December 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “New data shows increase in foreign ownership of water rights

  1. Since when should profits come before saving someone home or the environment from burning. These traitors in government for selling the water rights to these globalist pigs should be charged

  2. I thought Coke Cola Amatil, was ‘Sold Off / Absorbed/ Taken over’ By Coke Cola Euro Partners [CCEP] back in 2021 – $ 9 Billion? – Good Old ‘Australian'[ loose term] Foreign ‘Investment’ Board.
    Q; WHY, do ‘They’ call it IN-vestment, when the Profits & CONtrolls go OUT of the Country- Along with ‘Tax’ [ For those who ‘ACTually Pay’] & IN-vestment ‘Sweeteners’ given to FOREIGN Groups? TRY, doing THIS in THEIR Countries – especially CCP Country.
    I wonder IF, THE ‘Foreign Investment Board’ has INputs into The GAB of Australia? THE Great Artesian Basin – 71,000 CUBIC KILOMETRES of FRESH water UNDER Qld, NSW,N.T. & S.A – SOOOo appaRently, AGAIN, WE are ‘Lacking in Resources’??
    I think CurRently, 80% of this CRITICAL resource, IS Licensed for ‘PILLAGE’, Um- Sorry – EXploration/ Production of The Petroleum/ Gas & Gas fracking Industries, Complete with their Usage of Carcinogenic Chemicals – Which I think, once Polluted, We should All contribute to Funding a Water Pipeline, Direct to CAN’TBERRA, & THIS can be their New – ONLY Consumable water supply! – Good Enough for US, Good enough for Them!
    I’ve dealt with water Treatment Plants/ processing, IN & OUT. The ‘Fresh’ [ Loose Term] Supply, IS a chemical Cocktail, And is Deemed ‘Safe’ – Because it’s ‘Dead’! Along with our/ THE Daily ‘Drenching’ of Civilian Chems Via Bathing, Body Products, Food [ Loose Term], Aerial Dispersals, Gen Consumer Products, Vehicle & Building OFFgassing, THE Water, contains Chloride, Alumina [Carcinogen & Neuro ToXin] & Flouride [ Along with a raft of Others]. THE Flouride, just like Bromide [ Bread/ Baking Product], & it’s weaker cousin Iodine, Are Haloids, which ‘Suitcase’ The Alumina into the brain – Resultant Motor neuron issues including Alzheimer’s, Autism & Conduit for ‘Exterior’ Control ‘Influencers’ – How easy is that? & also appears to be an Anti Health Booster- We’ll leave Other ‘Boosting’ to one side , such as Thermite!
    So, if it’s ALREADY ‘Easy’ to ‘Doctor’ the Water for ‘Good Health’, Who ConTrolls the ‘Options’ in Future ‘Health’, & with the CuRent ‘Purposeful’ RBA FALSE INFLATIONARY STRATEGIC CAMPAIGN – Interest Rates [ And OBVIOUSLY ‘Foreign Directed’] , to STRIP the Independent Middle classes of EVERYTHING including ‘Land title’, it is an easy step to ‘Legally require’ ONLY ‘treated water’, for Ingestion – Alternate to this, ANY of the 30 Plus Companies ‘Geo Engineering Weather’ Could Aerial Deploy ‘Bugs/ Pharma’, so that ‘Independent’, ‘Rain water or Other NON Scheme’ Ingestion Users, STILL get their ‘Dose’! Aerosoled Alumina, IS already Deployed in these CONsendSUSS ‘Fields of Science’ [Very Loose Term]! Do WE still have a Snowy River – Or has that been ‘Flogged Off’/ Choked?
    Advert; At Albino ForeverBendDaKneeSee AUKUS House. [ Coming Soon – AUKWARDNUS]
    ” Ladies & gentlemen, Being AUKUStioned off this Afternoon, we have this fine Example of Residual All InComePassing Australian Real Estate – OZ Water. LOT No 42. It comes With The LOT. My Former Fellow Auctioneer, Prime Minstrel SCAMO, has laid the Foundations for the Sale of this rare piece of STILL Pristine CONmodity! Formerly owned by THE United Peoples of OZtopia, WE’re selling it OFF on Their Behalf, With NOTHING to SEE here- For their Knowledge! Can I have a Bid please? YES, You sir at the Back –
    CAN’T-ADDeither’s Prime Minstrel TRUDY- Er, a simple show of hand Sir, Rantings – Russian or Not- are not acceptAble as a Bid, – & you may want to tend to Your loose eyebrow! Yes, another Bid from U.K. Prime Minstrel Mr Shakey Snake – ARE you Bidding Sir? , – No, I’m afraid Future Non Smoking DieVersionary Tokens, are not acceptable, – See me afterwards, Maybe We can SUB you a Weapons deal, if The ‘Reserve Price’ Is not Reached! – ER – Sorry Shakey Snake, you already OWN our Reserve? Moving on. EWE Sir, yes You! Are you Making a Bid, or just ‘Biden your time’? Please sit down Joe, if your NOT making a Bid. Yes, Thank you – Yes, it’s that chair behind you!
    Now then ladies & Gentlemen, this Is NOT a Fire sale – Maybe! This Lot, DOES Come with A ‘BOUGHT Infrastructure & Oversight’ Package – FederALL, State & Local CONpliancing Inclusive! ANY TAKERS? ANYONE? You Sir? Yes you Sir, at the back behind The ‘Curtain’ – A Bid? Yes I’m Sure Yuan, ARE Acceptable! We’ll just add it to Your Existing Extensive Local Portfolio! – Why thank you, I’ll add this CCP badge, to the others in My Prime Minstrel Desk!
    Off to one side of Room;
    John & Jan CitiZen; “That’s NOT Your’s to sell Mate! It comes under the COMMON WEALTH of AUSTRALIA’S Unified Citizens ‘ASSETS’ IN ‘OUR’ Constitution, Where EWE, appear to come under our Collected ARSESETS! The ONLY way, Ewe & Your Dodgy FOREIGN Mates can ‘ACCESS’, OUR STUFF, IS to ‘Railroad’ that LEGAL Piece of Paper! ”
    Auctioneer ForeverBendDaKneeSee; ” Oh, WE’RE WORKING ON IT- IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!! ”
    [ BendDa leans to one side, to an Aide – Not Jeeves]. “Quick, get a meeting with Minstrel Shakey Snake, immediately after this. Tell him to bring some Subs, I feel Reinvigoration of The Nation, Via ‘Bottom of The Harbour Schemes’, May be back in Vogue! I’d ask that Numpty ‘Biden his Time’ to Join Us, but he’s STILL trying to Find his chair – Even WITH a MindDer!” [ Turning back to J & J { Not the TerminILL Jab} Citizen], –
    “Have No Fear. I thank you for Your Efforts in ‘Keeping US, Honest’! WE, obviously CAN’T do that Ourselves! And YES, You DO have a Voice! – IF, anyone can get thru OUR Barrage of DIS/ MISinformation on ‘Acceptable’ Votes!
    GOOD LUCK on That!”

