September 25, 2023

12 thoughts on “Defence to remove Chinese surveillance cameras from sites

  1. So what will they be replaced with? Nearly all electronics are made in China or by China in another country.

  2. A couple of thoughts come to mind. Firstly, who was stupid enough to install them in the first place ? Remember we have joint exercises here. The forces have immunity from possible violations of protocol so I understand.
    Also why should the citizens of this country have cameras on them anywhere and everywhere they go ?
    , Do you like your smart vacuum cleaner mapping your home TV relaying scenes from the bedroom and lounge., what about washing machines and fridges.and scarey devices that are in some babies rooms.?
    Not to mention our wonderful phones.
    More and more we are being tracked and traced.
    Remember some years ago, all the talk about stalking.? Well that was nothing compared to now. And if you are paying attention, it is only going to get worse .
    What gets me is , nearly everyone thinks it is okay , or cannot bear to live without their devices,.
    Yes I am old fashioned, I do not like ie,

    1. One target mate,
      So who are the good guys and the bad guys hey;? I paint them with the same brush with the internet
      of everything, yes surveillance Central, amazing all this nice tech sharing, no threat here with
      Australian Universities having friendly cash sharing facilities, gee, where did the human rights
      abuses go? The same place the Dovic 91 abuses went along with the irrational violations of , ?
      What was that ? Human rights down under, ” put another shrimp on the barbie ” is that a genetically
      modified shrimp:? and the barbie is made in Taiwan:!
      Then just today , in the back streets of good olde Adelaide, out the front of a mates place , there
      it is , up on the stobie pole , a camera, who put it there , under what Authority, no notice, no
      communication, there it is.
      Probably installed by the secret squirrels, on their nine unt nine Luft Balloons, ya! Fu Manchu
      was here:!
      Go to the Council Website, zero!
      Go and ask Council, eer um, I will have to see if Mr Whatsits knows, well Mr Whatsits was too
      low on the food chain to support any enquiries, and didn’t know where the street was , had
      to google it on his Oppo 5G phone, yes I asked :!
      So investigations are on going:!
      So the Council, have been busy little beavers , installing the latest and Greatest around the
      central business precinct, spoke the contractors yeah wouldn’t give this lot two bob , for
      their occhealth and safety arrangements, but profit is profit ain’t it.
      You would never guess where the tech hardware is made?….No!……Yes.

    2. ADF AND ‘Foreign Forces’ Immunity from Civil Prosecutions Under ‘Emergency CONditions’ – 2020 Australian Defence Force white paper – ‘Foreign Forces’ were latently ‘Tagged onto/ Into’ Document!!
      They included their own Literary Foxhole!
      TRY pulling THE relevant 2020 document up nowadays Via Defence (LOL) websites = error Code 404 UNavailable. The ADF and all. Hang on! I’ll try a Cafe or ‘Emergency Photo Shoot!’
      THE CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER = Now – NO Longer ‘OUR’ forces!
      THE ADF is MIS/DIScribed = Australian OFFENSIVE Forces by Operational History- Locally & InterNationally.
      ‘Emergency CONditions’ CONvenience, Nationally & State Levels = It’s ALL in the Timing – Apparently!

  3. More evidence of the irregular warfare Lt. Gen Michael Flynn mentions. In the hybrid WW3 we’re into, Australia’s WEF/Cabal-controlled and NATO-loyal politicians are suddenly concerned about being spied on by Chinese sources loyal to Xi Jinping (key BRICS Alliance member closely allied with Mr Putin).

    Whether China’s surveillance is monitored by sources loyal to Xi or to Xi’s rival CCP Deep State faction, it’s still good news if we remove Chinese-controlled cameras. Leaving the supply of sensitive equipment to “market forces” obviously wasn’t such a good idea.

  4. Yes, and ultimately the Cabal controls China as well (ever since financing the rise of the murderous tyrant Mao). I guess the Chinese have all they need by now, in any case. Intel outfits like ASIO ultimately work for the Cabal, not for the populaces of the countries in which they are located.

    I just had an interview with Michael Gray Griffith (on the Gold Coast) and David Thrussell (in Castlemaine) on Cafe Locked Out in which we discussed such weighty issues as the Cabal, Convid1984, evolution, God, scientism, etc. It is a bit long…nearly two hours, and these days (or nights) I am “locked out” of home for interviews…my wife has banned “in-house interviews”, so I am out in the garden at dusk for this one. I give TOTT News several plugs. Sorry, I am a digital luddite who is hopeless at links, but if anyone is interested, it can be found at the CLO website, where it is currently at the top of the list of latest videos:

    Intriguingly, Dr Kerry Chant (who I think is some sort of a witch) appears on the chatline at one point, stating that she is a doctor, which is fairly obvious I guess (after we had been disparaging most of them for their craven subservience to pHARMa)…I wonder if our stuff gave her pause for thought? Someone else asked her how does she sleep at night?

    1. Our Chief ‘Physicians – Official Med Orifices’, & Local Health/Illness ‘Hazzards/BuzzHards’, haven’t been in the Limelight Noose – Apologies, ‘News’ – Nightly HoaxStirs lately. Have their collective ‘Bosses’ returned from WIFF – or is that WEF, it’s ALL ‘on the Nose’, – Sorry – DAVOS with their Collective NEO ‘Orders/ Directives’ then?

