Bill Gates has a new book and it is a blueprint for world health control

A look inside the newly-released ‘How To Prevent The Next Pandemic’, authored by Bill Gates, offers an insight into the control world bodies seek to gain moving forward.



Inside a blueprint for health fascism.


Bill Gates just came out with a new book called “How To Prevent The Next Pandemic,” describing his vision to do just that.

I picked up a digital edition copy and have been reading through the book.

Dear Australia: Wake up and smell the “I’m an expert and I’m here to help” stench.

This is a plan for total world dominance over the health of the human race.

It’s communism, collectivism — completely anti-Australia, completely anti-Australian.

Among his recommendations: A global health database, governments armed with quarantine powers and a quick-time vaccine development system.

This system is intended to ‘speed up’ the current safety and efficacy testing time.

And here’s the eerie promise:No one gets left behind, because we’ve already worked out how to rapidly make enough vaccines for everyone,” Gates writes in the book.

Gates isn’t just a mad eugenicist.

He is the guy who trains the mad scientists.

In his own words: “But we do not have to live in fear of another pandemic.”

Not all of us were in the first place, Bill.

Back to Gates, as he continues:“The world can provide basic care to everyone, and be ready to respond to and contain any emerging diseases. What would it look like in practice? Imagine.”

He then writes of research that leads to mass production of diagnostic and testing tools, vaccines and lifesaving drugs in speedy time.

Australia has recently began construction on a state-of-the-art mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility, giving light to the notion that this type of technology is only set to expand soon.

To the faithfuls of Scientism, the religious cult of science, this seems like a wonderous step.

Here is the catch though, Mr. Gates.

Humans don’t live in labs. People aren’t born to become the stuff of study for medical researchers.

Even more importantly, for a country of citizens born free: Australia does have a Constitution that underscores the rights of individuals. Governments can’t just quarantine, willy-nilly.

Governments can’t just force medical tests, over the objections of those who object.

Gates can envision all he wants but in the end, Australians are still free to choose.

At least — they’re supposed to be.


Under this new Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, under this new ‘Build Back Better’ ideology, under these two-plus coronavirus years of shifting mindsets of the citizenry — we have witnessed governments exploit fears and lead individuals down a path of collectivism.

The New World Order, as penned by Gates and supported by his globalist-minded partners, doesn’t include sovereign states with a society of citizens with rights the come from God.

The vision is to destroy Australia, crumble the Constitution and ‘build back’ a country that’s more communist, more globalist, and more collectivist-minded in nature.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a look at some more quotes from Gates’ new book.

In one section, Gates asks us all to “imagine” a future world of centralised control:

“Imagine,” he writes, “universal vaccines protect everyone from every strain of … coronaviruses and influenza.”

“Imagine a potentially threatening disease is rapidly detected by local public health agencies … and anything out of the ordinary is shared with capable labs for study, and the information is uploaded to a global database monitored by a dedicated team.”
“Imagine when a threat is detected, governments sound the alarm and initiate public recommendations for travel, social distancing and emergency planning.”
“Imagine governments start using the blunt tools that are already on hand, such as mandatory quarantines”

“And this all happens quickly,” he makes sure to stress.

“It takes just six months to go from raising the first red flag to making enough safe, effective vaccines to protect the population of the earth.”

That is a frightening vision of the future.

We have already seen Scott Morrison endorse handing more pandemic powers to the World Health Organisation, encouraging world bodies being able to come in and ‘respond’ to events.

The same organisation that Gates himself has, and will continue, to heavily influence.

What of individual choice?

What of the individual right to determine health care?

What of individual rights?

Those are questions that get in the way of Gates’ vision — and will therefore, likely be disregarded.

After all, we’ve already experienced a taste of all that Gates has put forward for the next pandemic, by way of governments’ response to the coronavirus for the last two years.

That is to say, we’ve already experienced how so-called “recommendations” from the bureaucratic world turn into mandates, ‘must-do’s’ and medical emergency orders that must be obeyed.

Immediately and without question, or else people will die, die, die.

Ridiculous rules that robbed Australians of every cherished freedom.

The non-scientific and randomly enforced ones that closed businesses, closed schools, closed churches and the like — now bundled into a ‘lesson plan’ for ‘more, more, more’.

What’s more, he sees us halfway there now.

“To some,” he wrote, “this plan will sound overly ambitious. It’s certainly a big deal, but we’re already headed in that direction.”

