December 5, 2023

10 thoughts on “ATAGI recommends FIFTH dose for Australian adults

  1. “The rollout of the fifth shot will help deal with what inevitably will be the next phase of the next wave of COVID sometime over the course of 2023.” he says, the next phase which the vaccines caused! They want to kill off more people. Giving it to immunocompromised people makes there conditions worse! The body can only take so much poison. Good news on the horizon, Sweden and Thialand are taking Pfizer to court.

    1. We should be doing the same. I mean, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. How stupid. Don’t they see where all these extra deaths are coming from.

      1. No they don’t. They would rather put their heads in the sand because they daren’t say the obvious, you know what, wink wink, nudge nudge, that big elephant in the room that they keep tripping over. No, what elephant, I can’t see anything? Be a good citizen and have your fifth shot and if you don’t like it, get clotted!

  2. Who in their right mind would want all that garbage in their body ? THEY say ” It does not stop you getting it, it does not stop you spreading It may stop it being really bad.I do not see any sense in that.

  3. Maybe when people are finally sick of Covid, they’ll just make up a new virus or disease just to reignite more fear in the general population for more vaccines!

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      Maybe a RE Read then.
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