October 4, 2022

4 thoughts on “Boeing tests autonomous drone technology in Queensland

  1. Truth – “There has only ever been one war at play: The forces of good against the forces of evil.”

    Perception – There is no right or wrong, no good or evil.

    When perception replaces truth what becomes of truth?

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  2. Good one, Gareth. Now we are provided with 2020 vision to observe his manifestation in various forms. Take your pick: Lord Rothschild, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance…the Devil needs to be careful…he is spreading himself very thin.

    With these drones now available, Anna Stasi will be able to police future “hard Qld borders” more efficiently to intercept desperate citizens with sick infants trying to reach nearby hospitals…

    1. EVERY System has an Achilles Heel, Even these units!! & it’s NOT Hi tech. As with the Reliance of Systems everywhere, & Including the Internet of Everything currently Deployed – Vehicles/ Aero/Nautical, Computers, NBN Et Al – They ALL need some form of ‘Juice’.
      And – OH! Army seeks ‘Gamers’ for ‘Remote Killing’. This was being used by the Yanks a Decade back Plus, to improve Optics/ A.I. / Control feeds. Is this akin to Child Soldiers in Africa, apparently SO Abhorrent to Civilised people, but now ‘Passable’ because the Killing is ‘Sterile’? ‘Private Contractors’ were also previously Deployed to ‘Offset/ Bypass’ certain Protocols & International Conventions on Warfare, &, ‘Relieve’ exhausted Drone ‘Pilots’, because of the excessive amount of ‘Remote’ Combat missions Flown.
      Nothing like a ‘Sterile War!’

      In Battle When your up to your Knees in Blood Entrails Piss & Shit of Friend & Foe alike,
      The Politicians, Bankers & Priests Never get their feet Wet!

      NO ONE develops ‘Systems’ Weapon or ‘Other’, unless they DEFINATELY intend ‘Usage’, & have NO issues with such! THEY, Keep their Diminishing Morales in a safe place, & drag ‘Em back out for show for ANZAC day, Easter, Xmas or Re election ‘Show & Tell’!

      AS for the list of Global predators, starring as a chorus line in the CollectiveEliteRecurringViolentInternationalXoanons CERVIX Club, making completely troublesome CU in the NTs of themselves Around the Globe, there are, their on the Ground Cheerleaders made of the same Inanimate Trojan Horse materials, promoting Solidarity with the Dispossessed – Philosophic pretenders such as Bernard- Henri Levy. A proper opportunistic Virus to Humanity, who Coincidentally appeared in NATO backed war in Yugoslavia, 2011 NATO invasion Libya, 2012 NATO Led Invasion Syria, 2013 Support French Military Ops Mali, Lately Odessa/ Ukraine. – ‘Pumping up the Volume.’
      “Do we have time for an ‘Pre organised’ impromptu Getty’s Photo?”
      Now a message from the Globalist Sponsors;
      “Come on down to Honest B-HLs New & Used NATO Wars Dept! Pick up a Brochure on COMIC current & Future Investment/ Regime portfolios. NO conflict too Big or Small. Come in and see what Your Old Country is worth as a ‘Trade In’! Any Condition, ‘Baggage’ or population removal Inclusive. Reasonable Rates & Finance available thru our IMF Credit Union”
      Note; Apologies to former mentioned Female ‘Bits’ (Cervix), which actually serve a Purpose in the continuity of ‘Normal’ Nature, Interferences & En Masse Critical damage from Another Bollox HPV snake Oil Vaxx aside!
      Next; And The ‘Devil’ DOES exist! He is currently residing, according to the ALL the Corporate Media ‘Manufacturing News’ hacks, ‘Occupying’ Russian President Putin, & forcing him to drown lovely Ukrainian kittens, who all wear a yellow & blue vest! & the same Devil in ‘Putin’, gives those Lovely WEF led ‘Aryan Boys’ the excuse they need to ‘Exorcise’ Russia, from the Global Community! – POSSESSED!
      As for the ‘Devil’, when not ‘possessing’ Folks, Reads/ Edits ‘It’s’ own Chronicles (revelations perhaps), loves Math – 666 Flexibility & it’s Symbolic Derivatives, likes hiding in Cloaks made of the Fabric ‘Detail’, & like Vampires of Olde, avoids mirrors = liveD.
      & with the Devil, Who’d the God Reps on the Planet, be able to caste Blame against, where there are NO Forums available, to lay the case for justifiable Defence of THE ‘Accused’ actions or divisiveness? – Perfect. Yep, the Devil is in Putin & Russians.[LOL] Now where’s that mirror for GOD? – Ruff!
      Last; I hope when Boing Boing enterprises were/are displaying the ‘Drones’, they were displaying the Inanimate Units. kept the ‘Mirrors’ away, and all references to A.I. or plain I, were NOT confused with the ‘Organic’ attendees! Also, ARE ‘CoV # something Jabbed’ folk with Onboard Accumulated Nano Tech levels from multiple ‘Insertions’, issued with Alfoil Hats, so as when the Drone ‘Operator’ puts any of the ‘Units’ thru their paces, ‘Jabbed’ Folk don’t start Taxiing across the Tarmac, or doing Barrel rolls in local proximity, & possible embarrassment at the ‘Weapons Deployment’ Stage, or maybe just trying to ‘connect’.

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