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Australians are still unaware of how much data Facebook is collecting

Australia is ranked amongst the top ten countries which have no idea how their data is collected by Facebook.


Biofascism: The Shift from Techno-Control to Biological Tyranny

A new form of authoritarian ruling class is emerging through means of bio-pharmalogical advancements; using COVID-19 to further consolidate and grow their power.

The influence of Big Pharma over our freedoms, and the normalisation of such, is allowing the scope of fascism to quickly expand from technological control, to include biological control.



Dark Paper Trail: Revisiting Peter Power and the London Bombings of 2005

On the same day of the 7/7 Bombings in London, a ‘training exercise’ was taking place at the same time, under the control of ‘crisis management specialists’, Visor Consultants.

Peter Power, a former Scotland Yard anti-terrorist branch official, coincidently oversaw drills of the exact same nature on the morning of that fateful day.


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