Italian village turned into “human laboratory”

As COVID-19 restrictions continue, the small Italian village of Nerola was suddenly declared a “red zone” by authorities after dozens of new coronavirus cases were discovered.

Sealed off by the army, the village was soon put into mandatory quarantine. This is allowing researchers to test the entire population, in hope they ‘learn more’ about the virus.




As the COVID-19 narrative has developed, governments across the world have based their restrictions on a number of reports and models. This information takes into account many factors that relate to behaviours and situations unfolding in the most affected countries.

The country of Italy has become a symbol of this event. Recording some of the highest rates of infection and spread, the country was one of the first to head into lockdown. The country is at the ‘head of the pack’, so to speak, in this unfolding social experiment and shift to a Brave New World.

This course of events in Italy would soon expand across the world, with countries beginning to mirror restrictions imposed shortly after. Today, with Australians approaching the first month mark of a national lockdown, what can this small country tell us about the future steps of this plan?

Italy is now looking towards ‘solutions’ to stop the spread of the disease, and emerging scenes paint a concerning picture of the ‘necessary’ steps that must be undertaken before restrictions are eased.

New reports have emerged detailing how small Italian towns are being subjected to “infection control experiments” in an attempt to stop the coronavirus ‘crisis’. Researchers in this “human laboratory” report they have ‘stopped all new infections’ in the town as a result.

Since the start of the outbreak, authorities have been testing and retesting each of the town’s inhabitants, which have been locked down as “red zones” by definition. The tests were performed on people whether or not they were displaying symptoms of the disease.

Anyone who was found to be ‘infected’ with the new coronavirus was then put into quarantine — as was everyone they had come into contact with. Half were asymptomatic — therefore displayed no symptoms like fever, cough and shortness of breath typical of the disease.

Professor Andrea Crisanti, an infections expert at Imperial College London on sabbatical at the University of Padua in Italy, reported:

“We were able to contain the outbreak here because we identified and eliminated the ‘submerged’ infections and isolated them. That is what makes the difference.”

‘Submerged’ infections? Yes, this is the new tale being promoted. ‘Undocumented silent spreaders’ are now most at target by health authorites in the nation. Everyone must eventually be tested.

Authorities have noted that the success of the ‘experiment’ suggests aggressive testing, combined with thorough quarantine of anyone who may be infected, is required to help curb the outbreak.

Remember, much of the domestic modelling cited at press conferences is the result of collections of data sets from international programs such as this suburb ‘initiative’. Australians must be very wary that a similar type of scenario doesn’t emerge in future months — as the lockdown did.

What can this incident in a small village of Italy tell us about the future of COVID-19 restrictions?


On Wednesday, the World Health Organization urged more countries to test, isolate and trace any new cases of COVID-19 to contain the spread. 

Australian authorities are now pushing ‘voluntary’ downloads of a smart phone app to trace location data of 40% of the population, and have already requested the metadata information of individuals.

This type of intrusive surveillance on the movement of citizens will allow authorities to determine which suburbs are ‘most infected’ or have had the least amount of testing done. From this point, it is only a small leap before Australia could also experience a suburb-specific lockdown.

Political leaders have already hinted at suburb-by-suburb lockdowns next for Australia, and have activated draconian powers allowing authorities to shut down COVID-19 ‘red zones’.

The Biosecurity Act 2015, now activated in most states under means of a state emergency, allows authorities to forcibly detain and vaccinate individuals to ‘stop the spread’ of ‘suspected disease’.

It also allows state police officers the powers to prevent residents from travelling to ‘less infected’ suburbs or areas, or to remote communities outside of approved areas of the state.

COVID-19 hotlines are also a large part of the new push. In Australia, they are being used as a tool to divide on a social level. However, in Italy, they are now a major source of information for researchers.

“If someone calls the [virus] hotline and says they are sick then everyone in the family, all their friends and the whole building get tested,” said Prof Crisanti. Luca Zaia.

Make no mistake, COVID-19 directives are a coordinated effort, and are currently being handed down by the United Nations (UN) and their Ministry of Health at the G20 Summit. 

The head of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said in a meeting with world leaders yesterday that the key to lifting lockdown restrictions is to see them as “not the end of the epidemic in any country; just the beginning of the next phase.”

He also stressed that each country was affected and this all currently in “different phases” of the same plan. Again, we must observe where the ‘head of the pack’ and what is to come for us.

Don’t forget, the UN has been incrementally taking over Australia for decades and recently called for an overhaul of the world trade system to deliver Agenda 2030.

WHO will soon publish their second ‘Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan’, with an estimate of the resources needed for the ‘next phase’ of the international response.

Is the world just going to sit and wait for the next instruction from their masters? Will you allow your suburb to become locked down in the event of a sudden ‘spread’ or ‘reemergence’ of the virus?

Or, will you rather be the individual who calls out the emperor for wearing no clothes all along? 


