October 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “CARTOON: ‘Net Zero.. Happiness’

    1. A dream remains a dream until one does something about it. These people are not dreaming.
      They are working towards their goals and the plebeians are suffering, and will continue to suffer until it’s to late to avoid sleep-walking over the cliff.

      1. Exactly! – Except some of the ‘Sleepers’ are So ‘Keen’ to get to the ‘End Destination’ faster than others,( THE Endless Human Race factor & THE Quasi Competition of Everything), that they want to take over the Chaotic Drivers seat & put the Foot Down, as the ‘Communal’ Bus heads towards the Inevitable – Viewable Abyss!
        Any ‘CONducters’ Aboard, STILL selling ‘Tickets’?

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