    1. Laugh a minute Auction of water rights. Is it true that the Gov does not actually have the rights to sell water? Please educate me more. Thank you for your time and wellness to you to John.

  3. We all have a right to water, we get our water free but we actually pay for the service to have it filtered, treated with toxic chemicals and delivered via your taps. Get a raintank and filter it, the best option if you can afford to and don’t rent. I paid for a plumber to put a tap on the raintank in our rented house backyard so I can water the veggies which I doing much better without toxic blend of chemically treated tap water. I filter the tap water with ceramic filters so it is fit to drink. But if needed I could use the rain water too. But with geoengineering the weather maybe they will turn off the rain as well.

    1. News just in, AppaRently official; VicTopia, in the Grip of yet MORE COINcidental Pyro issues!
      BOM reporter; “Yes folks, I’m James BOM. I’m here at the Front lines, where fire has ravaged the Gippsland – [ looks at Notes] As an Aside ‘Climate Change & El Nino’ appear – NO Definately ARE The Culprits – and Russia! According to our CNN& N &N, Weather affiliates & CONScience FactChuckers, El Nino has been seen at an Enchilada/ Jalapeno & Corona Bar – Hence the More than EXpected Warm Weather!
      Relief today, in the Form OF Magical Rain showers ‘APPeared’ after Independent SendHer L. idea [ NO Ideas sister@ X] Thorpe., released a Triad – er – um, ApolloJesus, Sorry, That is A ‘Tirade’ against The OZtopian Prime Minstrel -Still ForeverBendDaKneeSee, on Something or other. Nearby Observant Citizens, use to such entertainment from The SendHer Thorpe, Broke into fits Of Laughter & Literally ‘Cried Me a River!’ This in VicTopia has caused MUCH required relief for 4 YEARS of PentUp Fluid ReTenZions [ Soros inputs SCN], & appears to have swollen local storm water catchments to an Alarming Level! This was further Exacerbated by the said – SendHer, when she uttered the word ‘ORthentic’, in the ongoing Tirade – Civil & Local Storm water Engineers are Bracing For the outcome, of teared laughter from the Ever present Now TempPoorRareIlly Freed VicTopian Onlookers! & Now, Back to BOM! It’s been James! ”
      Last; Free[3] N’s AlLied Reporting; Network News Near Sunset; – Timed/ Timid Relief ALL round in Weather/ Whether Torn VicTopia – Fire & Water. EleMental ShowerRing Relief;
      Ms/Mrs/Miss L [ Not the kind used in UKR- But an option], further Cut Loose on The P.M. & Security issues with The ADF / Cyber Oversight [ Maybe the same GUSTO as Remembrance shrine Sept ’21] & refused to be drawn on Her Flagon Image for Effect- Er ApolloJesus again, That is Image Flagging Issues, & that some NAZI IntimiDateary Issues reSently Posted, were Not a 1 ACT false flagging, & a ‘YES’ RooSe!”
      L. idea Thorpe; “YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT! I’m still Here! I’m not going anywhere! SHIT! Is that the time? It’s Raining – Must be Cocktail time Somewhere! TAXI! What are you bastards crying For? I’m the ONE with a Flagon Image! ”
      Late News; Official; ‘London’ Calling [ Julie], Via ‘Liberty’ Records, CongratuLates VicTopian ‘Seer’ CitiZens, on their É’MotionAll relief & Outputs- & Continue to ‘Cry Me a River’!!
      Well -ness, For ‘SoakAge EXperts’. LOL.
      If at all possible – Rainwater For Ingestion [ Filtered still, but NOT Reverse Osmosis – otherwise Everything Stripped out – Then Requires RE-Mineralisation], & for Edible produce. rainwater has slightly acid PH, which is why it dissolves ground Minerals, it’s ‘Softer’ on Skin, IS Oxygenised – Especially during Lightning storms O3 absorbance! Nature’s proof = Rainwater SHOWS tangible Results in Gardens & Lawns. ‘Tap/ Scheme water’= WHAT?

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