September 23, 2023

9 thoughts on “Is the Australian government gearing up for war?

  1. Just another money laudering machine and to keep everyone living in fear. I grew up with nuclear anniliation always in the background, nothing has changed.

  2. Sorry BUT I would feel “safer” knowing Australia has the capabilities to DEFEND itself.. at the moment we are a walk over / walk in… so Yes we need to be prepared why else do we have good locks on our houses / and extra security for our businesses etc etc to prevent any break in… so YES we need to be able to DEFEND our self.. against anyone. everyone that MAY want to push us over…. … !! Get real people who think all is clean green zero and happy…. and we wont ever be the target especially for a country that has how many people look at their daily increase in numbers.. IF that doesn;t wake you up… we may as well leave the door open as in no defense and just start learnng their language quick smart!!! A country.. that needs FOOD and space to grow and space to build factories.. wake up Australia….friends… no dont think so…

    1. Australia’s already been over-run. Australia is no longer Australia. What does “herself” mean? Who do you think they’ll defend? It’s certainly isn’t you.

    2. The way I see it, is that we are such a small population that defending ourselves from the likes of China or North Korea would be a joke without assistance from the US or some other larger nation. Besides Australia has already been taken over, we let foreign entities lease and buy our resources and water and set up shop here. Who in their right mind would allow the Chinese to buy up property, agricultural land, dairies, ports etc. Only very stupid politicians, whom we have plenty of it seems.

  3. They are good at using taxpayer money. They could probably not defend themselves in a war with China and the whole thing is just war games at our expense.

  4. I am reminded of Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon saying back 2016 “We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years”. So far it’s looking very possible that is going to become a reality, well at least the theater of war for the masses!

  5. IT’S’ American = ARE THEY SURE THAT THIS OVERPRICED ‘CRAP’ EVEN WORKS – Against ‘PROPER’ military ‘KIT’?? & HAVE we got ANY Cognitive available Personnel, After their ‘Jabs’, AND, WHAT are we even ‘Doing’ AGAIN, in another ‘Mind Your Business’ CONflict, when THE Govt., helped ‘Promote’ Issues Previously?
    ‘Used in Ukraine’ – How’s that working for Them – The ‘Sacrificial’ Ukrainian Youth, on the Globalists Depopulation of that Country, ‘Front’?
    CLOWN FEST REVISIT = ‘National Defence’. Who said Govt & Crats, Couldn’t do ‘STAND UP COMEDY’?

    1. Apparently with ALL of this Spending by ANOTHER Sub-Serviant Prime Minstrel, one Mr Forever Bend Da Kneesee, & seeing Albino @ UkraineNazis’R’Us Back Tickling Fest recently in YouCranial, Will the EXTRA AU$ 100 Million, for ANOTHER 30 Bush Master personnel carriers, be added into THE RBA’s ‘INFLATIONARY’ Column, requiring Australian peasants to Accept ANOTHER interest rate rise ‘TO COVER THE COST’?? @ AU$ 3 Mill a Pop + Change, – WHERE’S MY FREEBIE?
      Once sent to the Neo Nazi UKR Realm of PressyDent Voldimort StolenSkies DePopulation Circus, in the Best interests of THE NEW Jerusalem ‘Real Estate’ Agenda, will everyone be watching YouTube, to see How many of them become MORE Russian scrap metal?? That ISN’T how to ‘Bake Enamel’!
      This/ Our/ Sorry, THE Country (ORstralia) WAS already ‘Strategically’ over run in 1942, under pretext of ‘Defence’ = THE Yanks, ARE STILL HERE! I wonder how Forever Bend Da’s rectal area is fairing, now that NATO & The Gates Complete Foundation, have got a hand in ‘There’ as well? Maybe ‘He’s’ got himself a Proper Turdis – Expansionist project, complete with a U.N. Dr WHO. No wonder he hasn’t got a ‘Voice’ Back home! ( ‘Home’- Loose term for when not at Normal or registurd abode, or references to Complete Systems & Population therein sale of, or Most resided InContinent when on Australian land mass. Currently Forever ‘ReSides’ (When, IN OZ) at KillBill House – Guess he Missed at the Gates!
      Advert; “HI! Welcome to Western Australia! If YOU are invading Australia, or Western Australia, please scan this Extensive list of prohibited items. 1] Individual thought or Questioning, is Not allowed. ‘Points’, will be deducted for Anti Social behaviour, unless you bring an official – Original Letter of Invasion Attitude! Copies will NOT be accepted. A list of Acceptable Officials to view documents, is provided on the Perth CCP Premier ‘Safe & Effective App’ Download. Perth City has a CONtact number on your travel brochure, with Uncle Bazz’s details & Reporting. 2] Are your Weapons a Legal Calibre? Check the Brochure, for Restricted weapons & Handy Public purse Buy Back schemes. If you are an invading Russian, please Note that you are suppose to be MUCH smarter than this, & are probably being Stereo- typed by MSM, So you are probably Virtually invading us – Please leave Vodka! (LOL) Watch out – Apparently, for Police Flack jackets likely to Cause Antagonisation ‘Responses’ to banned calibres! YOU are not here, so it’s a NONsense ‘Scenario’, for LoCals.
      3] Quarantine does NOT allow for any organic Animal/Fruit & Veg, please place in recepTickles near you. pHARMa products, Biological Altered Flora / Fauna & Mis- Dis Associated Nano Tech with receipts & Dodgy Science paperwork, GMO items & radio active isotopes in loose form are accepTable on declaration & appropriate Rubber stamping. 4] Military Vaccine passports are Required only on requirement of HOME Military deployment parameters. Aka ; REQUIRED of NATO/U.S/U.K/ Canada/ N.Z. Australian Forces. SINO forces NOT a requirement.
      5] As of 1st of July 2023, if YOU or any of your Invading Military, require to dig Foxholes, trenches, anti tank traps, Bunkers, fence posts & Razor wire, remove Infrastructure, install pillboxes or Latrines, greater than 50 mm ( 2 Inches) deep from existing surfaces, you will have to Contact an Indigenous elder @ AU$ 160 – 300 per hour Plus travel CONsiderations, for Myth & Legendary HereSay Inspections, BEFORE disturbing the Ground! Fines & Imprisonment are Standard Co-Operatives. 6] Have your SINO Social credit score card APP ready, so we can Scan for an UPDATE of our Systems, because, inevitably our No Bloody Network will be Offline! 7] No need to bring ANY SINO appliances or Tech. For YOUR Convenience, our Stores are already ‘Stocked Up’! 8] Minimal Force will be required for Local repressions. Yearly Govt & Medical Tyranny with Security Assistances, has PreCONditioned/ Neutered/ Neutrilised Bulk oppositions. 8] Local Currency is no longer required. Due to Synthetic economic bleeding of Locals, via rubbery Inflation/ deflation/ Stagflation/ Eweflation. gaming, Monopoly Money has Outperformed local currency! DO, you have any? Exchange rate kiosks are in the TranSit lounge, next to the InterNational Tent accommodation sector.
      Any other items, You’ve probably ‘hacked’ with our OWN Cyber security anyway! If all else fails, refer to your own Updated real time Hacked Copy, & have a Wonderful Invasion!

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