December 7, 2023

19 thoughts on “Booster shots become mandatory for industries in changes to VIC and NSW policy

  1. And Perrottet was supposed to be the great conservative hope…even Alan Jones was singing his praises. He never fooled me for a moment…and here he is, pretty much as execrable as KJD Andrews. And our own toasted “Marshmallow” is in the mix. he just tested negative to covid (the “test” that DOES NOT detect viruses) after his daughter tested positive last week, and at the same time he tested negative for the test that DOES detect whether you have any functioning neurones.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Hope things are progressing smoothly with the Judicial Review.

      Is there anyone you know of in UQ on a par with you that I could connect my Sister with?

      What’s the best way to contact you privately?

      TA, M.

      1. Thanks M, yes, Stuart Lindsay is happy with its progress…plenty should happen later this month. I will see him on Thursday when I get a gig on Gareth Icke’s “Right Now”.
        And in my case of “covid PCR test” refusal, the polizei have still failed to answer our questions about their methodological flaws…we are hopeful that they will soon drop their case against me.

        The best person I can think of at UQ is the Garrick Professor of Law, James Allen, who writes a weekly article in “The Speccie Australia”. He is a conservative libertarian and a good bloke who is disgusted with the pervasive craven leftism of Australian universities (he is a Canadian…it’s no better there, I believe)

        My email address can be found via the University of Adelaide (School of Agriculture, Food & Wine) website, standard staff email format…until they kick me out…or until they impose a quax mandate…whichever happens first.

  2. All Australian People must come together to protect our Country Australia we Australian have been cheated for far too long since The World War2 UN had set up Australia to to said we owe WAR DEBTS Australian could not afford to pay DEBTS for that reason UNITED NATION BECOME THE TRUSTEE To take charge Australia and Australian people.
    All Australian politicians are working for United Nation to take control Australia and Australian citizens

    Now Australian people have waking up wanting to fight back collectively to reclaim our long lost CROWN CONSTITUTION AND OUR AUSTRALIAN OWNED COMMONWEALTH BANK Which was sold by a so called Australian Prime Minister whom was has no right to be Prime Minister to Australia be because he was not an Australian citizen. All the politicians running the
    Australian Governments were all UNLAWFUL SINCE THE CROWN CONSTITUTION REMOVED then insert it their own COAT OF ARMS FOR AUSTRALIA made NEW RULES To suits themselves.

  3. & so it came to Pass,
    The Politicians continue the Farce.
    The Population Believe,
    THAT ‘The Jab’ for COVID will relieve.
    They obviously haven’t read the Infoless ‘Product’ Safety Data Sheet’,
    ‘Cos it’s laying People out, Everywhere & the Street!
    “STILL ‘Safe & Effective’,”
    But NO choice for YOU on Mandatory Elective.
    Get it ‘Voluntarily’ Here, Alternate Darwin Rendition,
    WHAT’S Wrong with You Mate, WE’RE offering Free Heart Condition!
    These Vaxxs are Bespoke,
    Sorry Mate, No Jab, Booster, Your New-New-New-New Vaxx Passports Revoked.
    LISTEN, to All our Knowledgeless CMOs,
    THEY keep changing what even THEY propose.
    THE Politicians AREN’T much better,
    N.W.Order ‘ORDERS’ make them Salivate & Wetter.
    ‘We’ve got Science, State & Federal Control, A smile, Your friend,
    For those still in an OFFWORLD Slumber,
    Dead, Adverse Injured, The Pollies & Corporate Media HIDE THE NUMBER.
    UNwavering The Same PUSHERS of COVID Experiment,
    Residual fallout. which only the Kin lament.
    Wha – What’s that? YOU, think it’s STILL Sanity?
    Dude! That Brother/ Sister ARE DEAD,
    That JAB’s cut THEIR Optimism short, LIFETIME AFFECTED.
    THEN, Picking up the ‘Emergency ‘ slack,
    IT IS the Bloodey COVID Vaxxed, Exacerbating CODE BLACK!
    Lead a horse to water, but can’t make it Drink,
    Tipping time FOR ALL of Humanity on the Brink.
    ANOTHER ‘TOSSER’, Perrotet with ANOTHER Last say,
    “NO Laughing, Singing or ANYTHING designated as Gay!
    NO Colour, Mirth, Dance or Ballet Leaper,
    On & On The Populations overall Health Direction, ‘LEVERAGED’, TO LAME,
    & The Cabal of Politicians & Corporations, MEDIA & ALL, Continue THE MASTURBATION GAME!


    Wellness as Usual to ALL of us!

    1. Very good mate, loved it: I think “Short Memories” they have got short memories,? will be a great theme, for your next Meme; keep on creating mate:

