October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “Australian soldiers train for ‘population protection’ against protesters

  1. THESE AOF FOOLS AREN’T SERIOUS! THEY’RE NOT SPRAYING THE ‘DOWNED’ IN THE FACE WITH CHEMS! – Perhaps the ‘Downed’ are TOO Young? – Solution; Maybe wait 40 Years, & TryLateral ‘Commission’ again!
    I seriously don’t know why this Bunch of Wanna Be SD squads DON’T just watch ‘File Vision’ of Victopia Dan’s SCN Local & Import Thugs in Operation. OR, Demonic PariahTit’s Squads! And ALL of this is Covered – With archive film- under the Historic Lead up to the TURD REICH (Apologies, Not a reference to Ceaser Dan’s POO charades). Maybe some Inputs from QLD Bronze on arresting pregnant Citizens. (Yes, for CONfused Cranial Vacuums, that traditionally & SCIENTIFICALLY/BIOLOGICALLY = A WOMAN!!)
    Back to Shield Formation Ballet; “COME ON GIRLS, DROP YA CAMO DRESS & GET SOME REAL ‘STURMABTEILUNG’ BROWN SHIRTS!” – Maybe A ‘Field Kit’ – some cans of paint for NON ‘Conforming’ Australian Business owner’s Shop fronts = ‘UNJABBED VERBOTTEN!’
    Nice GERMAN Shepherd Dog – At least THEY are ‘Part way’ there! -NOPE – Historic Slip, The Greens (Camo Team), have reverted to the Old Roman ‘Testudo’ Shield Formation, which works great with ‘UNarmed’ Barbarians, but doesn’t stand up well when THE Barbarians, drive THRU IT, With A 4×4 (BAD [Billed As Destructive] News on this front for AOF, WE’RE down to our last 5 MILLION registered 4×4 Units = Heaps of Spare RAMS [Yes U.S. made RAMS included]) – Or LONDON BUS (Better news for AOF – We’ve only got a Couple of these!)! Per K-9 Same Result. Even with ‘Attitude’ = AIN’T GONNA CUT IT PUPPY!

