October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on ““A Step Closer”: NSW government announces Digital ID pilot program

  1. I constantly struggle with how ill informed and dumb people are (normies). If only people would stop complying and aiding the roll out of the social credit system. Stray-lia is rapidly turning into China.

  2. I am amazed that people sign up for digital ID without thinking. Or is it even true that 75% have opted in for licence digital ID in NSW? A way to tell people, look everyone else is doing it so you should to? Lose your phone, lose everything?

    1. THE ‘System Speaks’; Via N.S.W’s DICKtil MINSTREL;
      Victor Dumbinello, Stars as ‘V.D’.
      ” And yes, Good Morning My fellow Maze rats. It’s V.D. here ( And it’s True, you can get ‘Cream’ for this ‘Condition’)!
      WHOA! This is Victor DUMBinello here! A Gliche in our System, I think WE’VE over False Flag ‘Hacked’ Ourselves! The V.D. cream was an obvious ‘RUSSIAN SCAM’, Or MISS/DIS/’CISCO’ systems, Program, to Divert The NSW Guinea Pig Population’s attention from ‘OUR’ CONspiracy Theory of ACTUAL Existence OF, THE Theoretical Virus SARS CoV # Something – OR THE Virus’s ‘Grand Children’ ( =Short>MID > BONG CoVid – ‘Cos the ‘Hazzard”s Gotta be on something ‘SINthetic’- WEF ‘weed’ maybe), ALSO, NOT in any way Shape or Form – ‘Cos WE’RE NOT that S.M.A.R.T., The FUTILITIES
      Acr;(FuckedUpThermistorIntelLoadingInitialTrendsIneffectualEconomicSystems) of Govts Ops/Organisation Capacities , ALSO Police Gratification ‘Bashings’, ALSO – BY MAGIC The ‘Disappearance of ALL Flues’ – DICK’til ‘The END OF DAYS’ Technologies, ARE our ONLY Hope!
      “Help ME O Be 1 Canopy, your My ONLY Hope! & a New Cardboard Box! – for the Tiny House – IN Vogue, – UNemployed only!”- Thanks Dan/Anna/Demonic/ McGooh.

      MEANwhile, Somewhere high over Operation ‘Cirrus’ in a Chem Trail near You;
      JOHR Control; “Maverick, COVID HAS THE BALL!”, > AND, The Purposefully Orchestrated Geo Engineered Agenda 2030 weather ‘ANALonomies’, AKA ; ‘The Weather’s Gone to Shit!’
      Maverick – Jet filled with Chems & an ‘Itchy Nozzle’ Raring to Bust a Move on THE Atmospherics, WITH, DICKtil I.D. ‘Verification’ ‘Built In’ to his NAH-NO ‘G’ String – Er ‘G’ Suit;
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      Back @ DICKtil.Minstrel.NOTMYGov.DiseaseCentral.MyOrgan. V.D. Continues;
      ” I wish to Clear up any Residual Conditions (‘E’App. & App cream dependent [Available Virtually]- input RT today), Sorry! I appear to be compromised by Virtual voices in my Head! 5/6G- No matter! Tread- Mill citizens ( No, not 1000×1000 citizens), DICKtil I.D., IS the way forward in this Modern ‘CON’VID’ Era, of high Speed living – Er, unless your dealing with our Govt Depts, Govt Debt NON Ceilings, IN/Out/Dis/Mis/STAG party Flations – Baloons included, Australia post, rail freight, General supply, The Telco’s, The Banks, The Media, Insurance Groups, OR, the Medical System. BUT, via these NEOCON Digital Interfaces, ALL of this CAN be Increased RAPIDLY, TO, THE SAME INTERACTIVE SPEEDS currently operating, AND, most IMPORTantly it’s- 1.2.3 – Safe & Effective, Until WE Re Hack the Systems requiring MORE of YOUR ‘BioMetrics’ and Personal Data! HOORAY!
      YOUR safety & Security, are our ‘Paramount’ Importance!”- (‘Paramount’s’ 22 Star logo & Mt Herron NOT withstanding.)
      ‘BAHA – BAHA- BAHA Ram Ewe! – Apologies Australian Ed Dept ‘Inputs’ – Apologies to He/She/LmfBah/XYZET & Vaughn. – Damn Russians – WHERE’S DICK’til V.D. & Cyber Crawlers?

      NSW / V.D. Cont’d; “Can I also say, that these ‘Hackings’ are in NO WAY, Subterfuge & Diversions, for How badly our N.S.W’s Premier Demonic PariahTIT’s Satanic Rock albums Productions Co Operations, have NOT come up to Expectations in time for Current upcoming Govt Co operative ANTI festive season Inputs! Demonic IS an UNderated Talent! See here, Albums Cover songs including; ‘Ain’t Got Spare Loot Teaching Bitch, Cos I blew it on Parliamentary Bonuses’. Or Alternate; ‘Bitchin’ ‘Cos I gave 5.5 BILL, To THE BILL!’
      Dan Andrews Vic Cover; VicPol- Kevlar Nights. Remembrance Day Stomp. I was Only Cov- 19(a walk thu the VicPol Machine). Black Sabbath cover; Sydney Bloody Sydney, & ‘War Pigs’, ‘Orchestrated Manoeuvres in the Dark’, & Tom Jones Cover; ‘What’s New police bear cat’.
      Demonic PariahTit, also rumoured to be providing theme song for Next Australian premiers meeting, which is a take on ‘Franky goes to Hollywood!’
      Other Broad spectrum ‘Entertainment’ Coming – CONVID ‘Dependent’;
      Operas; PANTson Face of The Opera- A Masked Ball.
      PariahTIT, rumoured to step out of ‘REAL Australia’, & play a ‘LockDown Bankrupted’ EX Business owner in Sydney CBD, in ‘Virtual Drama’, called ‘Oliver’s Twist – THE Adult’.
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      RothsChilders PETFEST- The MerCHANTs of Venice – Local NSW CMO in Cameo – IF ‘Found’..
      International Doco; U.K. New Prime Minstrel Mr Risky Snake, in Collaboration with the BBC (Bigger Bullshit Corporation), is set to release a Docudrama on his interactions And ‘Installation’- Sorry ‘Acceptance’, with his ‘Sponsors’ – Sorry again – Economic Interactives, the U.N/WEF & Cast Members of ‘Merchants of Venice’ & the Former U.K. P.M Ms Under triangulated Truss. The Short ‘Program’ will be called; ‘Taming of the Shrew. 45 Days.’
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      And; Australian Govt Economic Policy called; Semi professional Darts.
      And; Trust US Cyber Guards series; Turd on a Wire.
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      Coming Comedy Series – About Time;
      A River Somewhere – ALL over Qld/NSW/Vic.
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  3. The people never have a say in anything, we’re managed like cattle! Those who oppose this will have to learn to live outside the system one it becomes mandatory!

    1. ‘Outside The System’ = Great! ‘THE System’, appears to be ‘Over rated, Over Priced, UNDER Performing for Never Ending Personal ‘CONtributions’ INPUTS, JUST OVER IT! OH! & it operates on REAL SCIENCE & ‘VALUES’, Called – ‘CORPORATE CONsenSUSS’! – They PAY, – They SAY!
      I.D., must be an acronym surely = Idiot Direct!
      Wellness. The I.D. Factory, Australia, Working 24/7 , AND, Pubic Holidays! ‘L’ currently M.I.A.
      Could be worse I guess, with the Abundant Minefields involving Apparent ‘SAFEty’, I could be driving a Car, with the acronym – K.I.A. – That’s UNfortunate. LOL.

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