Human experiments and other gross violations of personal freedoms have been allowed to emerge given the calculated implementation of Orwellian propaganda during this ‘crisis’.

To understand, we must look to The Emperor’s New Clothes — the classic story of an emperor who loved wearing fine clothes and spent all of his people’s money on them.

One day, two swindlers claiming to be weavers entered the Emporer’s city and proclaimed they were capable of making the finest, lightest, most magnificent cloth the world has ever seen. So extraordinary was this cloth, it was invisible to anyone who was incompetent or stupid.

Hearing of the weaver’s amazing ‘talent’, the foolish Emperor thought he could use such cloth to weed out ‘undesirables’ in his city. (Is that you, Bill Gates?)

The people of the kingdom, having heard of the weaver’s abilities and the cloth’s fictitious properties, acted amazed and offered thunderous applause to the now beaming Emperor. 

Wearing his ‘invisible cloth’, the Emperor is naked. However, none of them were willing to admit that they hadn’t seen the cloth, for if anyone did, then he was either stupid or unfit for the job he held and faced persecution. Never before had the emperor’s clothes been such a success.

While expressing admiration at their Emporer’s new invisible clothes, a small boy cried out from the distance — “But the Emperor has no clothes!” 

For the world, Coronavirus is the emperor’s clothes. Many know the disease doesn’t exist, but they will still play along in fear of being persecuted for disobeying the orders and ‘consensus’.

Make no mistake, the four weeks review is a lie. This political theatre serves only to make us believe it will soon come to an end, when in fact, life will never be the same.

‘Easing restrictions’ and ‘flattening the curve’ are designed as our chocolate ration narrative – referring to propaganda used in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, the Party continuously alters the records of the past to show an increase in chocolate rations, despite the fact there never actually was one. This is to create the illusion that things will get better; it is sheer delusion.

To truly beat this lockdown, we must become vocal to the fact that the Emperor has no clothes, and we will not be ‘subjected’ to human experiments to fulfil requirements of such a fable. 

We must stop putting our faith in the chocolate rations, or ease of restrictions, to save us.

Only the Australian people can stand up and put an end to these restrictions. We can observe, learn and prepare based on international examples, and once individuals understand this is a collective shift towards a new age, perhaps they will begin to see the dystopian path before it’s too late.


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3 comments on “Italian village turned into “human laboratory””

  1. I read somewhere that the real reason for the Coronahoax “Testing” was to gather DNA samples from the entire human population of the planet. And also that Cull ‘Em Gates’s vaccine is designed to alter and deform our DNA to create chimera. Forced transhumanism. Will they be using the DNA samples to deform and then inject the deformed DNA back into the same victim, with an individually-designed “vaccine”, complete with microchip data in the Quantum Tattoo?

    Now the ghouls are even using the Coronahoax as an excuse for one of their favourite activities: amputating the limbs of Ethnic Europeans, especially males of all ages, as a further means of debilitating our already dwindling ethnic group, and handing huge profits to bio-research & prosthetics companies.

    The plebs will be encouraged to believe in
    “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as you so rightly call it, by celebrities leading the way, as they did with adopting or engendering offspring from all other ethnic groups except European. Interesting that the first person to have a limb supposedly amputated for “Coronavirus” is a famous Broadway star. Such a thing is easy to fake in the Illuminati organization, like Epstein’s very convenient fake “suicide”.

  2. With all the information out there now about this fake virus still the people do nothing but stay at home like good little boys and girls.So I guess this fear campaign perpetrated upon us has worked hasnt it? A week ago the US Surgeon-General rejected the predictive contagion model espoused by WHO/Bill Gates/CDC due to the huge inaccuracies in numbers of cases reported. Why is Australia still following the WHO model then? There is no reason to increase restrictions at all. In fact they should begin to be lifted. We need to protest about this imprisonment of the Australian people.On Saturday 2nd May from 2 – 5pm there is a Global March For Freedom in Australia happening. Every City Hall, Public Park, Town Square in every country. Simply gather your friends and family and turn up! Film and march your streets and upload your stories.

  3. Thx for the info re Declaring our Freedom marches.
    I am preaching to the choir here, I know .. you cannot ‘catch’ a virus. It is not alive. Doctors do not prescribe antibiotics for a virus because the medication does nothing to stop symptoms.
    A ‘virus’ is pathology within the human body. Toxins & stress is what a virus feeds on.
    Currently I have a cold sore. I kissed no-one, did not drink out of another’s water bottle or from a public fountain. It was already in my body & was made alive by stress connected to a court appearance. Perfect example.
    Those succumbing to the current popular ‘virus’ are toxic already, possibly with 5G radiation poisoning loaded on top.
    Last winter in USA there were 80,000 deaths from general flu.
    HIV claimed 300 million lives.
    Was there a similar carry-on then?! NO.
    Yes, we all (on this blog) know it is a hoax of massive proportions.

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