September 23, 2023

2 thoughts on “Companies can already ‘decode’ your brainwaves, says WEF presenter

  1. Frankly, I CAN NOT BELIEVE, ANY of this – NO reflection on The TOTT crew! With the Globule & Local BCI – (Brain Computer Interfarce), & WEF – (Wankers Enforcing Fraud), Still IN Current CONVID ‘Project’ (World Bank project # P173789. Expected Closing Date; 31 Mar 2025), & Still ‘Wooling the Sheeple’, via MS & Sock It to Me Media, I Fail to see, HOW there can be ANY ‘CONnective measurement’ of ‘CONductivity/ACTivity inside the VACUOUS Cranials of said Sheep! – Unless the said Private Research University (PRU) (Just Like Johns Hopkins of ‘Dark Winter'[Rottenfellas] & ‘EVENT 201’ [BAMGFA & COMIC groups]Fame), HAS, Duke University developed a Inter Spatial Skull reader when, NO ‘Filler Medium’ is available??
    Hmm, Duke Uni Diversity – Duke Office of Scientific Integrity (DOSI) was established, after some dodgy research & a small compensation payout 2019, under the leadership of Lawrence Carin, an engineering professor who is one of the world’s leading experts on ‘Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence’. GEE SAYS CHRISTO! That’s CONvenient! The establishment of this office brings Duke’s research practices in line with those at peer institutions like Johns Hopkins (Yes, THEM- AGAIN) University – With a little help from ‘Academics’ from other PRUs such as Caltech/ Stanford & Rottenfella BioMedical Uni! = ALL with ‘Interesting’ Bio/Social/Political/NGO – Not for ‘Profit’ (LOL)Think-Tank/Military/ ‘Science’ Links & Connections!! WHAT, is it with these ‘PRIVATE Institutions’ & APPARENT ‘NOT for Profit’. = Research; Duke University Research Expenditure 2018 US$ 1.168 BILLION, 2021 Same Uni receives US$ 608 MILLION from The FAUCI Crew NIH ( National Institutes of Health) – Duke University is Carnegie Classified R1; Very High Research activity.
    THANK GOD I SAY, just like the Australian Lowly Group ‘Not for Profit’! AND, THE SAME M.O.! Another COINcidence!
    Outfall of The Right & CONfederates @ Duke Uni = 2017 & Political correctness – ‘GET DOWN’, Robert E Lee!’
    Duke Uni; Time Extension; – ‘Singapore’; 2005 Duke Uni signs a deal with National University of Singapore (NUS) to Partner a deal on Duke Medical School NUS. Further, the Duke NUS has a Governing Board overseeing ALL, with Veto powers by Duke Uni to Override ANY of the Boards Decisions – Democracy & Science in Action! – ‘China’; 2013; Duke University ‘Partners’ with WuHan University-City of Kunshan, find it as ‘DKU’.- Partnered Research ‘Projects’ on ‘Climate Change’, ‘Health care’ including ‘Policy’ and T.B. -Prevention & ‘controls’. – That’s worked SO WELL, ‘Co-OPERATIVE ‘Health Care’ & ‘POLICY’ for the ‘Locals’ for the last 3 Years! No wonder THE DUKE’S @ WEF!
    Back to DUKE Uni Proper; Military affiliations- ALL 3 Services Army Airforce Navy -Other than ‘Science & Engineering & Bio Inputs’- are incorporated in ROTC (Res Officer Training Corp) Army advance Course cadets as part of program, have to agree to 8 Years Military service in the Army – I love University & Learning Institutes ‘DEADication!’ – How else CAN you get an Intro to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? – Former Graduates.
    Previous Duke University Alumni; Richard Nixon, Ricardo Lagos, J.B.Pritzker, M .Dempsey (U.S. Chairman Joint chiefs of Staff), Tim Cook (Apple CEO), Melinda Gates (WHO’s she?), A raft of Indian billionaires, the Odd Jordanian Prince, U.S. astronauts & senators, Motor Co CEOs & On.- Hmm – Nothing to see Here!

    WEF photo Back Drop = ‘Committing Peasants to Eternal Slavery.’ OOPS, SORRY! A BIC ‘Glitch’ – Maybe, but only if it’s Done ‘Fastly’! –
    WEF backdrop should read – ‘Committed to Improving the State of the World’. – Unless your OUTSIDE of our CLASS orientated Group of PerverTRAITORS, or PerpeTRAITORS, Your choice!

    Entertainment tonight;
    Compere; “& SO! Can we have the 1st Hackable Contestant Please! Thank you Jacinda! – Moonlighting, from being a Socio Political Pain in the rectal area, & Globule TyreAunt (Female RoughShod – driving over everything/One)? That Vampirilla Outfit suits you to a M.P.!. Moving On! And, your Name Sir, He, Identified as Him, a Mr You’va NoFerrari! Sold it did you Sir? Don’t answer You’va, a little Joke to Lighten the Hair! A slight Drooling problem You’va – TOO much AdrenoChrome I’m hearing from the Audience!
    Just sit back and Relax You’va, we’ve organised a Multi Purpose catch tray! Please try to get with ‘Your’ program & not loose your Head TOO soon! – Spoils the Atmosphere You’va! Our Specialists tonight on a Subject Your Familiar with, & PROmoting, NoFerrari – Brain HackaBility,- HERE THEY ARE! – They come from your Old Neighbourhood & they & their extenDEAD Families,have for Years been on the Receiving end of previous ‘Specialist Inputs’ from Unit 8200! Another ‘Intelligence’ Orientated Input/Output Gauging/INgauging/ENDgauging ‘Gathering’ Network, & using a Variety of ‘Hacks’! Your Specialists tonight You’va, are You Nervous NoFerrari?
    You’va NoFerrari; “What? I thought you invited me here to Discuss Human Brain Dynamics & Homo Deus, Where Old Myths are Coupled with God Like Artificial Intelligences And Genetic Engineering?”
    Compere; What, was that All about? NOoo, it’s far easier than a Projected tomorrow on Homo Sexuality!”
    You’va No F; “NO! I said Homo DEUS.”
    Compere; “Sorry You’va, We’ve lined up the Experts, Ticked ALL of the boxes & by CONsendSUSS, IT’S A GOER ME LAD, And I might add, At ZERO cost to you! Did you want a 5 minute Commercial break to Speed Read your DEUS thingy Before YOU, become Your OWN GOD? – Sorry You’va, we Pre-used all of our spare Advert slots for Pharma products – SOooo Continuing, – on personal ‘Hacking’ Techniques, we have – GIVE IT UP for 3 Brothers from Palestine, Syria, & Iran, who collectively have agreed to Give YOU, what you deserve! Tonight’s operations have been Co-sponsored by Byzantine Steel, & Head & Shoulders anti DANsNextDruff treatment!”
    You’va NoFerrari; “CHZes CHRIST!”
    Compare; “Yes-, Jesus was THE Christ! But Exactly! You’va Guessed it in one You’va! IT IS CHZ- 01 Byzantine Stainless steel, for that extra Close Cut! NOT what you were Expecting? Think of ALL of the HOLLYIstic Medical Benefits & NO CROSS -CONtam’E’Nation You’va! – P-E-R-FECT! Take it away Boys!”

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