December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Masonic centre in south-west Sydney burns down

  1. “We don’t need no water let the motherf*cker burn, burn motherf*cker, burn” by Bloodhound Gang.
    Satanic scum!

  2. Previously – ‘The local branch is called the Campbelltown Royal Arch Chapter (CRAC house #85) – Holding under the United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of NSW and the ACT’. – Please do not attempt to relay this, if pulled over by the ‘Bronze’ as FSTs check!.
    Now – ‘Under the United Supreme Grand Chapter of ‘Mark of THE Beast’ and Royal ASH Masons of NSW and the 1 ACT PLAYED’.> Mmm & ‘Allegorical Symbolism’ – Interpretations of Hidden Political & Moral meanings incorporating Complex ideas & Concepts – NOT in the Band of Brothers in CONspiracy Theory then? That’ll get you ‘Banned’ as some form of New Dawning!
    CONnectionstivity then Boys ( -9 Fire Units & an ‘Aerial Appliance’) – ‘Standard’ Response?
    And; ‘Designed to remind a Freemason of what HE’s learned and the obligations HE’s undertaken,’ – SO, how are the ‘FreeMasons’ Travelling on the U.N.s Edicts on ‘Not’ mentioning Male/ Female Genders, but referencing the Vertical Monkey Species as the NEO ‘They’s’??
    And; Now if ONLY, the Sydney fire Communications had Deployed the Unit # 077 (Not a Ref to Georgia Guidestones – Maybe) from the Wicked Field Circuit. (WFC)
    At least no Mortals were Burned!
    Question Time; Who DID it? = Local MS Media quick to ‘Jump in’ (Yes Please MSM, Harry Nillson – Jump into the Fire’)have a Well ‘Resourced’ Tip, That someone their Source knew, heard another person say, that they Heard with their 5 eyes, that an Eastern European Person, approx 170 cms tall, pale complexion, approx. 82 kgs, going by the Name of Vloody Putin on the Ritz, was of Interest. The SAME Reputed MSM ‘Source’, said ‘Vlad’ was taking ‘time out’ from Interfering in ALL apparent western & OZ Elections, Hacking a 3rd World Medical Fund, Destroying Economies under CONVID, Providing ‘Uppers & Downers’ (Not the former OZ M.P. -but Same Effect)to the same Numpty economies in the Inflation/Deflation/No help even with Defibrilation/ STAGflation (For the Mason Boys)/ Noflation/Flatuation Stakes, Raping Kittens & drowning Nuns, Global warming, & causing Excess SIDS-SADS-SUDS-SODS -so someone SEDs, AND, now wants to start a PyroTechnicians Course, but the Admin @ TryAnotherFugginEducation, said ‘He’ wasn’t ‘Qualled Enough’. And also, that ALL of the Instructors were Busy Burning the Western Seaboard to the Ground, in case it Caught Fire, & OR, to ‘Promote Citizen Relocations’,Er um, to promote Regrowth, Er um, to promote 15 Minute Regions, Er-Um, to get more ‘Field experiences’. AND So They recommended ‘Putin on the Ritz’ do his own research @’DomesticFreelanceCourses’R’ Us’, starting with a Local SHED! But not before THE ‘Boys’, pulled out All of their ‘Toys’!
    Vloody is Expecting to Diversify into Weather Manipulations & Vlood out areas of QLD,NSW & another 1 A.C.T play! YER TOO LATE VLAD ME OLD MATE – THEY BEAT YOU ON SEVERAL ACCOUNTS!

    1. Sorry Folks, Jest,er Correction, That’d be; Busy Burning The ‘Eastern’ Seaboard to the Ground – Though Me Thinks there Be a ‘Western Chapter’ As well. Something in the Lateness of the Hour.
      Wellness as Usual.

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