December 6, 2023

2 thoughts on “UK supermarket chain will REMOVE self-serve checkouts

  1. Some good news for a change, and the typical news we would not hear of on MSM, thanks Totts!
    I went to Woolies today, did not have to line up for manned checkout, had a nice chat, and with the lady next up, we all agreed that it was way better than going to self-serve because there is always something going wrong with them and even the guy working the check-out agreed. We said we are happy we can help you keep your job. I might as well shop online than use self-service, why do I want to do their work for them? We need more people to line up for manned check-outs until no-one is using the self-service. Love to see passive demonstrations like this happening all over the world. And pay by cash while you are at it.

  2. The 4 or 5 Foodland supermarkets I’ve used here in Adelaide, SA have never used self-serve checkouts – and they’re comparable in size or even bigger than nearby Coles/Woolworths shops.

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