December 6, 2023

13 thoughts on “Bill Gates proposes rapid response team called ‘GERM’ for future pandemics

  1. How can we rid the world of this despicable parasite, who is a pathogen far worse than any of those he tries to scare us with? Surely a hefty dose of ivermectin would suffice, delivered with a “horse needle” into…I’ll leave that up to you…

    1. I’m surprised nobody has even tried to take this low-life scum out, being one of the most hated parasites on this planet. Then again, death would be too kind for that evil piece of shit. Solitary confinement with no contact with daylight or human-beings for the rest of his life would be a more fitting punishment.

  2. How on earth has this man gained such power ? He has a terrible manner.He is all about money and power. He has no medical training. He speaks with great delight about jabbing people “Right in the arm .” With a diabolical smile.He speaks so eloquently of lowering the population.
    You notice these people. they never refer to themselves, it is always somebody else.And they are very successful at it.I know three women who now have heart problems after their injections. There is no mistake where the injuries came from.
    If more people do not wake up and act, we are in deep s…t . The trouble we are in now is nothing compared to what is coming. Most people I know are doing nothing, they keep believing …”Nah..Bullsh……!. She’ll be right.mate.

    Well it is not alright.Daily it is getting worse. MSM keeps everyone happy, with a pile of garbage.Most people I know have not got a clue about the reality of the situation.
    I sure would like to see Bill and his mates transported to another planet. That is as nice as I can put it.

  3. Thank you for the well written article Ethan. As I have said, again and again, statements made by Bill Gates, Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Schwab, Trudeau, Harari and the enactments of most of the mandates and coercive measures by many other minions of the Oligarchs and Elites are serving several purposes. Firstly, the game is to keep the fear going as a people in fear are a people that can be more easily controlled and will at the same time demand more controlling measures that they assume will keep them safe even if it eroding all of their freedom and rights.

    The second purpose is to create the perfect distraction for the next agenda, which is Climate Change and associated with it the more control and tougher measures that have this time already been passed into law and not as mere mandates, under the pretense of keeping people safe from COVID during the planned-demic.

    Just like the magician who is distracting his audience with his left hand whilst the right is doing the actual trick and they are being fooled. Whilst people are focusing on their nonsensical pandemic and fear-mongering, they are not seeing the climate change agenda that is now being very urgently and rapidly pushed despite the true science showing its inaccuracy and blatant lies.

    The final end game is to push and enforce a Universal Sunday Law, that will also makes its way in darkness by the same deception and distraction and climate change will be the main vehicle that the Papal system will use to eventually coerce the world into worshipping on the first day of the week rather than the seventh. No one will be able to buy or sell lest they worship on the first day.

    As the crowning act in the great drama of deception, Satan himself will personate Christ. Once the whole world has wondered after the Papacy and rejected the Law of God and the sacredness of his day of rest, then God’s spirit will be removed from the earth. There will then be a time of trouble as there never was since there was a nation brought about by the wickedness of humanity and the disregard for the Law of God. There is no need for anyone to believe me. Just watch, wait and see for yourself.

    1. Sad to see that my post was actually edited and bits removed. I thought this was a free platform that did not censor anything. I guess all platforms are the same. Freedom of thoughts and speech exists as long as it does not contradict the opinions or narrative of the the owner or of the article. Then again that is to be expected.

      1. You are welcome to continue your thoughts below, L07. Comment was shortened to fix up some page formatting, as this bottom section is not yet fully coded right on mobile devices with the new website design. Past a certain text limit (390 words), longer comments begin to sway right off the screen and impact scrolling. This should be fixed in the next few days.

  4. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of being lectured by rich front-men who have no medical or health qualifications, especially ones who help plan said events!

  5. The ‘Stealth Pandemic’ & It’s ‘Variants’, have ALWAYS been with us; Globally Still a Pain in the Arse!
    12/08/1930.Gee a Schwartz, later morphing to a G.Sorearse Latent epidemic- Still UNresolved.- Multiple Trials.
    30/03/1938 for Initial KaMe A Schwabbing, believed to be an Offspring of IBM ‘Hacking'(Hence later association with,& Morthology of Novalue Harari Strain) – The Initiation of Human Broad spectrum Sterility protocols- Still UNresolved today.- Multiple trials.
    24/12/1940 for the Initial Faucius Toe RagUS Demonus Epidemic. -Still UNresolved today- Multiple trials.
    28/10/1955 for Initial Great GatesBuy Pariah Epidemic – Still UNresolved today!-Multiple Trials.
    Sometime 1976 – Believed Israeli ‘Laboratory Initiated ‘Result”- Yvalue Novel Harari- Still UNresolved.
    Offshoots; 14/05/1984- Orwellian Virus- Mucus Zuckerberg- New BI Genome Viral Epidemic Model Infecting Animate & Inanimate Systems Alike. Still UNresolved – Multiple Trials.
    Institutionalised Epidemics; Original Spanish Flu; Since 1478 – Inquisition Mucus Grande – Later Spreading to infect, in 1506 Basiliskos St Peter – Black/White = Definately UNresolved. Multiple Trials.

    So with the Trillions in ‘Currency’ (Coin & Blood) Drained from the Public purse & OUR [1] Institutions, & the 100s of Kilometers of Medical/ Science (-Maybe) Labs,- Independent or Industrialised, WHERE are these GREAT Promised Medical Advancements to WIPE OUT these ‘GERMS’? And, Are, The Multiple Trials candidates, up for an END trialling/Entrailing in the Near future??
    Feel Liberated to add your OWN Endemic candidates to an Ever Growing List!
    Please, NO real, actual Virus or Fungi or Bacteria Names, lest Ye lower their ‘Reputations’ to the Sub -Terranian benchmarks of those mentioned above!!
    Ref [1]; ‘OUR’ – Loose term. Possessed by ALL Citizens of a Nation, before being on sold to Foreign or Commercial interests, by Apparent representatives of That Nation, & in violation of That Nations Constitution, or at LEAST, (Not ‘Leased’ – Maybe) Moral Coding.
    ‘It’s Hard to be Taught, the limiting of Distraught!’
    Wellness as usual.

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