June 3, 2023

11 thoughts on “A look at the new COVID vaccines coming to Australia

  1. Is Australia a “go to” country because it is the only western ‘democracy’ that does not have a charter or bill of Human Rights?

    1. Knocked Back by request Several times by BOTH Major parties – Apparently “NOT required”. THE MORPHED RUM CORPS DO NOT like ‘Competition Or Complication’. Besides, WE, THE Govt ‘FINANCE & CONTROL’ THE Judiciary. = Nice & Neat. & still the Sheeple graze on, with their ‘Waltzing Matilda’ Ear Buds, Jabbed/ Ill ‘outfalls’, Sterile by ALL Metrics via CON KNACKERStivity!
      Even OUR, sorry, THE, Constitution, like so many others, was ‘Modelled’ – PROPER Modelling, on the original Magna Carta – England 1215.
      With the Selling OFF of Our Collective Rectal areas to the Professional GANG -STARS of the Almighty UN, by OUR, Sorry again, THE Australian Govt. – A U.S CORPORATION, (CIK 0000805157),The UN has a Baseline CHARTER of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. – Apparently NOT NEGOTIABLE & some other Reinforcement Diatribe.
      Logic; IF the CAN’TBERRA BRIGADE have signed us off TO the the OVERSIGHT of the U.Nations, these ‘Baseline Human Rights’ by even Default, APPLY TO US! WRONG AGAIN! ‘Selective & Convenient’ PDF Charters ONLY for the Peasants in any given UNsovereign Nation. Sorry – PDF = Plausible Deniability Factor.
      As for THE U.N./ WEF ‘Jaberoo’ Programs, trickling down to the Colonies;
      G.Soros SCN & Caesar Dan’s ‘Troops’ = ‘RATS in Battalions were Ruling the Street Scene,’
      What’s Needed = ‘ Militant MOTHERS with their Pots And Pans’!
      Thankyou to Alice Cooper for those Lyrics – ‘Welcome to my Nightmare’? Album. – KOOL!
      Foot note; Shit! what’s it doing there? Apologies, Idiocracy @ work.- Moving Forward; In the U.S of A, up until Mid 1990’s, But has carried on into 2000’s, & may STILL be current, ‘Wards of the State’, including orphans, WERE used as Lab rats for Vaccines, drug trials & including Psychiatric drug protocols! ‘wards of THE ‘State’, NOW includes infants & Children of ‘Detained for Whatever Reason’ Parents, including COV-19 ‘Violations’. Even if this is ‘Temporary’, the second Family Services Agencies & includes I.C.E., ‘Acquire’ the ‘Unit’, they can Legally ‘Do what they want’, including ‘Experimental Protocols’ to the ‘Unit’, WITHOUT, ‘Units’ Parental Consent! AND, as far as I am aware, DO NOT have to advise THE Parents, of ‘Enacted protocols’ whilst Infant or Child was in THE ‘Agencies Care’! – Happy days.

  2. Lies, lies within lies, and arrogance linked with insanity ! This is a house of cards that WILL COLLAPSE. I , for one, will not be a part of it when it falls.

    A “vaccine” , that is NOT a vaccine, for a “virus” that cannot be proven to exist, that is approved for emergency use only, under a fabricated “emergency “, which employed fear to coerce people into giving UNinformed consent, to be jabbed with a poison concoction of filth, only fit for the laboratory floor !

    These people are building a false reality, that will only capture you if you believe it ! = Have nothing to do with it. = This is being engineered by the father of all lies. Anyone who reads this page should know who I mean and have NO FEAR of him.

    The whole history of “vaccines” is nothing but lies and corruption. The so – called ” M rna vaccines” have never been approved human use, and their only purpose is to destroy human dna.

    If you want to protect yourself from the damage caused by the artificial, self replicating spike proteins, get ivermectin, fenbendazole, or chlorine dioxide, or all three. Do some research. Inform yourself !!

    The clowns of big pharma might be cunning and smart, but they’re not wise and all- knowing.

  3. Sure, I’m happy to put my trust in a respected, safe, peer-reviewed team, but not your team of creepy experimenters of dubious character.

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