September 27, 2023

5 thoughts on “Australia must follow allies in banning of Chinese surveillance cameras

  1. China wants to own Australia, they outbid farmers trying to buy land etc. Our Government is weak, they are only interested in lining their pockets with the cash payments they get from Chinese businessmen. We are losing our democracy fast. Now that Dictator Dan has been re-elected, Victoria will go under communism first. Look how he tested things out during the last couple of years.

  2. The last three years has shown that “our” govt, when the crunch comes, is little better than the Chinese.
    What a strange all-night thunderstorm that was here in Brisbane…and now no sign of it.
    GoCats, KittyKats, even a rowing four with coach in a tinny, plying the Brisbane River past New Farm this morning.

  3. ‘Australia’ has Long since, been ‘Traded away’, & NOT just to China! But while the C.O.M.I.C.- ‘Foreign’, Lead Govt., (NotMyGov@ Swindle.Org.aEwe), keeps Indoctrinating the ‘Young’ -Those still with an Active Neural network, as part of a ‘THE State are MY True Parents’ – “See how they look after My ‘Needs’ & Sexuality”, Program. AND, Feeding the Mythological ‘ANZAC Spirit’ (& these folk, ANZACs, were from ANOTHER World of Values & Existence- Alien to Todays Farce), into a Social Construct, that is the ‘Illusion’ of Something ‘Uniquely’ Australian! – It’s STILL a ‘CONstruct’! (Genuine Community Help during ‘Crisis’, IS still evident, BUT, this is Mainly Ex Metro Environments, & DEFINATELY Individual CIVILIAN Based & Organised!) – ADF PACmen (‘Photo And Cafe’) Warriors NOT Inclusive!
    As for the ‘Anti’ Chinese sentiment, ‘They’, have been strategically at it, for Thousands of Years, AND, ‘Buying’ ONLY what LOCAL Domestic Forces & Markets ALLOW them to ‘Acquire’! – WE, DO NOT NEED THEIR MONEY – Which IS ‘Only’ a Digitised Number, & NOT Tangible Asset! NOR, other ‘FOREIGN INVESTMENTS’ – ANOTHER Swindle Amongst MANY, for Below Counter Acquisitions & ‘BELOW ACTUAL COST’!
    OH! & ‘Sales or Privatisation’ by – ‘NO GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY SHALL SELL OFF, A WHOLE OR PART THEREOF OF THE COMMON WEALTH’, That’d be Ports (Mmm Darwin looks Nice), Rail, Airports, Medical systems, Banks, telecommunications, Postal Systems & On – last time I looked WERE against THE Australian Constitution- NO Statutory Time limitation – I’ll have to look again!
    As for ‘China’ itself, there have been several ‘Cracks’ @ Controlling this Land by European ‘Interests’ (Mainly THE ‘English’ early Corporates, Notably THE ‘Opium Wars’ against Said ‘Lands’ & it’s People Thru the 1790’s (British East India Co-BEIC) & The ‘English/French’ in the 1800s. Then there’s the ‘CONtrived’ WW2 Shenanigans of the United States ‘Pacific Involvements’, leading to Crucial Supplies ‘GIVEN’ to the Chinese to ‘Oust’ Japan from ‘Their’ Lands, with the Required ‘Payback’ – Of Course! The Chinese ‘Social Program’ has a Long PREhistory, and just like the Ukraine, HASN’T happened Overnight!
    Even THE ‘China Experiment’ ISN’T Done & Dusted! See the Overthrow of Previous Tyrannical Dynasties, finally, after Years of Intolerable existence! ‘Currently’, Just ‘THE Spark’ is Needed!
    Back to ORstralia; Apart from ‘Greed’ or ‘Control’ – This INCLUDES Australian Corporate & Govt Entities- Local & ‘Offshore Based’, WHY, aren’t MOST of ANY ‘products’ Not made/ Grown inside THE ‘Country’? SORRY! THAT’S RIGHT! – APPARENTLY, WE can only make EVERYTHING we ‘Need’, INSIDE the Land – During A ‘WAR’! = AMAZING! Directly after ‘CONflict’ CONclusion, we apparently are back to being ‘Incapable’ – OH, & here’s YOUR ‘Bill’ for ‘Supporting US’!
    Apologies! As the 51st State of The ‘Proctologists Union’, Nothing to See here! Now then, I’ll just grab Me Neil Ferguson BAMGF supplied Calculator, with it’s DODgy buttons, & work out Where/How this $1 TRILLION ‘Foreign Debt’ CAME FROM! BEIC! I KNOW YOUR STILL THERE!

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