October 2, 2023

9 thoughts on “Woolworths trialling ban on cash payments

  1. Havent shopped at the big two supermarkets for decades and I sure am not going to start now. I think many young people into technology will embrace the cashless wholeheartedly. It is new, exciting, makes things happen faster etc. Down the track what about the people trying to earn a few $$ on Gumtree, markets, swap meets etc? They will know how you spend your money…every single $ and that is sincerely creepy!

  2. If you accept their offer to buy their goods then offer cash which is legal tender and they refuse the cash then the selected goods are yours for free. You cannot change the law just because you do not agree with it Do this a few times & they will soon change their mind. On every bank n is written (in small font) LEGAL TENDER..

  3. The best thing about this lockdown is that I discovered a world of small farmers cultivating outside the city I am in. Had no idea they even existed. I have ditched the major supermarkets and use these family farmers and Harris Farm 100% of the time. Granted they need credit card details, however, they deliver, are friendly and their seasonal fruit and veg produce is no more than two days old. These lunatic supermarkets have had their day with me. Support the small farmers.

  4. Confusing, How are people going to buy from me at a garage sale if I don’t have an Eftpos machine, it has to be cash.?
    How can the poorer people be able to afford their own Eftpos machines, I remember the machines were $3,000 about 10 – 15 years ago.
    Is the future Government going to give us all our own free Eftpos machines to trade with.?
    So they can’t bring in the cashless society as yet.

  5. The COVID “pandemic” was a necessary step prior to the introduction of full-blown 60 GHz 5G as the technology produces a raft of symptoms that overlap with “coronavirus”. Can’t have a direct association with 5G can we? Also allows for a multitude of interrelated control agendas to be implemented simultaneously, like cashless commerce. Then there’s also 6G & 7G ultimately! …

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