October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Bill Gates has a new book and it is a blueprint for world health control

  1. Bill Gates is not an epidemiologist, or a virologist, he’s not even a first aid attendant! He is just a rich front-man put out by the establishment!

  2. Anyone who tells you that vaccines are safe and effective is a liar. And the quax is the deadliest “vaccine” ever.

  3. Gatsey, Always entertaining as an Alternate to our Local PRIME MINSTRELS! Newbee, Bend Da Kneesees in town, & rocked of to Northern Asia for Divine WEF inspiration – the rest of us call them ‘ORDERS!’ Back to our latest ‘Book’ – loose term, by our Intrepid Fueling Leadership On Pandemics, FLOP, Bill Gates, BG. ( No relation to OZ Band of Brothers circa 70/80s – At least THEY, had some Talent).
    FLOP BGs book cover; Symbolically (follow the blue arrow) shows, that in a PLANdemic, ‘THEY’ take ALL of the resources from the Global Peasants, GPs, @ the Bottom, Make a bypass around the Major issues (Contrived or Not), & give ALL the resources to the ALREADY Wealthy Top Echelon! Gatsey, pure Genius in Plain Sight! ‘Credentials’? WHAT FUGGIN’ Credentials? Gatsey’s IN, WITH THE ‘IN CROWD’!
    B. Ferry. Didn’t mention your name Brother – The ‘Other’ In Crowd, NOT You! – GO Roxey M! Navigate The Rythme!
    ADD to this, Gatsey has ‘Trained & Welcomed’ (TRUST ‘En ALL), all Collaborators in ETERNAL Global Illness, how to hold His ‘Narrative Thingy!’ Check Young WHO UNiversal DIRECT Pratt Tedros’s Hands! SAME as Bill’s. THE Right Hand Taketh from the Bottom, & the left Hand Giveth to the Top ‘Toadies!’ OR, is that some form of Free Masonic Handy Tips? Maybe this IS in Vogue! Hey, if the Pope & Rock Stars can do the ‘Devil’s Horn’ straight Up, who am I to Notice?
    NOT to be outdone in Emergency Protocols, Bill, In ‘Touch with Himself’, & probably ‘Others’,& our ever increasing ‘Dire’ Enviro needs, OMG!, or so ‘HE/ THEY’ tell us, has managed to produce a Duel purpose Manual, that is Not only Thoroughly Absorbent, but in a Proper ‘Emergency’, IS, STRONG & EFFECTIVE!
    Note; I DO recommend that folks stock up on possibly Black & Gold ‘Date Paper’, before the next ‘FOX in a U.N POX’, as this is more Cost effective, & there’s no ‘Embarrassing Ink’ Text, left on your Peaches. – Unless your Bored! – Then find a Better text – ANYTHING ELSE!
    Maybe; ‘Tango dancing for Asthmatic Amphibians & how not to Croak it’, or ‘A Complete guide for training Garden slugs to operate Passive Denial Systems’?
    Sorry, these are Fictitious, Maybe, & I’m trying to complete these Alternate works in time to oust BGs ‘Product’, market exposure!
    “Gatsey, are YOU for Real Man – Er Woman/ Er ‘They’? STEP AWAY FROM THE MIRROR! – LOOK! NO REFLECTIONS!” – LOL!
    Wellness AS ALWAYS!

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