      As for Chinese Surveillance; Somewhere, On an ORstralian submersAble (Thank God – It’s a sub), OOH Collins Class Clatter Boat, the OOH 591, Capt R.A.Ndom Bob-Down Zetzsche in CONmand, traverses the Great expanse of Ocean, known as Darwin harbour.
      Capt RANdom Bob; “Exec. – What’s that Pinging noise? It sounds very close & very UNsanitary.”
      X.O. Jeeves; ” I believe it’s our very own Dedicated U591 Sanitary Napkin MISS/DISposal Unit Sir! It Pings, when the batteries are running Down! I’ll get our ‘Onboard’ Engineer Ty Wan, to attend to it!”
      Capt. RAN Bob; “Luckily, I have a HiSense – –”
      X.O. Jeeves; “A HiSense made in PRC?”
      CRB; ‘No Jeeves, I have a High Sense of our SureRoundings! Up PeriComo! Sorry Jeeves, Up PerisCope, we’re approaching Enemy territory – China’s main base in the Southern Neither Region. Jeeves I can STILL here that pinging, & it’s not my Tinntus!”
      X.O.; “I’ll put it on the Sqwauk Box Captain!”
      Click; ‘Sqwauk, –Sqwauk–Sqwauk –.”
      Capt Bob; ” HASN’T WORKED JEEVES! I’ll put this new PRC Advanced filter I acquired from The CIA – Strange it’s got Chinese Glyths on it!” (Inserts disc).
      Comms Speaker system; “Hurrow. Welcome to CIA 101 Noise Screening Services. This product is Guaranteed to provide endless uploading of your Systems to hOURS. Pwess # 1 to begin Upload. (click) thankyou for Purrchasing of this MSS/MPS product, Now ‘Grafted’ into ALL of your Systems. Don’t forget to Wead Carefully, as in PRC = Pwease Read Carefully. Make sure to read the PDF & check Zoning/Franchises & Local Statuary Licensing, before INserting! Uh Oh – Too Rushy – For YOU!”
      Capt Bob; “Well that seems to have Woked, er Worked. No More Pinging!”
      X.O. Jeeves; “Well Yes, Captain, except for a Slight MISconception in Acronyms! CIA in this case, IF you’d read the Labells, before being INserted, & before Russian’ into activities/programs that do not CONcern us or have not been Properly evaluated, —”
      Capt Bob; “WHO’s in charge of this Tub Jeeves, & Do you think our Govt hasn’t got a Handle on Themselves? OR the Situation?”
      X.O. J; “A ‘Handle on Themselves? ABSOLUTELY! In fact I think it’s Permanently on ‘Several Things’ – Maybe Welded on! But the fact remains Captain, that the CIA ‘Systems’ in a PRC Dialects, printed in the Same, & Directions Via Pictionary diagrams, SHOULD have rung a Few Bells – Tinnitus or not, & CIA in this case stands for Chinese Intelligence Agency, a ‘COINcidence’ by design, I am Not sure. The MSS/ is NOT Military Student Services Ft. Wayne., Purdue University -‘Google’ enhanced or Not, but is instead the ‘Ministry of State Security’ or Not, &, MPS is not an Extended Science & Technologies ‘Group’, but the ‘Ministry of Public Security’! WHERE did you acquire these again from Sir?”
      Capt Bob ; “Look Jeeves, with Most of our OVER PRICED Tech, Purchased for Definitive Overseas AOF deployments, in the Ucranial whatever, & Forever BendDaKneesee more CONcerned with his Rectal Area PORTfoliOH, visitations by Snake oil Representatives, & the ongoing Calamity of Future CONVID DIS/MISgivings, this was all that someone put in me Xmas ‘Secret Santa’ Stocking, anonymously, along with a Wolf Pack Simulation game & a C.D. called Sino Dire Straits. – ‘7 States of Play’, but at least it was The Fool Als-Bum!
      PERISCOPE DEPTH! AH! Look Jeeves. The Sino Enemy @ Work! Any Surface activity on Sensors that are a threat to our presents?”
      Jeeves; “No Captain, I believe the ‘Presents’ have already been ‘Catered for’. Our ‘Presence’ of Course is another Matter. I feel a Trojan Horse within! As for our ‘Combat Zone’ Sir, your looking at Darwin Harbour, UNchanged except for it’s New ‘Currency’ acquired leasee Owners!”
      Capt Bob; “AHHH, a Cunning Plan Jeeves! Lulling us into a false sense of Security, so that they don’t think they are here, — Er — that we Don’t — that They know – we’re Here! AH yes!”
      X.O J; “Um Captain. For ALL Intents & Purposes, THEY ‘Own’ Darwin Port ‘Lock Stockers’ for the next 99 Years with the Australian Govts Blessing! & the ‘M.T.’ Government, sorry Sir, That is, the N.T Govt loves the SIRIOUSLY factor -Sino Impressive Repressive Instigated Operations United Systems Logistical Y (computational fluid dynamics), – CCTVism and All the Surveillance & ‘Dim Sim Locals’ Trimmings!”
      Comms Speaker; “ping – -Pinng – -PIngng – – PINging — PINGing – PINNGING”
      X.O.jeeves; ” Thank YOU, Captain. Another plan of Purpose = Porpoise & Men, with your Chrissie CIA 101 Gift, actively ‘Giving away OUR UNowned Position’!”
      Comms Speaker; “Hurrow! Welcome to Xi JinPING – tracking Systems 101. Thank you for Enthusiastically installing your Own CHEAP, demise NON defensive NitWork! Mewwy Quismas! We Thank you for your MISunderstanding & lack of Worldlyness, & look forward to acquiring, with More local Government Collabowation, More of your previous assets, BELOW COST! PING!”

      ‘Moving My attention’ = Sun Tzu – The Art of War – Dragons Inclusive.

  5. The news is there to get us to think about it. Why do they want us to think about this? There are better things to think about. Turning my attention elsewhere…

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