December 7, 2023

18 thoughts on “Censorship: New Dawn Magazine targeted in New Zealand

  1. The wtch from across the dtch, Jabcnder ‘Ardon, is at it again: NZ the most Orwellian place on Earth. New Dawn is an outstanding publication, full of Truth. I used to buy it opportunistically…better look into a sub now…

    1. We all know that NZ was predicted that it would be the first place to start the New Order, now we see it in action. Will everything need to go underground? What are they so afraid of? That their evil ways will be uncovered? Are they all Lutherians? We have the right to know the truth and to debate truth vs lies. If they take away our freedom of speech we will be all talking in whispers. Masks was an attempt to silence us or at least muffle us lol.

      1. Masks also cut the supply of oxygen to the brain and wider body. All pathogens breed well in low-oxygen, acidic environments, which are conditions ripe for disease. It was also a test of SUBMISSION. They are attempting to limit humanity to their total control. Now they are attempting to gain control over the human genome – and that’s somewhere we definitely do not want to go! No scientific study (at least non-fraudulent ones) have found that masks work. Additionally, graphene has been found in many masks.

        1. There is also evidence that swabs have something on them too. And even the RAT tests have a dangerous chemical. Killing people in more ways than one, slowly or quickly as long as they lower the population as the Eugenics want.

    1. They’re NOT winning – THAT is why we will likely see further attempts at censorship, climate alarmism and they’ve already PLANNED the NEXT “pandemic” to break out in South America in 2025, called SEERS, which will target children more than adults.

  2. JABcinder Vaako HardON, Addresses The Stalwart NZ Ewes@HerdGov.Tcell.AIDS.ZombeToCome;
    “BAAAAHHH! OBEDIANCE WITHOUT QUESTION, LOYALTY UNTIL WEF/U.N.-NOT DIVERSE COMES! In view of ‘Escaped Truth’, NOT of our ‘Made Truth’, HUNT DOWN THEY WHO WOULD EXPOSE OUR MEDUSA QUEST! AND, Per ‘New Dawn’ – TO NecroMonger ‘Forces’ EVERYWHERE, Macron (Nov./2015 French & TheeHatTrick) and NZMSM – ‘TRUTH’ – YOU KEEP WHAT YOU KILL! It’s the Necro Mongrel WAY!”
    Always, ‘Shoot the Messenger!’
    Support for ALL alternate Discussion ON EVERYTHING – Period, in this CURRENT Global ‘Dark Ages’!
    THE ‘Quickening’ has arrived for The Emperor & the ‘Imperial System’. And the ‘Envelope for Success’ in their 4th Reich Installation IS diminishing by the Day! If The ‘Supportive Forces’ & MS/Sock It to me Media, HAVEN’T Realised this yet, Then THEY are particularly ‘DUPED’ by their Own Propaganda, & the ‘Results’ in store for such support! May want to check ‘Pre History & Outcomes’ Paris/France Circa 1788 + 10 Years. They were ‘Their’ – Modern Times @ THAT TIME as well, & VERY REAL for ALL involved!
    Wellness – ‘New Dawn’ – APT!

    1. And the Angel Guardian of Humanity, asked The ‘Ice Wall’ Guardian;
      “With reverence Guardian, WHO, in the Modern era Beseeches Total destruction of Humanity without Tears or Remorse of full spectrum Human Kind – Is it The U.N., Is it the W.H.O., is it the W.E.F., Who is the current Quickening ‘Apex Darkness’ Guardian? GuiDANCE do we need & Wisdom of You.”
      The Ice Wall Guardian Spoke, without emotion;
      “THEY, who have NEVER Remorsed their Doings & Insatiable Crime Upon Previous Humanity & Species, Nor THE Current, NOR ‘Dark Winter’ Future STILL to Come DO THEY – NOT! & The United States of America’s Department of Defence incorporating DARPA & The Plethora of Dark Co-Op’d Contract Cabal, HOLD OPEN pandora’s Box. They ALONE Sponsor ALL ‘ILLS’ & CoV Mythologies, UNseen are they Latent in the Shadows! Look THERE, hidden in Plain Sight Be ‘They’ bearing Strategic DOING & Leverages of Most. The Records STAND CLEAR & Document to CONTROL! .Rest of others are Simpering P.E.T.S.
      Wellness IS YOURS to Wrestle – Rail against their Factions & Minions, Trolling the By Ways!

      1. The evil cabal, the devil worshippers, the child sacrificers, abusers and killers. They have no hearts, consciense or humanity. Are they even conscious or are they just walking power driven robots?

