November 29, 2023

19 thoughts on “New Zealand bill will expand internet censorship

  1. Have tried to subscribe, but when I click on the ‘Confirm Follow’ button in your email, nothing happens. Had this same problem a few times when I wanted notification of new comments from your blog – and in recent months the same has happened when I’ve tried to confirm my signature on various petitions from other sites. Wondering if it’s just some sort of glitch, or if somehow I’m being blocked by the ‘overseers’ of what is constituted as truth by TPT(shouldn’t)B. Any ideas? Are you able to subscribe me without my clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button?

    1. Hi HA1! On our end it says pending confirmation. Sometimes email providers prevent you from subscribing if you have other pending subscriptions to attend too or even if you are subscribed to too many websites. Hope this helps!

  2. Terrorism seems to have evolved in so many ways over the years. Thoughtcrime now = terrorism. Im expecting a total obliteration of child trafficking sites now with all that resource….or is that not terrorism?

  3. What damn hill do you choose to fight on … there is so many fronts that the onslaught of “big brother” is fighting on at this time, The difficulty of the push back is there is no cohesive push from interested parties to be a show of solidarity and signaling of effective leadership.for alternative narratives to the agenda the system establishment wants in place.

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