    New Govt Recruitment drive;
    “Join the ADF Air Force today! Yes Folks in the New age WRAITH, – Apologies, an UNinvited appearance from another Group of ConCERN. It IS in fact Operational WRATH – Sorry again that’s a Mossad previous Ops – Maybe. It IS, In Fact, this time, Join the RAAF! YES HELLO! My Names Sheila, mother of 3. I am defending AustragleArses Northern Frontiers! One minute you could be Directing & Vectoring front line Strike Fighter (IF/WHEN they rock up – With ‘Spares’, & Don’t fall out of the sky) Forces for our Nations National Security!”
    Behind the Scenes; – Um, well the Bits we haven’t ALREADY flogged off TO the Enemy AT HOME – So this Means, ‘Most’ assets below Ye Olde ‘Bris O Bane Line’ Southern QuaXLD! HUP!!! SHIT! Um Forgot, THE GOV’ has Sold off OUR energy/Food Security Infrastructure ACROSS THE CONtinent!! = So best stick with Sending Our OVERPRICED ‘Air Assets’ Overseas – AS USUAL + UNLIMITED $S, to Pound the CRAP out of Their.> Identified as Others NOT CompLIEnt = Civilian Men >Identified as Him/Women> Identified as Her/ Kids> Identified as Future AdrenoChrome Supplies OR A CollectiveResourceUnilateralExcavationLackies- Global Joke, AND, not forgetting/PETS> Identified as Fluffy & DoPoo’ers (Note; PETS Not a referALL to Western WEF/U.N. Politic /Crat P.E.T.S = PrettyEasilyTrainedStupidoes) CONtinuing AOF ‘Air’ Positives – Decimation of Civil -Read NON Military ‘Targets of CONvenience’- InfraSTRUCKture!!
    Back to the VITAL Air ‘DEFence’- JOIN the AOF >Then, YOU Could be in charge of Vital Maintenance on a Black Hawk – Import parts & Exchange Prices/ Obsolete POOBAH TECH Systems dependent!
    Coming Soon to AirRAAFfaFARfarAWAY Land NOT near US >, & Integrating Death For Fun, with Remote Tech > Operation WWfree – WAR WRAITH 3 – 3 TheaTricks= Middle East /Ucranial/ CAN’TBURRA – For Home Theatre NONsensical operations – Allied Bots NoClueDead.
    Next; Join the ADF Navy Today! Know that YOUR MATES as ONE big TRADE-ITional happy family of Semen, have got YOUR BACK! UNTIL, you refuse your ‘Off Shore’ Anthrax ‘Jab’, Or YOU, as part of ONE Big happy family UNTIL He>Identified as Him/She> Identified as Her/ They> Identified as a CONfUSED Singular Pratt ‘Question Details’ ON the Safety Data Sheet ProviDEAD By pHARMa. =”ARGH! YA WITH US OR AGAIN’ US ME LAD – ER LASSIE- ER RAINBOW THINGY? AARGH INDIVIDUAL MUTINY! AGAIN’ US SHEEP IT BE! WALK THE PLANK MATEY! I’LL OPEN THE WINDOW – IT’S A SUBMARINE, & IT’LL CUT OUT ALL THAT ‘CLATTERING’ FROM YOUNG COLLINS! ARGH! THE FLYSCREENS STUCK!”
    LAST; Join The ADF Army Today! Set your Dogs onto your fellow Citizens, Backed up by the MPs! Get the chance to Win the FIRST Historic HOME SOIL V.C. & Einsatzgruppen Lapels! Hit Tunes for Parades =
    Coming Soon from DAVOS Direct Marketing; Scale size Dogs & Handlers. Try Dressing the appropriate Figure with the Appropriate Uniforms. Dogs come Complete with Fake Meat & Synthetic Turds – Again, Your Choice to Discern the Differences between Turds! Please make sure that Figures are Legal in Your State Before Ordering. ‘Rally/ Demo’ Pack includes Shields & 4 Wheel drive Vehicle. Euro Backpackers can order the London Bus Variant Action pack – Comes Complete with Tomato sauce sachets for Aftermath ‘Effect’!
    ALL Sauces are Vegan Certified, & Sourced from our DAVOS Direct Guaranteed 17 SDGs Suppliers!
    If your an ADF/AOF Member, check the online Catalogue for available Civil ‘Victims’ – Age Model ‘Variants’ available from Infants/ Kids/Teenagers/Parents/Middle aged to the Elderly. Make sure to tick appropriate boxes per Victims; Number of/ Sex/ Ethnicity/ City or Rural Folks with appropriate Backdrop scenery. Combat/Civil Campaign Ribbons/ Urban assault Medals available including the Ever popular Bunnings, McDonalds Drive Thru & Dominos Domination Ribbon with Bah.
    Black Label Section; ADF Voyeurs, ‘Sick Puppies’ & Instructors Pack, for ‘Certifiable’ & 18 Yrs >’Over’;
    Virtual Photo Shoot with Victims Trophy Collage. PLUS, THE ADF/MP Dog Jaw Cam SLOMO Civil Victim Mauling, available in BluRay – Coming Soon – ‘CUJO DOWNUNDER’. Described by Locals as ‘The OTHER SIDE of 5 EYES’!
    Also coming soon; Get some ‘TECH FOR YOUR BUCK’; Raytheon Addition Pack; ‘Silent Guardian’ LRADs & Active Denial Systems. Get to Fry your Victim, before CUJO Fangs the Victims for the Memories! Good News, with Raytheon Manufacturing & Shipping Locally, YOU, won’t have to wait for the 20% of Global shipping Tied up For NO apparent reason, off the Coast of our Biggest Trader! AND you won’t have to Struggle with a Pathetic OZ Dollar against a 60% INSOLVENT U.S. Economy!! HOORAH! ADS comes with 240 V JackOff adaptor & Appropriate PPE Eye ware – ACTUALLY SAFE & EFFECTIVE. ADS also can activate ‘Jabbed’ victims Apple Mac address, for Heads Up warning to ‘Leave THE Party’! How KOOL is that, – Um – Before you get ‘Toasted!’ OR Fanged by ADF ‘FANG’!

