#ReclaimTheLine events return this week with a new focus on children

The next wave of #ReclaimTheLine rallies this weekend will focus on the vaccine rollout for children aged 5-to-11 and the continued push of mandate hysteria as we enter 2022.


As authorities turn attention to the vaccine rollout of children aged 5-to-11, available for bookings from Monday, campaigners look to take a stand as part of ‘Voices 4 The Kids’ to begin 2022.

The January 15 #ReclaimTheLine, the fourth to be held across Australia in recent months, will support parents in their right to choose medical procedures for their children without coercion.

The fast-growing movement of tens of thousands of pro-choice advocates has previously held themed events for musicians, workers and more, in opposition against mandate madness.

“We will protest peacefully and respectfully in a united stand for freedom, liberty and medical freedoms,” spokesman Christian Marchegiani said.

Three million vaccines are being distributed ahead of the start of the school year to enable the 2.3 million children eligible to be vaccinated against COVID to get their first vaccine.

There are fears similar COVID-19 jab mandates will be introduced to schooling in the coming months, given the fact the entire coercive movement began with ‘No Jab, No Play’ campaigns in 2013.

All protesters are being invited to wear a white T-shirt with the #ReclaimTheLine slogan and a message of support and/or truth on the back.

“At no other time in living history have ordinary Australians faced such an unimaginable threat to their freedoms – freedoms that until now, we have taken for granted.”


More to be announced here:

Stay tuned to the official website for more announcements over the coming week.

A group of parents formed to empower families across Australia to think critically about vaccinations for primary aged children has attracted the support of influencers such as former Ironman champion Trevor Hendy, drumming legend Jon Farriss, surfing legends Barton Lynch and Taj Burrow, and actors Zoe Naylor and Aaron Jeffery.

Since launching just over two months ago, Parents With Questions has gained more than 15,000 website subscribers and has a fast-growing social media following, with a reach of more than 23 million people to date.


The first three events were attended by thousands of workers and community members.

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  1. I come from an old bloodline in this land.I am the matriarch of this family.,Generations gone before me. I have four children, Nine surviving grand children. I have 15 great-grand kids..Keep your perverted hands to yourself .That means,the government, nurses , doctors and social workers who intend to impose their will,on my family .What an adult does is their business. Stop your bloody coercion, you make me sick.

    1. Well said, Comeinspinner. The medical profession has managed, due to its craven obeisance to evil Big pHARMa, to completely trash its previously reasonably good reputation during this coronahoax. For God’s sake, you spineless (and if you are a male, cojones-less) doctors, get hold of a magnifying glass (or maybe you’ll need a microscope) and discover what you are lacking, join with each other, tell pHARMa and the irredeemably corrupted AHPRA and AMA to get stuffed, and make a stand. Stop administering the f…..g poison!!!..tic toc docs, the time has virtually run out for you to place yourselves on the right side of history. Any of you (or nurses or chemists or whatever) who jab 5-11 year olds with this disgusting witches’ brew will be participating in satanic child abuse and you need to be punished accordingly…think Nuremberg 2 and what happened to “the Nuremberg seven” at Nuremberg 1.

  2. I was in Brazil travelled to Oslo, Norway to get to Australia. Everybody dying in Brazil had Death Certificate saying Covid19 when they died of cancer, heart attack, car accident. I am not vaccinated and travel around Brazil so if it was that bad I would have got covid.

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