      1. Let US SEE – Appendix A,
        Vacuous Political Operations ‘Affray’! – NO misprint.
        Stepped up to the Plate, ‘Elected’ apparent by Nation,
        ‘Controlled’ interest Focused Major Parties on that bonus Superannuation.
        Moved on from Political university Digs,
        Morphed, maybe, drugged prostituted Gigs.
        NOW, Future, Address by THE Minister ‘Please take the floor’,
        SORRY, MY secretary DIDN’T inform ME, the WHY OF I’m Actually here for!
        Nudged Young Pauline, did ONE or More of Liberal/Labor Elite,
        “Scuse me Pauline, What’s the gen on this Meet?
        “NO, IT’S NOT TRUE, it’s just some Rumour,
        Brain Fog AGAIN, just ANOTHER Liberal/ Labor Party Tumour!
        IF you get an Option to ‘Vote’,
        the Pollies think it’s JUST an option to STAY Afloat!
        IF you can Remember to Stave OFF the Day,
        Perhaps by Miracle or Magic the Problems GO AWAY!
        But MOST forget what Parliament is FOR,
        Bit like a Bullfight, WITHOUT the Toreador!
        Testosterone University Remembered,
        thru Parliament bar Tradition Reinvented.
        Get ME a Secretary, a Good LOOKING Wench,
        Someone I can Focus on when I’m bored on the Bench!
        NOT forgetting Female political Members,
        It’s ‘Popular’ the Equal Opportunity Agendas.
        Round & Round the Political Web,
        Representation NOT, the Voting Pleb!
        Disingenuous Political Stratagems,
        Forget THEIR ‘LINES’, repeat, followed by throat ‘AHEMS.’
        Portent of SPY versus SPY,
        Irritating for THEM, NOT to look YOU, ANYONE in the eye?
        AND SO, I leave to You, THEY who show NO remorse,
        ‘Work’ for YOU & ME, NAY Foreign interests of Course.
        Larrikins, Colour, Musing & Jests,
        TOO MUCH have THESE to Confess!
        ONLY Saving Grace, THEY, Who ACTUALLY Public Interest ‘Vent’,
        NONE other, than the Political INDEPENDENT!

        I wish you ALL – WELLNESS>
        Hope this ‘Fits the Brief’! – LOL !!!!!

  4. As with the attack on the Kids, mass propaganda by avertisments, in the dailies;
    The objectives are being revealed, the narrative, is now being exposed, as the
    medical tyranny, begins to implode in ritual suicide, the secrets and the unlawful,
    conduct is the death knell for the Pharmanista, and it is exceedlngly apparent, there is little care, victim status normalised: The objectives of the Psy-Op, are now in
    many cases entrenched, into the minds, as the religion of Vaxinalia, has tightened
    its grip: Subjugation by voluntary assimilation; you can lead a whatever to water,
    but if there is no recognition of solution, it is irrelevant if it drinks; the outcome,
    is predetermined:

    With all the acronyms, all aligned in the symmetry, titled, empowered, with the names of the decision makers, relativley unknown, with the clash of vested interest, or compromise, the expertise, For Sale, for accreditation, and the needs of past deeds:

    So it is simple to see, get the Kids, get the Quacks, onto the Childrens Quacks
    List, Immunity by the 1986 Act of Congress, cements the deal in perpetuity, then approval is by and large irrelevent, the Australiam Government, so called, is
    indentured, by Contract, sight unseen, to its part, as the liabilities of scale, will carry heavey burdens:

    No with the Crons, of the ilk of the NSW, Premier, and our own version of self inflicted torture, Marshmellow man, who is in the fold, of useful idiots, strains
    himself to bare and cope with intellectual aptitude: with the adjunct professor
    media, providing the pathways, lies are easy, as there is no redress, allowed,
    with suitable branding and deep suspicion, to age old mockery, which the
    historical record, shows; the outcomes to be catastrophic; debate is mute,
    The first casualty of War, is Truth:

    With the advent of the Booster Shots, and all the associated claims, are an indictment to the Quackcines failure<?? No, the exact opposite, this is a business
    plan, with assistance of the binary codes of the computer, the Ai online
    assistant, Delta, Omicron; are a keyboard away from creation, with all the
    inheritence of "Days of Our Lives" the ongoing saga, of the Brotherhood of the
    Fear of the Virus, have an unlimited canvas to create; Failure, by the cognitive
    abilities, of the ever evolving "In Silico" Virus , there is always going to be a sequel:

    So the Booster plan has evolved, as a solution, to the model of vaccine
    inability, get this one Mandated, remembering of course "Normal" was only
    two, !!! Your Shot was your ticket to the Goodies, yeah ! Well No, never was going
    to happen:
    Business Plan:!!
    Get this through, bluff the mandate, bully lie, cheat , and advertise, we will take
    your lives away, for your protection of course, by an experimental unproven technology, that will take 75 years allegedly to have the recorded data to know,
    if the Benefits outwiegh the Risk, that is by all definition, unlawful, and bypasses,
    any semblence of checks and balances, and takes us back in time , to where
    aparthied,segregation; denial by detention, is accepted practise:

    It is simple, this goes through, it is only the beginning, it will become locked
    in , the business plan , and then one can only wonder what comes next:

    Solution, this has been served up on a silver plater, there is no tactical genius,
    required here, the doors have been opened up, it is exposed, to having it closed down, by denial of service, say No, the critical areas, will in short order not be
    unsustainable, call the bluff, of course, there is a requirement to suffer, loss and
    inconvienence, want your life, you want control of it; but sadly there is no endevour,
    safe is it, can't beat the system, well this is wrong, the system needs us more than we need it, grind it down , we do not need Government, its time for them to realise,
    that the edifice of buidings, the pretence of power, are in truth as fragile as human breathe, starved of authority and the percieved right to rule,in ends, these are
    people, nothing else, so why empower them ; say NO;!

    1. Nice, John. And even the air-headed booster-roo (a subset of the Ozcatraz jab-a-roo) in the form of “The Marshmallow” gets a mention.

  5. First it’s two shots, then three shots, then a forth, fifth, sixth, until before you know it you’re taking one every year!

  6. DO NOT COMPLY! It’s that simple!

    Without compliance of the people the government has no power. Without the services of the people that keep the country going the whole thing shuts down, and maybe then the sheep will realise that our government doesn’t have control, ‘we’ do.

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