A look at the new COVID vaccines coming to Australia

The COVID jab rollout is far from over in Australia, with a range of ‘innovative’ vaccines set to soon be released on our shores and new human clinical trials announced.

A new generation of jabs.
Photo: CNB
More vaccines are on the way.


A new “needle-free” COVID-19 vaccine is set to begin human trials in South Australia, it has been announced.

Designed by researchers at the University of Adelaide, the “DNA vaccine” will ‘target the Omicron variant of the virus’ and can be adapted for ‘future variants’, according to reports.

The vaccine will be administered using a needle-free device from American company, Pharmajet, which delivers a micro-jet spray of liquid that goes under the skin and is reported to be painless.

Branka Grubor-Bauk, Head of Viral Immunology at the University of Adelaide’s Medical School, is calling for volunteers who are over 18 and were triple vaccinated more than three months ago.

“We need to continue developing next-generation COVID-19 vaccines because the virus will continue to mutate, particularly in countries with low vaccination rates and high rates of uncontrolled transmission,” Associate Professor Grubor-Bauk said.

“As we live with COVID-19, we still have vulnerable populations at risk of severe disease.
It is vitally important to evaluate variant-specific booster vaccines.”

The needle-free jab is currently being manufactured in SA, at the BioCina facility in Adelaide.

First floated as a “microarray patch“, this new method is being examined in hope that it will eventually be used to administer all types vaccines, not just specifically for COVID-19.

University of Sydney researchers were awarded $1.12 million in 2020 to undertake similar clinical studies into needle-free vaccine delivery for ‘at-risk groups’, but this never got off the ground.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group has been funding the current vaccine research in Adelaide, with Chief Executive Paul Flynn hailing its speedy development.

“This trial will ultimately determine if the vaccine is safe, but I encourage South Australians interested in participating to put their trust in a respected, safe, peer-reviewed team.”

The human trials are due to begin this week.


COVID-19 vaccine maker, Novavax, is looking to do more clinical trials in Australia, including further research to develop its combined coronavirus and influenza vaccine.

The company will soon be advancing trials for its combined coronavirus and influenza vaccine, which it started researching in Australia with a Phase 1 study last year.


The next stage of trials will launch in Australia before the end of this year, the US biotech’s Chief Medical Officer, Filip Dubovsky, told reporters.

The company engaged Australia’s Nucleus Network to conduct Phase I and II clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate — a company that had previously worked with them on trials for an Ebola treatment.

Novavax have been making significant progress in the Australian market as of late. Last week, the pharmaceutical giant was provisionally approved as a booster shot across the country:

“Today’s provisional registration for Nuvaxovid as a booster in Australia is an important step in ensuring broad global access to diversified vaccine options,” said Stanley C. Erck, President and CEO.

Novavax remains at the head of new pushes to combine both influenza and coronavirus vaccines into the single shot, on route to the utopian vision for a universal jab that covers all future strains.


Moderna has announced the date that Aussies an soon get access to an Omicron-specific vaccine, as the company revealed it can make ‘variant-specific vaccines’ in weeks.

The company says its experimental COVID-19 vaccine, combining its original shot with “protection against the Omicron variant”, “appears to work”.

The vaccine-makers has been studying “updated” boosters that will be offered later this year to ‘better protect people against future coronavirus surges’.

Because, you will never be “fully vaccinated”, now just “up-to-date”. An update is soon required.

Both regulators and the World Health Organisation are considering whether to order a change in the (secret) vaccine recipe for a new round of booster shots later this year.

Indeed, many are banking on a future of more COVID and more vaccines to come with it.

In March, Moderna announced they would soon begin construction on an mRNA manufacturing plant in Melbourne, after Jaala Pulford MP travelled to Boston to ink the final deal.

No doubt gearing up for the now-announced combined jab set to hit Australian shores.

Shores that have become a premier destination for pharmaceutical giants in recent years.



Australia currently has more than 50 clinical trial networks offering Phase I – IV clinical trials.

Many clinical trial sites are located in biomedical precincts close to universities, research institutions and private industry. The sector boasts an 8,000-strong workforce with capabilities across all life sciences.

Australia offers clinical trials for several biologics sub-sectors, including gene therapies, cell therapies, antibody-based therapies, CAR-T therapies and RNA therapies.

Clinical trials for several COVID-19 vaccine candidates, including for CSL and Novavax, were actually conducted right here in Australia. The government claims our country is a “go-to destination” for trials:

Data from clinical trials conducted in Australia are accepted by key jurisdictions, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA).

“Australia is a highly competitive clinical trials destination, due to a streamlined approval process and a globally recognised regulatory system. Its excellent public and private health systems are open to trialling and adopting new technologies.”

Streamlined approval processes?

We have already exposed here on the website how Pfizer exploited and misapplied a controversial clinical trial method to ensure their COVID vaccine products were released.

Could these companies be a fan of Australia for the same reasons?

Strap yourselves in, folks.

The Epsilon Agenda looks like it will continue well into 2022.

Indefinite disease warfare against the ‘invisible enemy’.


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  2. Lies, lies within lies, and arrogance linked with insanity ! This is a house of cards that WILL COLLAPSE. I , for one, will not be a part of it when it falls.

    A “vaccine” , that is NOT a vaccine, for a “virus” that cannot be proven to exist, that is approved for emergency use only, under a fabricated “emergency “, which employed fear to coerce people into giving UNinformed consent, to be jabbed with a poison concoction of filth, only fit for the laboratory floor !

    These people are building a false reality, that will only capture you if you believe it ! = Have nothing to do with it. = This is being engineered by the father of all lies. Anyone who reads this page should know who I mean and have NO FEAR of him.

    The whole history of “vaccines” is nothing but lies and corruption. The so – called ” M rna vaccines” have never been approved human use, and their only purpose is to destroy human dna.

    If you want to protect yourself from the damage caused by the artificial, self replicating spike proteins, get ivermectin, fenbendazole, or chlorine dioxide, or all three. Do some research. Inform yourself !!

    The clowns of big pharma might be cunning and smart, but they’re not wise and all- knowing.

  3. Sure, I’m happy to put my trust in a respected, safe, peer-reviewed team, but not your team of creepy experimenters of dubious character.

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