ‘matching’ Femme Fatale Leather Dacks!
    Advert time;
    ‘YES FOLKS! You too can have a pair of these Imitation Game ‘Leather’ B&D Pants – Stretchie & Stimulating! With Animal extinction & Enviro Saviour Ethos(LOL) in mind, here@DAVOS Direct Marketing, We’ve Made ‘PAKs DAKs’ from inVogue & Recycled Resources sector Minesite Tyre Inner tubes- NO size TOO large!
    & Remember – ‘PAKS DAKS COVER ALL Cellulite AND CRACKS!’ Disclaimer; Make sure product guide is Right for You. Measurement guides on our website & PDF available- & Remember SAFE & EFFECTIVE – No Over Inflating ‘Product’! Product can be also ordered with extra gusseting & Stealth holsters for Riding Crops,Batteries Etc. see special ‘WW-Z’ Catalogue in ‘Restricted Section’. Please also Note; B&D reference does not refer to a garage Rolla Door!.
    & Now Back to our Winner!
    NOPE! The ‘BOOTS’ Carried the Decision by All of the Spec Savers Judges;
    JustaBishop, has Won a Years FREE Travel on Pleb class Public transport & Air travel with ‘Jabbed’ Air Crews!
    & Your response Ms/Mrs/They- Singular?
    “Pubic Transport & ‘Jabbed Aircrews’? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!”
    Wellness & Mirth for PROPER Health

    1. So you noticed the leather pants and boots too lol. Myocarditits piloted jets, no thanks, rather stay on the ground or on the water with a canoe. What did you think of Albo and Billy Boy meeting? I wonder what is in the folders and pictures Gainoffunction is carrying. See other article.

      1. Didn’t see it/ Couldn’t find. I can only guess at;
        1A) Where to find your room & Includes personal/Room proximity Devices for those ‘Late night sessions’.
        2A) Fill In Brekkie Menu for Over indulging in our NEO Planetary ‘Forbidden Foods or Booze’, but ‘Available’ @ DAVOS for Folks ‘Sleeping In’. – Abode Delivered.
        1B) Online Room service Availability 24 Hrs.
        2B) WEF ‘Escort’ Brochure.
        C) Cue cards for the ‘Invited’ EXPERTS – Includes ‘Helpful Vocabulary’, & Body Language Techniques.
        D) Doctor Contact #s for Emergency Embarrassing ‘Ailments’ (See 1A-2A-or 2B ‘Outfall’) Maybe ‘Stuck’ in your Vulcanised Leather Dacks, or Trapped under an ‘Erotic Mannequin’! Allergies or Psychological Trauma to Shag pile Carpets/ Bear rugs, Lips or ‘Other’ stuck to Glazing.> Frostbite Etc. (That’s Global Warming for you!) Or where to find UV Block out kits, for All of the Compounding ‘Flash’ photo Session,- Dermis trauma.
        E) Packets of Cash, for ‘Services Rendered’ & Non traceability, direct from Local Gnomes of Zurich establishments..
        F) Session Pass to CERN facility, Demonic Costume Hire inclusive – Unless you’ve brought your own ‘Kit’! Bishop meets Porn, er Um – Bishop meets Pawn – Sign of a Chequered Past, in a game of Chesst!
        G) Non ‘E’ Tech contact details, of Movers & Shakers for future references.
        H) Your Orders Mr/Mrs/They-Singular Phelps. Your eyes only. Burn after reading. This information will self destruct in 10 Seconds – Stand in a Wet area, away from Smoke detectors-Treat it as Using a ‘Bong’ parameters. Should You or Any of your ‘Bought Farce’ be captured or Killed, the WEF will disavow any knowledge of your Existence. Good luck.
        I) Personal Documented ‘Leverages’. – BOTH Ways.- Risk Benefit Analysis.
        Last; With ALL of those EXPERTS floating around DAVOS, I’ll bet that even just a few of them, COULD, fill that TES /Hydrogen car’s Fuel Cell, by telling them, that the Exhaust is a ‘BreathaLIEzer Tester’ – Even the Patrons that DON’T drink, could Fill Her Up! A CONfusion hot air Drive System.- UNlimited Supply! I Think Prime Minstrel, a Mr Forever Bend DaKneesee could learn from DAVOS leads, & should attach a unit to CAN’TBERRA, in keeping with DAVOS/U.N/IMF/BAMGF AGENDAS!

    2. Kevin Rudd; Photo, just spotted ‘Back Drop’ in DAVOS meeting – ‘Caixin’ Logo. – What does it mean? I’ll ask the Mandarin man “Rudd’y Hell’s mate!” We say “Bloody Hell – Kevin!” -So, ‘Caixin’ means ‘New Fortune’.
      Among Many ‘Committed Grants” BAMGF (‘We are a non profit fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world’ -.’INEQUITY’?? FU*K ME! Where’s My Vomit Bucket – Thank You ‘Jeeves’!)
      Billy Gates, managed to find some ‘Loose Change’ – (NOT Invested in ‘NON Profit’ Vaccines & ‘Lab Work’@20 X PLUS-PROFIT, on HIS/THEY, ‘Investment’) – So Bill’s Pyjama pockets produced US$100,000 in Oct 2019 for Caixin Media to;
      ‘To help Chinese people who are living in poverty by providing key stakeholders with a more in-depth picture of China’s poverty issue and relevant insights’. How Benevolent. The Little Prick’s -Bill (& his ‘Jabs’) running around Everywhere, and causing more than just Ill Health!
      Caixin ‘Investment Web’ ; The Caixin Insight Group (Sister Co to Caixin Media) is The Intelligence & Data gathering Arm of the business. Caixin Online Est. 2010(English Translation of Chinese News) Now Morphed into> Caixin Global Intelligence 2016, for ‘Customized Business Intelligence’.
      30 April 2018, Caixin Global and CITIC Capital (Listed on WEF Website under ‘Partner’, & is a STATE Owned Investment Company of PRC) jointly acquired the international business information unit of Britain’s Euromoney Institution Investor PLC., for $180.5 million, marking one of the biggest offshore purchases ever by a mainstream Chinese Media Group. The unit, Global Market Intelligence Division (GMID), was a provider of global financial information and data in over 15 languages, with a focus on emerging markets. GMID’s two main units are CEIC and EMIS. ‘Caixin Global will take the lead in ‘leveraging related capabilities and resources’ from Caixin Media and Caixin Insight, jointly design a series of financial data products suited for the Chinese market, and provide timely information and in-depth analysis for Global users.
      I just Love ‘Their’ Lingo – Reminds Me of our, Apologies once more, THE, Local HOME EXPERT
      ( See 7&8 previous Acronyms) Representatives!
      Anyone STILL believe the PRC & WEF, AREN’T ‘Comparing Notes’?
      Other local PRC ‘acquisition’ – John Holland Constructions – Owner CCCC China Communications Constructions Company Ltd. Nothing to see here. & I haven’t even mentioned Darwin Port ‘Lease’ either!
      “Kevin Rudd? Still @ DAVOS ZOO Mate? Forget your Advanced Math mate. The Crowd can count without You, using your fingers. 1+ 5 = Six! Otherwise, use what the Govt/Agencies & DAVOS are using to ‘Quantify Catastrophe’ = Neil Ferguson’s Broken modelling Calculator!
      Wellness – Round & Round we Go!

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