December 7, 2022

4 thoughts on “China plans rapid expansion of weather modification program

  1. Playing God. What can possibly go wrong? Prepare yourself mentally for more intense weather, fires, cyclones, flooding, heat waves and drought all designed to manipulate and control (state of emergency/state of disaster), forcing you into the smart city safe zones.

  2. whatever ((their)) agenda, we will find out after it happens & continues to happen with society & families becoming more & more separated or individualised based on one’s gender, job, race, religion, vaccine levels, social credit, etc, etc.

    there will be more & more so called order in all societies according to what region in the world people live but still falling in-line with the ORDER. but i’m not worried for the long term bc based on all time & history before us, whenever there is an ORDER that overwhelms & rules all peoples, eventually chaos will prevail to bring upon a new & completely unexpected change that only the strong minded, strong willed & just peoples overcome & move forward by removing the so-called keepers of the ORDER.

    stay strong & always speak your mind no matter the reaction or victimhood spewed by the few. we live in an unjust world today, that we know, this is temporary… the honest & just people will again dominate society to live a free & civilised life without manipulation by the few.


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