    1. Yes, the peasants are revolting, protest- ants of the ” wrong think” poll- lut- ants of the ” trut:!
      cons- Pirates of the the evo- depletion of ” da- trut”!
      The pat- Riots of the fall, yes , believers of the Demo- Craft, slaves to the illusionary, prisoners of
      the Cave..
      Here we see a Demo- station of the Demon- craft, oh so big and scary , nastie bitie, , in truth a
      conviction of failure, could it be that the decline into of ” acquired stupidity syndrome ” has now
      been realised, that sov- rains and the partisans of the Zen, the slaves of illusion, believers of
      the beginning and the end .have reached the pinnacle where the mass event of fear and irrational,
      group think, has made the shadows in the cave into the Beast, ooh, tis a great thing , cause ye
      cannot speak with it , reason with it, or predict it, scare it; oh no, wouldn’t do that , give it a cause,
      panic it, it will bite,
      This is optics psy- ops, look what’s in the cupboard, more like , is that all you got, the old Roman
      Tortoise, we of the legion of Caesar, of Empire, what does thou defend? Whom does thou serve;
      Thousands of foreigners, police , of nations beyond, ” starsi” or Gestapo propagandists, more an
      act of desperation, a manifestation of latent aggression, barking dogs, threats of Rome, the
      State weakens, seeks to steel its power by force , retribution, powers over thought, to create
      seeds of revolt, all the attributes of fear, failure and decline, to isolate, to divide to draft the sheep,
      into cells, that can identified, marked and tagged as it claws to save itself from what it has created.
      Nothing is learnt, only repeated in the rituals of deceit.

      These men and women, who stand in their costumes , of the ” sold to die” who are representative
      of the Nation State to defend freedom, and it’s people. Ah yes , the folly of fools , the days of
      Anzac are long gone , the honour Roll of what was achieved in sacrifice, has now been coloured
      in the rainbow , painted in disdain, and the Halls of Memory dis- honoured., by petty minded jackels
      who stand for nothing but the indulgences of self.
      Is this whom you Serve:? Is this who,you protect 😕 Or are you just the ADF, a non- descript, a
      Title of letters in costumes of ritual . I wretched in regret, my pride fails me, and grief overwhelms,
      what I once believed in , has gone, and now I must forget:!

  2. Scary stuff, we lose our right to protest, we lose our freedom and right to speak up about wrong doings. We saw in Melbourne the testing ground for heavy tactics by the “black clothed” “police”, trained especially to fire rubber bullets on protestors! We are looking to emulate China more and more, slowly, slowly, changing Australia what used to be called a free country for all.

  3. Every generation down throughout the ages have never had a shortage of hired thugs, one must wonder what could be coming down the pike that would warrant this type of exercise, financial crash maybe?

    1. Good point Nathan. Hired thugs representing a “system” which has revealed itself as being rotten to the core, acting at the behest of the global-parasites.

