September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Secret Australian SAS team in Africa

  1. Fantastic publish Ethan, very informative. You should continue your writing. I am sure you have a huge readers’ base already! What’s going down? I’m new to this. Good job man, hit me back.

  2. THE Military, especially THE U.S, already has Bases [Stand alone, & Or, Co Operatives in a large majority of African Countries – [Slipped under radar for a while.] Along with Corporations of the usual suspects U.K/Europe. & China, with the Chinese going about business by, ‘Co Operative Infrastructure’ installs [railroads Etc, – which is a Portal of sorts for ‘Settlers’]. As for ‘Resources’, ALL the major ‘Players’ have Known, & planned Stratagems, for [As in Australia & Elsewhere] ‘Helping’ these ‘Poor Underdeveloped Countries’ [Cough/Splutter – DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH], SORRY!, These Poor Countries, Who THE Corporate Cabals, backed by their ‘Parent Countries [& Associated Military resources] Kindly ‘Donate’ their Expertise in Extracting THE [Not Their] Resources! [ IT will be as in Australia, a TOTAL, DIVERSIFIED RESOURCES Country, but WE according to the Co Operative major Party/Politic, ” DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR ‘THE LOCALS’! A few Sheckles for Mining Gold for OVER a 120 Years, PLUS’ Coal/Gas/Oil/Diamonds/Alumina/Uranium/Iron Ore/Fish/Wheat/Humans [What, have Folks Forgotten why, THE Military {NOT your & Mine, but just ‘THE’ Military] have been ‘Involved’ in not just ‘Physical presence'[War] BEYOND Australian Citizenry ‘Interests’, but also New Bio Tech & Electronic/Weather Alterations HAARP, By ‘Chance’?], Water [Yes @ least 10% of OUR water is Foreign Owned, AND, WE ARE NOT SHORT OF WATER, as THE Government & MS Media would have us know!] At least YOU’VE got a job – NOT anymore, THE Resources of YOUR Country. Did I mention, that Apparantly ‘Government’, tells Me/US, WE, HAVE, a ‘Lack of Resources’?
    Back to Africa. Resource Groups such as a Corporation [I think it has a Chevron as it’s Logo], spent U.S. $5 Billion in Mid 90’s ‘Mapping’ [incl. Drill sampling]’ the Resources of Sudan, especially Southern. Capped/Concreted/Painted/NavSat logged same, then left the Country. Rust never Sleeps!
    What was one of the Last Countries to be Independently ‘Created/Recognised = Southern Sudan. Great! IF, it hasn’t already happened, I’m SURE, the same Logoed Corporation[which has just acquired a large amount of THE Fuel outlets in Australia {WITHOUT changing the Fuel Stations Liveries} , will Relieve them, along with Finance from the Usual Central Banking Cabals, of ALL their Assets. SORRY AGAIN! Will help Their Fledgling Nation into Corporate Servitude, just Like Australia. Apologies once again for that Negative intrusion! MS Media, HAVE just informed me, that the ‘Story’ should read,; The Global Resources Corporations, in a Spirit of Friendship & Co operation, have Graciously ‘Donated’ Their time, effort & Technical Expertise, to bring about Development & Improved Living Conditions,& Unleashing the Full Potential OF & FOR, ALL Citizens of Southern Sudan, that we announce these JOINT VENTURES. We, THE Corporations, in League with the New Governments of this Wonderful Nation, Envisage prosperity [For THE Corporations – Sorry, that is suppose to remain an internal Memo for Corporate Agenda], Envisage prosperity, National Health & Education [But Not TOO much Education, in case THEY, the Locals ‘Wake Up’ to THE Corporate ‘Tricks’. N.B. Memo Next Board Meeting; Make sure Education for ‘All’ is kept @ Rudimentary Status, a a sliding scale UP for Elite Groups ‘Inside’ THE Country. Also make note to Target ‘Fringe’ Stratagem awake Citizens or Political Groups, NOT under OUR Corporate ‘Control’, thru ‘Usual Channels’, label as Subversive or Terrorists. Set up Funds to Supply/Train ‘Same Elements’ to become ‘OUR Assets, to be ‘Used’ at OUR Corporate ‘Will’, should THE Country’s Government, become ‘Unco-operative to our ‘Designs’. Failing this- Stage 2; Organise Reneg of Loans by OUR Allies @ Global Banking, as a Back up Stratagem.], Sorry Once again; Continuing; National Health [Including FREE Vaccinations & Medicals], Education, Welfare, Improved Infrastructure & access to Technologies, A New ERA of Political Stability & WE, are Committed, in a Spirit of Peace & JOINT PROSPERITY [Without us Paying Tax, but burying our Grubby Paws into ‘Y’=OUR NEW ASSETS], Paving the way for Alleviation of Poverty, Blah,Blah,Blah, for Years to Come! We Thank YOU the Peoples of this Great Nation, & Together WE have a Nation to Swindle, Sorry Again, That’d be – A Nation to Build!


