September 23, 2023

4 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: The Company Exploited and Misapplied a Controversial Clinical Trial Method

  1. None of this surprises me. There is no limit to the depravity to which these criminal pHARMa outfits will stoop in order to further their agenda.

    Late last Friday, a well-known Adelaide personal trainer, Jason Januszke, 43, died while running up Mount Lofty, overlooking Adelaide. He was quaxxed. Nothing like the Mt Lofty up-track to mobilise spike proteins and graphene hydroxide nano-razor blades, short-circuiting the heart. He leaves behind a wife and two young sons. I saw a poignant floral tribute to Jason when I ran up there on Tuesday evening. There are no fire tracks near that spot, so they probably had to winch his body into a helicopter. Another notch on the pHARMa belt.

    1. Dr Claire Craig- U.K. Diagnostic Pathologist, exposes how ‘Fizzer’ Twisted their Clinical trial data for young kids to U.S. FDA/CDC to justify their, The Kids, ‘Jabbing’ / Check; Dr C Craig; Bitchute= – Same Subject; 18/06/2022. (Couldn’t post a link). = Incompetent, or FULLY Bought Agencies & ANY Associated Committees.
      One of my previous UNJabbed work colleagues, related to me in recent discussion, that his boxing trainer was Not ‘Keen’, but had to be ‘Jabbed’ – No pun intended, for work Continuity. 2 shots – still mobile. + 1 booster = FULLY DEAD. Age – 29 years. UNsafe, But FULLY EFFECTIVE @ DESIGNED OUTCOME!
      I’m thinking about writing a short Novel. Going to Call it;
      THE OZ KILLING FIELDS. Step aside Pol Pot You AMATEUR.
      It should go over well, Considering the Australian Govt., ‘Recognised’ the Pol Pot Regime, Even ‘Knowing’ of the Khmer Rouges M.O. ‘Protocols’ & Plastic bag ‘Recycling’ techniques.
      Young Pol Pot MUST have been ahead of his times! Viewed photos of Texas U.S.A Hospitals during PLANdemic, where middle aged female Patients in a wheel chair, had a G.P. mask placed on their face, AND, for that extra degree of Scientific Medical ‘Protection’, a clear Plastic bag pulled over their Complete head touching their shoulders! (Strangulation was probably a bit obvious), & with the U.S. Medical-Illness system on the Ropes, they probably didn’t want to waste the Drugs, Bed linen or Staff! Mr Pot however, obviously deserves Nobel Merit for Ground breaking Avant-garde Medical procedures, & Plastic bag conservation! Would have been a hit with the WEF/ U.N., if he’d been born later, or had survived!

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