November 29, 2023

10 thoughts on “Questions arise as South Australia appoints a ‘Minister for Autism’

  1. The new “normal”, instead of spending money on cleaning up the toxic chemicals we all ingest, breath in and accumulate in our organs over decades and pass down to our children. Heavy metal toxicity is causing numerous health problems. Anyone interested in ways of detoxing themselves or their children correctly and safely should look up Anthony Williams the medical medium. His recent book just about to hit the shelves delves into all these problems.

  2. Good news abt the appointment! Our son, Jordan has mild autism of Asperger syndrome n my husbd still can’t accept it even though our son is already 29 yrs old today physically healthy n happily living at home and we r grateful for all the support frm the organisations like Enable n Ability here in Perth, WA. Jordan still has a mentor who brings him out once a wk n once a fortnight for leisure n they had recently been to the Food Bank to cook n socialise with other disable adults. Tks so much for financial help frm the govt too for Jordan n he works two days at Good Samaritan down the road for abt ten yrs now mainly as a cashier which he’s good at! We are much better off living in Australia n receiving helpful support than in Malaysia or even in Singapore for autistic people. We are Australian Citizens n my husbd n I have lived here since 1971 as students with a few yrs living in Sabah.Tks for listening to our story. Yrs sincerely, Linda Wong

  3. The MMR vax is usually regarded as the most important risk factor for autism. Somehow I can’t see the SA “Autism Minister” addressing this. The neurotoxin fluoride in drinking water may also contribute. 39% of NDIS participants in SA with autism (and I expect most of these are male) indicates a huge problem.

    1. I was going to say the MMR vax is the major cause of Autism, besides Thymerisol and aluminium oxide. I found that out when my daughter was born 25 years ago when the head maternity nurse warned us about the MMR vax, and that doctors were covering up deaths from MMR and calling it SIDS. I went to the library and did my research but my wife didn’t want to acknowledge what I’d found, so she left me and got her vaccinated anyway.
      Evil rules the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as our governments, yet nothing will be done about it because people are brainwashed into believing that these entities will do them no harm.
      I applaud you Dr. Lyons for taking a stand against these evil tyrants and the poisonous covid jabs.

    2. Fluoride being a by-product of the chemical industry was put in to dumb down the population. Everyone needs to invest in a good filtering system. I just bought a ceramic one that filters it slowly through an Ultracerum filter, hope it is working, sure tastes better. You can actually look up what parts of the country are fluoridated, I wonder if they are planning on putting more in SA?

  4. Thinking people can see that these poisons are behind ever increasing pathology in children and adults and the Covid jabs are killing and maiming countless people worldwide.

  5. If you go back 50 years ago nobody would know what autism is, what has changed since then? Well childhood inoculations have certainly increase 10 fold since then, but the mainstream will never ever consider linking the two together it just doesn’t happen!

    1. Exactly Nathan, even less than 50 years, I never heard anyone having autism at school, now apparently it is one in 4!! how tragic is that. Kids are also often undernourished eating packaged dead food, exposed to 1000 of chemicals each day, and breathing in pollution, it all adds up to the heavy metal overload. Something has to give.

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