October 1, 2023

6 thoughts on “New Zealand officers can now enter properties

  1. Lovely Jacinta always deliberately wearing a huge smile even more sinister than Hilary Clinton, constantly pushing the NWO agenda with such grace & elegance. In the mean time Kiwi’s are set upon by her tyrannical mercenary tactical police force with no accountability or restraint.

    I used to think I’d retire to NZ for peace & quiet from Aus, bc here in Aus the polies are sold-out dogs that look to the US for population degradation tactics and scraps from their pile of trash Govt, but now NZ has a top Bitch that makes ours look like fluffy poodles that yelp when she growls…smiling of course


  2. Oz & NZ are Fascist Medical Police states of the USA. The psychopathic politicians and police responsible for this state of affairs need to be incarcerated permanently for crimes against humanity!

  3. It will all eventually come down to Christians being taken to prison who are fighting for truth and morals.
    They will be lied about and even having the Gestapo Police entering homes and hiding drugs in the homes of innocent people .
    The MSMedia will be happy to print anything to cause hate against Christians who are trying to uphold the truth and Godly morals, the world wants the total freedom to be able to live a lawless existence with out Christians trying to tell them they are wrong.

    1. It has nothing to do with christianity per se. The great majority of religions are used by the PTSB to divide and conquer the people in a similar manner to the current Scam/P(l)an-demic by exploiting the ignorance of the masses to create fear of the unknown so that the masses can be easily controlled and manipulated for the benefit of a psychopathic few. The catholic church, for example, was established for political control of the people. Christians do not have a monopoly on morals. Are you aware of the enormous amount of bloodshed and suffering in the name of christianity?

      1. The Police having at anytime the permission to search people’s homes, doesn’t bother me, except the Special Police controlled by the Mafia Police who deposit drugs into homes of Christians, that gets me upset, but God is still in control.

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