‘NO MORE MANDATES’: Australian workers come together for large #ReclaimTheLine events

The third instalment of #ReclaimTheLine worker strikes has been held across Australia, with the music industry highlighted amidst a day of action against mandates.

Workers from a variety of industries have once again taken to the streets for large #ReclaimTheLine demonstrations, including a day of marching, entertainment, speeches and more.

As employment mandate madness continues, now revealed NOT on the recommendation of Australia’s immunisation panel, protesters say they will continue fighting against draconian requirements that fundamentally attack the principles of a free and open society.

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Please see below for a multi-feed experience of national #ReclaimTheLine events today:

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In Sydney, a festival size worth of protesters marched through the streets of the CBD beating drums, blowing whistles and carrying flags from around the world.

After starting in Hyde Park, they converged on Alfred Park, where a stage was set up for speakers and live music. #FaceTheMusic was the theme of this event, highlighting mandates on the industry.

Protesters voiced particular concerns over vaccine mandates for health and education workers.

Check out this view from the stage here.


Over ten thousands concerned citizens marched in Newcastle this afternoon, a sizeable crowd for the regional location. The event was headlined by Craig Kelly and Aussie Cossack.


In Queensland, large crowds gathered in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, right near the Queensland/New South Wales border.

The crowd held signs opposing vaccines, lockdowns and masks.

It came just a week before restrictions come into effect for unvaccinated people, including no entry to pubs, clubs, restaurants, hospitals (unless in a birth, emergency or death situation) and more.


A very hot day today in Adelaide, with thousands bearing the heat to stake a stand in the CBD.  

Thousands gathered in Adelaide for the another week of running protests against vaccine mandates, with particular focus from the group on media manipulation.

Photos sent courtesy of Mal at AdelaideFreedomRally.com. Head to their website if you are in the area and are looking for more information on events and the local like-minded community.


Perth has their event yesterday, 11 December, with pro-choice advocates gathering at Elizabeth Quay! in the CBD for action.


In Melbourne, crowds of protesters gathered outside the familiar location of state parliament, before walking down Bourke Street and on to Carlton Gardens for music and speeches.

Traffic was blocked off for protesters to march, while parts of the CBD were already closed for the Melbourne Marathon, which ran for the first time in two years. Despite this, a strong crowd gathered:






More locations to be added!

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  1. Great report, Ethan. I was at the Adelaide rally, which focused on teachers who had lost their jobs. Would have been about 5000 people. Next Saturday will be much bigger. And in between, on Thursday, I front up in court again…hope to have some supporters outside the magistrates court. I have appointed KJD Andrews as my running coach: the angrier and more disgusted I get, the faster I run up and down Mt Lofty. I won’t be attending the Ashes Test this week as Adelaide Oval, like the zoo, is now a quaxtrap.

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