    2. World War ‘Z’. The Final WAR against HOME Populations = PANdemic/ Famine/ War. – ALL are ALWAYS Associated!
      If Folks (Fool Spectrum I.Q. Sheep) ‘Feel’ Secure in the DIS/MISdirected CONstruct of HOME Nation Security, & the ‘CONfidence’ of – ‘It IS OUR Forces PROtecting US’, Consider WW1 Front Lines – Christmas 1914 ‘Enemy truce’ – FACT! Solution to ‘Fraternising Enemies’ -Relocation of ‘Direct Collaborators’ to Different Sectors & Reinforcement of CONflict Doctrine, ADD Aggressive Propaganda! ‘Relocate’ the Troops who are NOT Compliant to Operations – Or ‘Threat & Punishment – Court Marshal! Note; Of course 1 has to BE there in the first place, By Choice!.
      Australia – NO different, does this ALL of the Time; Eg; When Transport Infringements (State REVENUE) for Budget ‘Top Ups’ are ‘Required’, Police Units are ‘Rotated’ out of their Standard area of Operations to Dissipate Angst against Said local Units. Surveillance of Citizens, the Same. ‘Illegality’ of Observing Home Citizens IS Bypassed by Subcontract Observations by an Allied /CoOp Group such as 5 Eyes or Mossad/Unit 8200. – For those even ‘Bothering’ with ‘Points of Law or CONstitutions!’ I’m sure ALL of these are Negated by the term ‘State of Emergency’. Hence it’s PURPOSEFUL Inclusions into Modern ‘Crown Operations’ & written ‘Law’ (For Plebs ONLY).
      As for ‘Coming down the pike’ – CONVID has been losing it’s Propaganda ‘Lustre’ of Late, with even THE Sheeple slowly thinking that All is not well, in the safe & ‘Effective’ Game – Along with Their own personal or Other relationship Jab Victims ‘Noticeable’ Outfalls. Then there is the ‘Always Inevitable’ (from approx 5 years back, Monetary Rate ‘Drop’ – Obviously an ‘Entrapment Strategem’ by Govt & The Central Debt peddlers, for the Coming CONVID 19 Jab Uptake Leverages), Rate rise Pain for Plebs only & Appropriate Angst (This also includes SWINDLE Increases in Associated ‘Building Materials’ & ‘Supply’ issues, tacked onto Plebs ‘Borrowings’ PLUS Interest). ADD the Rise across the Board of Food & CONsumables, With the Lying Propaganda Cabals passing themselves off as Credible MS media (Aunty Inclusive @NotMyABC) NOT quite able to ‘Divert Folks Attentions’ – Even with the Never Ending Drone advertising program, & UNreality shows!
      Enter the Land of Voldimort StolenSky. This Theatre, or More like TheatricKs, is becoming More & more like the 1984 ‘Mythical enemy’ every Day (Home & Away’r Addicts will Absolutely love IT) – Including the ‘Farced CONtributions’ by Satellite States, UNable to Fund their own Civil Maintenance ‘Issues @ Home’. The ‘Diversionary Game’ (Sun Tzu ‘Art of War’ Deception section), has worked CoOperatively well via CONVID, to ‘Install’ the 4/5G Digital Prison Infrastructure, & ‘Command & Control’ Human Neural Linkage Systems, Which NO ONE seems to have noticed it’s ‘Degree Of Permeation Expansion’ (DOPE) – Or It’s TOTAL energy consumptions (Talk about Thermal Emissions/ ‘E’ -Missions). The Afore referenced Dog Squads, are obviously for the NON Believers, who UNfortunately, View dependent, generally, ‘have’ some degree of ‘Prep’.
      Add to this ‘Deception’, the ‘Original WWZ’, the ‘Dropping of Home Populations’ under Govt Control, FOR the Global Skeksis, By ‘ANY & ALL’ means Necessary! – The Odd Rail/ DErailment @ Appropriate ZIP/AREA Code, to Exacerbate the Survival ingredients of Life (Completely MAD of course, because when Someone – Anyone ‘PURPOSEFULLY CREATES’ Catastrophe such as ‘Dioxins’ – WE ARE ALL DEAD – THEM INCLUSIVE! Martha & the Vandellas = NO where to Run, NO where to Hide!’), RuinNation of The Landscapes HEALTH /WELLBEING & Associated Species, Fauna & Floras LIFE DEPENDENT! ‘Nature’ is about to Revoke our Leasee agreement for Multiple, NON repentant ‘CONTRACT BREACHES’!
      Last; IF the ADF Fools ( A Uniform DOES NOT give anyone a License, Nor Credit, for ImPlausible Stupidity) Continue to CO- Operatively PerpeTRAIT, for the GlobaLIST PerpeTRAITORS, & THEY are the Catalyst for Civil Full Assault, saying ,When bought to Book, that they were ;
      “Only Following Orders’ = AIN’T GOING TO CUT IT! – If Not from THE ‘Victims’, Certainly from the INEVITABLE follow up Tribunals. Bring Ya DOG and ALL!
      Si vis Pacem, PRAESENTES bellum!

  4. So they need all of that against people walking along the street with placards demanding freedoms but peacefully. The army is supposed to be there to protect us not attack us. I don’t think we have a governement any longer. I think we are being governed remotely.

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