October 2, 2023

17 thoughts on “Australia endorses handing over pandemic powers to the World Health Organisation

  1. This is such a critical time we are living through, and Morrison is really stuck between a rock and a hard place. He either submits to the WHO, committing what clearly seems to me to be treason; or he sticks up for ‘we the people’ and gets a target put on his back by the global gangsters. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes.

    1. Actually, it’s a very simple decision. Who pays my wages?
      Of course, if there are other agenda’s in play then it comes down to, “where do my loyalties lie?”

    Alternate #1 pretenders @Ben Da Kneesee (to the Globalist Swine Herders – READ – NO longer referenced as ‘Elite’. ‘THEY’, are JUST ‘Resourced’); “I’M with The PRIME MINSTREL on this! And I’m here to tell you ALL, that if you install me, at the next election, I’ll PROMISE & PROVE, that I’ve just as big a WEF DICK inside ME, as the previous PROXEY PRIME MINSTREL NUMPTY!! IS My Super + ‘Promised Extras’ SAFE?”
    THE Idiot Factory & Clown World, SAFE & EFFECTIVE in ORstralia 2022! OINK OINK OINK!
    “Prime Minstrel Scamo; ” P.R. Personages, put down that ‘Animal Farm’ Book 2019 Edition! Seeing as I OVERRULED ALL of those Pre pandemic AUSTRALIAN Medical Experts & Scientists, who we paid for a Pandemic Game plan, and who said Lockdowns, Masking & Social distancing DON’T WORK & THEN, I, SOLD EVERYONES COLLECTIVE ARSES TO THE UNWHO, AND PRINTED A SHITLOAD OF COIN WHICH IS HIGHLY INFLATIONARY & NOW OZZIE PEASANTS WILL HAVE TO WEAR THE OUTFALL, where’s that effigy of Putin that I can parade as being Responsible for INCREASED PRICES & COLLAPSE OF EVERYTHING, Food, Utilities, Fuel, Freight, Supply, Medical, Interest Rates, Failed Govt services – Sorry! Failed Govt Self Service. PUTIN! YEAH, WHAT A BASTARD! IT’S HIS FAULT! Give me a Blue & Yellow Flag! WHERE, is Ukraine again? Isn’t it near Papua New Guinea? NO! Don’t tell me. It’s near Russia & it has a Major Bearing on the World currently, so it must be in the Bering Sea! Remembered something from My schooldays in Geology!”
    P.R. Aide. “UM, I think you may Mean Geography P. Minstrel!”
    Scamo; “Remembering what Classes? That’s NOT my job! What’s next on the WEF List to Drive off the Cliff?”
    I just Luv Educated, Worldly Minstrels. AND, The ‘Next Unit’s’ ALREADY Been ‘Picked’! – THE D,S. Does NOT ‘Leave the Chance OF Choice’ to the Plebs (even Sheeple), Especially after such a ‘Heavy Investment’!
    World Bank; COVID #19 ‘Global Project’ I.D. P173789. Investment; Substantial.
    Start date; 02/Apr/2020. Expected end Date; 31/Mar/2025.
    Morrisons ‘CHOICE’, was HIS Decision! NO ONE ELSES! As ARE, WAS, EACH AUSTRALIAN STATE PREMIER & including Their Set in Motion ‘Purposeful Operational Parameters/ Agendas’ against own Citizenry! And the Repressive Forces M.O’s & Negative Outcomes ARE Known, Reinforced & Persisted, By these Same Entities! There is NO ‘Ignorance Of Fact or Injury’ on their part! When anyone gets into bed with a ‘Devil’, then that’s THAT PERSONS Choice! – Doesn’t HE, The P.M. tell us this all the time? ‘Your Choice!’
    Same goes with THE ‘Manufactured News’ by THE M.S. & Social Media Platforms. – A PURPOSEFUL CHOICE, ‘KNOWING’ THE NEGATIVE OUTCOMES – FOR BOTH SIDES! – NO CARE, NO EMPATHY, NO EXCUSES!

    1. Round of applause for John Dawe. Summed up a lot of what I would’ve said without me having to type it. Wake up all of you sleeping sheep. You probably won’t see out the term of your natural life because you wouldn’t turn the TV off and sat on the couch waiting for someone else to fix the mess that you WERE seeing on the TV while voting the same two treasonous mobs back in at EVERY election. Well you’re about to reap the destruction you’ve let take hold!

    2. “THE Idiot Factory & Clown World, SAFE & EFFECTIVE in ORstralia 2022! OINK OINK OINK!” So on the money mate … Morrison and his cronies have no rock and hard place choices … all bought paid for and ready to bring home the bacon for their real masters OINK OINK OINK!

  3. This treaty will be the trojan horse for the New World Order. We then need to prepare for persecution because they will try to force digital ID and wallet which is the long prophesied mark of the beast. NEVER accept the mark of the beast!! #seekJesus

    1. Scott Morrison pushing through Digital ID Bill currently while everyone has their eye off the ball.

  4. Lucky Scomo and his PR team decided he should inappropriately tackle a young child during a soccer game to take everyone’s attention off this issue.

    1. Should be a referendum on allowing these evil POS the death penalty for treason or jail time

    1. Scott Morrison is a UN worker part of the problems for Australia Why Australian can’t see it do you remember when Australia was on fire he give it a double thumb up with a big smile like he was reporting to the Master he is serving the his has a good job for bush fire.

  5. That slimy bastard was a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s school, so was Peter Costello, Greg Hunt and around 50 others have infiltrated Australia’s Gov’s determining our our future in accordance with UN, WEF, WHO, Bill Gates… requirements.

  6. Yes, think Vatican which is the motivating force. Been well documented with an easy duckduckgo search. 1850 years of history show that they wish to bring us back in to a serf system. WEF is controlled by them is United Nations buy very few speak of it. As far as Morrison and Albo, both men were chosen to be the pm because of the secret society controlled by the Vatican. All easy to research.

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