    1. As for ASIS, HOW can they be allowed in ‘Violent Operations’ as long as ‘THEY’ Don’t use ‘Force!’ Is that the same as the current COVID Swindle – Together/ Apart? Unless your playing Football or Rugby – Amazing!
      Stepping back in History; The Allies of WW2 ‘Rebadged’ captured German POWs as DEFs, to allow 1 Million Plus Actual Normal German POWs to die of all forms of Deprivation[Plus 2 Million in Slave Labour] AFTER the end of Hostilities [NOT Including Civilian Casualties & same Time Zone, Estimated @ 9 Million DEAD Men/Women/Children of German Ethnicity], for being on the ‘Side of Apparent Evil’. Korean War [Police Action – Whatever; 1951 – 54]; U.S. General in the Field; ‘Estimated’ Groups of more than 200 Persons approaching ‘Our’ Military positions, are to be Considered as a Hostile Threat, and ‘Actioned’ as such, even if it is Obvious that they are Civilian & contain Female,& or contain Children,& or Elderly in their numbers, so that we Do not have to ascertain, their ‘Political affiliations’! Vietnam; Estimates of 3 Million Dead Civilians [1964/5 – Early 70’s], instigated as another Bed Of Communist EVIL, & to stop the ‘Domino Effect’ THE U.S. sent over NOT ‘Troops’, but ‘Advisors'[THE U.S. had members of CIA inside Indo China ‘Observing’ the remnants of a failing French Presence culminating in Coup of 1954, but the CIA ‘Stayed on’].Various operations by U.S /U.K./NATO along the Years involving Yet MORE ‘Advisors’ Globally Including Central/South America[Apparently ‘Pigeon Holed’ by same Agency Cabals as NOT ‘Terrorism’ [Dictionary Time; Terrorism ; Definition; Person or Persons who Use Bombing,Kidnapping or Murder to CHANGE GOVERNMENT POLICY! FULLSTOP! ] WHOOPS! ANYONE, INCLUDING THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ‘OPERATIONS’? My Mistake! THEY ARE ADVISORS!!
      Moving onto THE Middle East. Crusades Mark 2 [& Busting a Move on Those Persians]. Apart from the ABSOLUTE Swindle of September 11th & other ‘Stratgised Events’ [Even from an AeroNautical ‘Anomolies’/ Tracking Anomolies/ Telecommunicatios Impossibilities [See cell phone ‘Apparents’]/ TIMED Military Exact SAME SCENARIO PARALLEL Military Exercise/ Civil [& Aero] Engineering Anomolies WANK – Sorry! Acronym Alert;[ WANK ;Without Actual Nominal Knowledge], the Continuing involvement of Integrated Spy Forces [Including Australian, & ALSO includes Combat Forces ALREADY INSIDE a Sovereign Nation’s Borders] PRIOR to ANY Countries ‘Alleged Involvement in Incidents’, is generally a Precursor to Conflict with That Nation!! Sorry again! That’s right! The Million or so Iraqi’s who Died [60 % Kids under the age of 12 Yrs old [U.N. Est] during our NON Genocidal operations to Force Sadaam Hussein to ‘Heel’, was in actual fact, A TRADE SANCTION PROGRAM! So, Iraq sum up prior to ‘Police Actions & ‘Invasion’; No fly zones, except ‘TEAM ALLIES OF THE WILLING’, Bombing of ‘Infrastructure’, Murder by Default – OR NOT, BUT STILL KNOWN, to ‘CHANGE S. HUSSEIN’S GOVERNMENT POLICIES! [GOOD NEWS! WE, TheA.O.T.W. haven’t forgotten to bring our Human Rights Department with us. We’ve ‘Dusted them off’! As with good Old WW2, captured Afghan & Iraqi’s are now called ENCs [Enemy Non Combatants, “So Human Rights Violations such as Kidnapping & Torture DON’T apply! JOY! What’s that you Say? They STILL DO! DAMN! O.K. Plan B! WE’LL USE PRIVATE CONTRACTORS [Mercenaries Still]! They’re NOT Covered by The Geneva & Global Conventions! BETTER! We’ll use Contractors AND Rendition Black Flights! That’s NOW NOT KIDNAPPING! THAT’S R.B.F.s! I/WE, feel better already! HA HA! CARRY ON! WAR CRIMES COURTS – NO WAY! WE OWN ‘EM ANYWAY!”
      Now where’s that dictionary Gone? Here it is. New ‘Altered Edition Dictionary’ the NWO Edition. Terrorism; Murder Kidnapping & Bombing to Change Non Compliant Governments to The NWOs Official Narratives & Policies, are Now ‘Freedom Fighters or Rebels! & Accetable/ NEW Patriotism!’
      Last; Hope those Boys & Girls of the NOT SAS/ ASIS, ALL had their RT – PCR tests,Their Experimental Vaccines,Their NOT Vaccine passports Stamped, are Wearing a Mask [That could be beneficial if they’re Caucasian @ the Local Market getting some Curly Wurly All Terrain slippers instead of GP Boots], practice Social Distancing [Especially during Violent/ Non Violent Ops], & Got out of Australia, BEFORE, Border Closures! And My Fav, Self Isolation! Apparently NO Man is an island! We’ve ALL been ‘Alphabetted!’
      As a 4th Gen Australian, I look back on History & ‘Sciences’ [Before it was ‘Edited & Censored by Vested Interests’], & wonder if, 1; What is the Meaning of ‘GOOD’ .
      & 2] Were WE EVER on a ‘Side’, of, what that word defines?
      Wellness to US!

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