November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Campaign launched to ban unvaccinated kids from childcare centres and preschools

  1. Its definitely time the health authorities took a firm stand on this issue. All these hipster yuppie refusers will be the death of our children. Its already started in the UK, with measles making a comeback.

    1. There was over 500 cases in the UK between 2012 – 2013 amongst a population of over 62 million. The percentage is very small considering your statement is very broad to blame antivaxxers when the UK have people from developing countries constantly travelling to and from the UK who may never have been vaccinated including adults.

    2. According to John Hopkins…If you ” have recently had a live vaccine (chicken pox, measles, rubella) AVOID CONTACT WITH CHILDREN.” THE VIRUS SPREADS THROUGH VACCINATED CHILDREN/ADULTS CALLED SHEDDING! Now I understand…when anti vaxers say…Keep your diseased, vaccinated children away from mine LOL Doesn’t that make sense now? The Hippie Yuppie refusers may be on to something that the rest of us have been duped into believing. The info. is in our face, but we tend to go with the flow and don’t seem to ask questions before we “jab” our babies with toxins know to cause irreversible side effects.

    3. ALWAYS, & STILL AMAZED, @ the ‘CONfidence’ that ‘Jabbed Folks’ have in THEIR ‘Vaccine Protections’! As in ; “The free-riders will actually cause a disease to occur in vaccinated children whose parents did the responsible thing.” – ‘CAUSE’ a Disease in ‘VACCINATED’ children–‘ DOESN’T their ‘Jab’ give them ‘Protection’ then?
      & Still, 7 YEARS on – ‘Jabbed’ = ILLogical, INeffective, – & Incapable of reading a ‘Product’ Material Safety Data Sheet, direct from the ‘Manufacturing company’. Add to the List’
      Sunday & Daily Telegraph – How UNsurprising! Is their ‘Advertising Budget’ Under ‘Threat’?

  2. Vaccine injuries are more common than you all think. Autism has increased exponentially and continues to climb. It is predicted that one in two children will have autism by 2025. Merck committed fraud in it’s studies that showed there was no link between vaccination and autism. This case is in court now and it will come out that vaccines do indeed cause autism. Do not be blinded by the media and propaganda. Protect your children. Vaccines cause many health problems, including asthma, ear infections, add/ adhd, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and autism. There have been no studies that prove the current vaccination schedule is safe and never had a vaccine been proven to be efficacious. Vaccines are a dangerous philosophy that keep us all under the thumb of the pharmaceutical industry. They create more patients for the medical industry. And the help governments keep the people controlled by keeping them sick and weak. Say no to propaganda and poison.

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