        1. IF, the ‘Reason’ for Banning – Sorry- ‘Totale Kontrolle’ of ALL ‘Embedded Media’, Main DUMB & Social, was an ‘Issue’ with this Particular Magazine, Per a ‘reference’ to some ‘Incident in a N.Z. Mosque in 2019’, IT IS NOT, because of ‘THE Incident’!! I can STILL pull up ‘Graphic Carnage’ on Drone platforms such as GOGGLE or EWEtube, or a Plethora of ‘Gaming Scenarios’, FAR MORE ‘Rigorous’- ZERO Censorship! I HAVE watched the FULL ‘Vision’ of ‘Said Incident’ -N.Z.Mosque. the ‘Issue’ IS – (WHO is Dropkick’s ‘Spotter’, ‘Feeding Him Tango Fire Co ordinates’? – Just to ‘Start With’!! – Maybe the ‘Dude’ in plain sight next to the Outside window- OR Mosque Perimeter Wall’ ) ON> ,- ‘Independent’ Observers, Grounded in Math/Physics/Chemistry/ Time/ Weapons Platforms/’Looking’ (Observance details) & Listening/The Physicalities of life of this Dimensional Universe in ALL given Circumstance & ‘Presented Activity’, SEE the holes of ‘Fly Screen’, Nay A Concrete Slab Mesh’ in THE ‘Official Narrative!
          As with Sept 11 USA/ London 7/7 / & Bali Bombings – ALL as a ‘TIMED-CoINSIDE-DANCE (Coincidence-HA!)/ Leverage to Mid East ‘CONsenSUSS of War’ – See NATO ‘Operation Gladio’ for ‘Clear & EVER Present’ Danger Protocols on ‘HOME Populations’ > In short; Paraphrasing;
          “It may be Necessary to Enact incidents or Events of Bombing & Terrorisms on Home soils against THE Populations & Citizens, to leverage the Same War Weary Populations to Fight in Unsavoury Conflicts in Foreign Lands!”
          “LASH THE BASTARDS TO THE GRATINGS, FOR EWE ARE ‘PRESSED’ INTO SERVICE MATEY!” – GOD SAVE THE KING! (What? A WEF Idiot WHO’s Constantly complaining about operations of a ‘Writing Implement’? WOW! That’s Important – Globally!
          NOTHING has been ‘Learned’ by THE ‘Allies of the Willing’, ‘Home Populations’. The ‘Sub Contract Killers’ By Vested Interests, of ‘Themselves'(Formerly Europe – 2 Rounds, Then Asia-Several Cracks @ the Title – FAILED, Then Arab-Middle Eastern- Several Rounds – FAILED, or Current Ukraine ‘Global Diversions’ Inclusive – and ALL Yourself/THEMself > Butcher, Baker, candlestick Makers, Plumbers, Tradies, Techs, Barbers, Coffee shop owners Et Al) in another Land.
          WHOA!! – EXCEPT- THE ‘Directors of EVERYTHING War’- Traffic, observed the ‘Disruptive & Persuasive Power’ of ‘Independent UNembedded Media’ (Vietnam for a Beginning), & Set to ‘Task’ their ‘Assassins’ in Government, The MS/Social Embedded Media, The Mondays Experts PopuNOrelation, THE Military & Sniper Teams ‘Priorities’, along with Aerial ‘Terrorists’ – ‘TO WORK’ ;Eg; July 12/2007 Baghdad >Reuters Journalists & ‘Aid Workers’ Vapourised, by U.S. Gunships! = Gun Camera STILL Accesible! – NO 10 Year N.Z. Gaol term!
          NATO, What a ‘Class ACT’! Everyones ‘Invited’! – Adolph Heusinger & Hans Speidel, Operations From the 3rd Reich, morphing Nicely into the 4th Reich!
          As for my last reference, I refer to a Man, love or Hate him is irrelevant – Observations only on the Govt Toe Rags/ Mob, & It’s Collaborative Media ‘Ground Thugs’, take it away>;
          “It is the Press above all, which wages a Positively Fanatical & Slanderous struggle, Tearing down Everything which can be regarded as a Support of National Independence, Cultural elevation, and the Economic independence of the Nation.” – Thank you Adolph Hitler.
          THE N.Z. Empress JABcinder HAS NO CLOTHES! – ARGH! The ‘Thought’!
          BAH RAM EWE! – LOL!!

    1. As with ALL ‘Notable Incidents’ on this Planet, IF the amount of COINCIDENTAL – EXACT ‘SAME’ ‘OFFICIAL’ Training Scenarios, Same Day/ Time, from Sept 11 to London 7/7 to Sandy Hook School & ON, then by ‘RANDOM Law of Averages’, Theoretically, I should have Won Division 1 Lotto @ Least a Couple of Hundred times! LOL.
      Other; With the Amount of ‘Independent private Owners’ of Mobile phones/CCTV/ (By the way, Nice Witches Hat ‘Coned Off’ the Front Driveway- ‘Mosque Maintenance’ PRE ‘Attack’, & Obvious Dude’s’ @ Front foot path), ‘Floating around Society’, WHERE’S; ‘Alternate Feeds’ to ‘Official Coverage’, or was it a – ‘Done & dusted’ inside a Couple of seconds? & ALL ‘Cleaned up’ with ‘Same’ Weapon?
      ;Maybe the ‘Intelligent/ Good Looking Hacks’ from NCIS could ‘PLAY’ a visit!

  3. It is very interesting for me to see this story, because New Dawn Magazine re-entered my consciousness just a couple of weeks ago. I used to read this magazine in the 90s when I was first waking up and I found it to be a very good start in terms of research. I have since researched many of the topics that used to be in there IN DEPTH and I have discovered many, many deep truths as a partial result of that. So, I hadn’t heard about this controversy until today, but a couple of weeks ago, I went to look in our local newsagent, and they only had the special edition on the shelves. I had wanted the usual copy, because I haven’t read that mag in years and I wanted to see what they were talking about now ( since I’ve done m ore years of deep research) to see whether it might be relevant to read again. Now that I know they are under fire, I will keep looking there and will buy it if it turns up. I like to SUPPORT truth, and I found a LOT of it in that magazine. I wanted to see how accurate I thought it was NOW. So, I’m going to check it out. This is what people should do – anything they try to ban – go out and buy it in droves! It is good for people to read alternative points of view and then they can use their DISCERNMENT to decide whether it is the truth or not. I certainly don’t need the government to tell ME what to think. Many of them are mind-controlled drones to some extent – I worked with many of them! This all goes towards the NWO agenda item of total control of our information sources – and the attempt to reduce us to drones who are unable to think for ourselves to the point where we have to ask the government what we should think! God forbid!

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