Yes, we are.

Australians, sadly but truly, and for two-plus years, allowed government, Gates and medical bureaucrats far too much power for far too long.

Why? Fear.

Fear and well-played government exploitations of fear.

Gates is quite right: Another virus, another pandemic, another health emergency, and Australians could very easily race into sheep-like obedience-to-the-government mode once again.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Australians can still stop it.

They can retain the nation’s exceptionalism — the ideal of individualism, the idea that rights come from something bigger than government — and give the boot to this oncoming world order.

Hope is not lost.

It all starts with taking Gates at his word and realising his mad vision for the world is shared by many in high positions of government, both within our boundaries and without, at the world bodies that Australia joins and supports, and continues to fund and support.

“If we — governments, funders, private industry — make the right choices and investments,” Gates wrote, “we can do this.”

This can also be said for the free thinkers of Australia.

If we make the right choices and wage the right fight, we can keep from becoming the pawns of the game; the peons of darkness.

We can keep from being treated like clumps on a petri dish.

Gates is not our God.

Truly, we must remember who is, or risk losing all.


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4 comments on “Bill Gates has a new book and it is a blueprint for world health control”

  1. Bill Gates is not an epidemiologist, or a virologist, he’s not even a first aid attendant! He is just a rich front-man put out by the establishment!

  2. Anyone who tells you that vaccines are safe and effective is a liar. And the quax is the deadliest “vaccine” ever.

  3. Gatsey, Always entertaining as an Alternate to our Local PRIME MINSTRELS! Newbee, Bend Da Kneesees in town, & rocked of to Northern Asia for Divine WEF inspiration – the rest of us call them ‘ORDERS!’ Back to our latest ‘Book’ – loose term, by our Intrepid Fueling Leadership On Pandemics, FLOP, Bill Gates, BG. ( No relation to OZ Band of Brothers circa 70/80s – At least THEY, had some Talent).
    FLOP BGs book cover; Symbolically (follow the blue arrow) shows, that in a PLANdemic, ‘THEY’ take ALL of the resources from the Global Peasants, GPs, @ the Bottom, Make a bypass around the Major issues (Contrived or Not), & give ALL the resources to the ALREADY Wealthy Top Echelon! Gatsey, pure Genius in Plain Sight! ‘Credentials’? WHAT FUGGIN’ Credentials? Gatsey’s IN, WITH THE ‘IN CROWD’!
    B. Ferry. Didn’t mention your name Brother – The ‘Other’ In Crowd, NOT You! – GO Roxey M! Navigate The Rythme!
    ADD to this, Gatsey has ‘Trained & Welcomed’ (TRUST ‘En ALL), all Collaborators in ETERNAL Global Illness, how to hold His ‘Narrative Thingy!’ Check Young WHO UNiversal DIRECT Pratt Tedros’s Hands! SAME as Bill’s. THE Right Hand Taketh from the Bottom, & the left Hand Giveth to the Top ‘Toadies!’ OR, is that some form of Free Masonic Handy Tips? Maybe this IS in Vogue! Hey, if the Pope & Rock Stars can do the ‘Devil’s Horn’ straight Up, who am I to Notice?
    NOT to be outdone in Emergency Protocols, Bill, In ‘Touch with Himself’, & probably ‘Others’,& our ever increasing ‘Dire’ Enviro needs, OMG!, or so ‘HE/ THEY’ tell us, has managed to produce a Duel purpose Manual, that is Not only Thoroughly Absorbent, but in a Proper ‘Emergency’, IS, STRONG & EFFECTIVE!
    Note; I DO recommend that folks stock up on possibly Black & Gold ‘Date Paper’, before the next ‘FOX in a U.N POX’, as this is more Cost effective, & there’s no ‘Embarrassing Ink’ Text, left on your Peaches. – Unless your Bored! – Then find a Better text – ANYTHING ELSE!
    Maybe; ‘Tango dancing for Asthmatic Amphibians & how not to Croak it’, or ‘A Complete guide for training Garden slugs to operate Passive Denial Systems’?
    Sorry, these are Fictitious, Maybe, & I’m trying to complete these Alternate works in time to oust BGs ‘Product’, market exposure!
    “Gatsey, are YOU for Real Man – Er Woman/ Er ‘They’? STEP AWAY FROM THE MIRROR! – LOOK! NO REFLECTIONS!” – LOL!
    Wellness AS ALWAYS!

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