November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Cashless payments grow financial surveillance

  1. All the boring usual stuff I do with cards & “other stuff” I don’t want recorded is cash only.
    This will never change for me but if cash goes then cryptocurrency will just take over from cash.
    This is all bs & CCP will never rule the world even with corrupt help from the left.

  2. I think that refusing cash is probably illegal as would refusing a cheque be but the small firms could make it very difficult to insist.

    1. It’s about govt cancelling money notes forcing everyone to transact using digital currency. The concern being that your exact purchases can be monitored & limited. Also if CCP got people’s purchase history they could corrupt those industries causing national unemployment & a further dependence on CCP to supply the world’s needs.

      1. Yes I appreciate all that but the question is the legal position of a government refusing to provide particular pieces of paper or other forms of money if some citizen (or other) does not/will not use a bank…

  3. This whole saga has been engineered from the start, there are 500 plus scientist say the same thing. This has been done to usher in a cashless society so the corrupt New World Order elitists and the papacy can rule over us all with a hardline. I have studied history, and when you know history, you can see the same power that controlled during the Dark Ages, 1260 years exactly, This same power martyred about 150 million Christians during this period.and you see this same power getting her iron teeth ready to control the world again with all the governments bowing down to this ugly system. Is Written. ,,,,Anti Christ is about to rule again for a little time, before Almighty God in Christ steps in to finish this wickedness off once and for all. Do some digging, check it out, Truth is Truth.

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