June 5, 2023

9 thoughts on ““Not Aware”: QLD MP comments on current geoengineering programs

  1. Excellent research. How convienient of the QLD gov to say “not that we are aware of”, kind of like saying “nothing to see here”. I bet they seeded NT too for the recent floods, considering they want to clear away Indigenous people to open up NT for more cotton farming, cattle farming and mining. Wish they would stop messsing up the weather and then blaming it on climate change, now I wonder why? Nothing to do with the WEF agenda now is it?

  2. This is absolute gobbledock…we can see the spraying going in with our own eyes !!
    So many privately owned planes are up in our skies doing it..you can watch them..it is absolutely disgraceful and all the current Qld Government need to be sacked !
    She was not voted back in…she was chosen to go back in as she is a paid puppet and does whatever the she is told…all scum.

    1. I watched 6 established Chem trails laid between Hervey Bay and Bundaberg with a plane in emission mode dropping number 7 on a lightly clouded sky, 6am on 17th feb 2023, haarp stations across australia are used regularly for nefarious reasons. Virus dumping next???

      1. Happening all over the world Hal, and they will blame it all on climate change while they keep dumping chemical waste by products from the chemical industry. Apparently they used to pour it into the sea and rivers but when that was stopped they had to find another way. Check out geoengineeringwatch.org

  3. Lies and denial to cover their backsides. Even if you took them to court they would make up some bullshit that it’s for the greater good and get away with it.

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