December 5, 2023

10 thoughts on “Goodbye, “fully vaccinated”: The perpetual booster era begins

  1. ATAGI, along with AHPRA, the AMA and the TGA : classic examples of shameless, comprehensive regulatory capture by pHARMa. Sorry, I didn’t watch the videos…don’t feel like vomiting just now. But the article ends on an optimistic note. As you’ve been saying for about two years now, Ethan, there must be a great divide…we can’t live together with the cowardly, brain dead bien pensants.

    This prompted a look at my early “flyer”, 3pp written in early April 2020. It includes: “Anyone advising/telling/forcing you to be Covid-1984 vaxxed [hadn’t come up with “quaxxed” yet] is your mortal enemy, even if it is your “friendly” local GP. Even George Orwell or Aldous Huxley could not have contrived a totalitarian scenario as bad as this! For the sake of your children, grandchildren and yourself you must resist this tyrannical nonsense at all costs. After reading/researching this, are you still feeling lucky and willing to chance the vaxx? If so, then I wish you all the very best of luck!” [Alas, I greatly underestimated the number of Australians who felt lucky and “chanced their arm” with the vaxx/quax].

    Then in January 2021 I listed 13 reasons not to get quaxxed, titled “Covid-19 “vaccine”: why you should not take it”. #13: “If this supposed virus mutates into new strains so rapidly, what is the point of a quax anyway? It will soon be outflanked. Oh, I get it…we’ll have to get a new quax to deal with each new strain…eternal boosters.”

  2. I’m starting to lose hope. I’m on a disability pension and haven’t had any of the poisonous jabs. If I’m forced to have the jabs to keep my pension I’d rather kill myself than give in to these satanic parasites. If I go then I’m taking some of them with me! The whole world has gone insane and I’d rather die than live in this HELL HOLE!

  3. Don’t give them the benefit of you suiciding because that’s what they want. The satanic Govt couldn’t care less and, I am sure, people will set up some distribution of help for you and others in the same situation. Keep strong, and hold the line, as it hasn’t happened as yet. My husband and I are pensioners, and if they cut off our pension, we have five children, 16 grandchildren to look after our welfare. Unfortunately, our children took both injections, however, they’re doubting themselves now, thank God.

  4. Shane – we need you around mate, which state do live in? you are absolutely stronger than you believe and as Maureen mentions, there is help available if things get that extreme. Adaptation is key and I reckon you would have a few tricks up your sleeve to sustain yourself.

    1. I thank you and Maureen for your kind words. I don’t think I can keep going the way things are at the moment. I have nothing but a junk caravan to live in, a 4wd, no money and and my boy (cat) that has kept me alive this long. I physically can’t work and I have no assets to sell. I tend to take the weight of the world on my shoulders and I’m feeling everyone’s pain and suffering around the world, as well as my own. I don’t have many friends because I’m a recluse and I don’t have any contact with family. My love for the good of humanity and the responsibility of looking after my cat has been the only thing keeping me going, but that doesn’t seem enough with the way the world is at the moment. I’ve suffered with depression my entire life (I’m 50yo in a couple of months) and I was coping well until a few weeks ago, but the evil that’s taking over this world is getting to me and I feel helpless because there’s nothing I can do to stop it, and it seems like the good of humanity isn’t enough either.
      Sorry to unload all my troubles on you guys, I just needed to get some of this negative energy of my chest.
      Much love from the Fraser Coast, Qld.

  5. Hi Shane – getting stuff off your chest is a good thing, don’t bottle it up, let it out. You are going to come out on top mate, just a tough battle but ahead not an impossible one.

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