October 1, 2023

4 thoughts on “Gallery: Australian workers stage silent #ReclaimTheLine demonstrations

  1. Good to see so many people involved at numerous locations. According to the lawyer, Tony Nikolic, any so-called “vaccine” mandate is all lies, smoke and mirrors, as there is no lawful authority in this country to impose a vax mandate on the people collectively or any person individually without a court order after they have attended in court in person.

    All covid restrictions: mask wearing, lockdowns and mandatory quax are unlawful and cannot be enacted. The only thing is threats and fines to trick you to comply. All fines are dismissed when referred to the courts.

    1. Agreed Graham. It is all a lie and scam. Unfortunately too little too late. The spell has been cast and people have complied with everything so far. There is no coming back for the conspirators.

      They are really, narrowing the target. The target is and has always been the Sabbath Keepers and this has been made blatantly clear in the movie “The Tomorrow war”.

      So what is the next item on the agenda? Read the article written by Economist
      of the New World Order, Mariana Mazzucato in October 2020. Interesting to know how she predicted everything that happened and is going to happen with 100% accuracy. Interestingly the pope has agreed with her point of view and “endorsed” it as a solution for the so-called Capitalism problem of the planet. I wonder why?

      Here is the link.


      Note at the same time. what they are planning for 2022. If you think 2020 and 2021 were bad, wait till 2022 to see what they are planning to destroy capitalism and to install a welfare-dependent society on a worldwide scale. Famine and shortages on a worldwide scale.

      There must not be any privately-owned companies in their New World Order, except the ones owned by the Elites and everyone must be employed by the Government under a welfare system.

      This now makes me understand why they chose Victoria as the testing ground and Sydney as the deployment ground for their New World Order. Simple really. Simply because Victoria was ripe for the Great Reset since it is probably one of the biggest welfare state there is in the world, so it was the obvious choice as the Proof of Concept for the “Welfare-state” world they want to create.

      Why was NSW next you ask? Well the answer is also obvious to me. Apart from being next door to Victoria, Sydney was the obvious choice of how to implement the same principle of welfare-state to a least welfare reliant, economically thriving and self-sufficient economy with thriving private businesses by destroying these businesses and creating a welfare dependent populace.. Once the Proof of Concept was implemented in Victoria and fine-tuned, it was then deployed to NSW as a live exercise aimed at ironing the deployment bugs before it is rolled out to the rest of the economically thriving countries with private businesses such as the US, Germany France.

      Nothing will stop them from trying to achieve their goals. Only God will put an end to it all.

      1. God isn’t going to do jack shit. The only one’s to stop this evil is us, the people! I can’t recall how many times religious people have stated that God or Jesus will fix everything, only for a big fat nothing to happen. Passing the responsibility of human survival onto a deity is a cowards excuse to do nothing. “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.”. ‘We’ have the power to defeat these evil ‘elites’ in numbers, and all it takes is the idea of freedom and the good of humanity. This is reality.

        1. Until recently we had out God-given freedom and we were all free to do anything we wanted. Even though it is very different now, I nonetheless think that you are free to try and reclaim your sovereignty and freedom by yourself ( humanity ) and I do sincerely wish you the best of luck with that.

          However, it seems to me that since you do not understand the breadth, the depth and realm of the evil you are dealing with, you will not understand that you will fail miserably. It has not worked anywhere in the world, so far. I suppose we can touch base again by mid or end of next year 2022 and assess the situation again and revisit the comments.

          For we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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