The UK is fighting back against COVID dystopia

As the world continues to plunge deeper and deeper into an era of medical biofascism, it seems as if the United Kingdom is taking a surprisingly different turn.

England has made the decision to scrap vaccine passports as a requirement for venue entry, while the debate over vaccinating children has seen the narrative lose strength.


A turning of the tide?
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While political actors in Australia are continuously seen at daily press conferences driving home the notion that vaccine passports are ‘our strongest weapon out of the pandemic’, others have argued such a plan will create moral and ethical dilemmas in society.

The ‘vaccine passport’ – a document that signifies whether the holder has been ‘fully vaccinated’ or not – essentially slices society into two categories, with one side of the fence eligible for certain freedoms, while the other is left out in the cold.

In other words, medical apartheid of the highest order is the agenda at work.

However, as Australia doubles-down on this authoritarian direction, our brothers and sisters over in the United Kingdom are heading a different way. Particularly in England.

After reopening in July – with residents free to enter pubs, clubs and even travel overseas – the UK government has sensationally dumped its plan to rollout vaccine passports across England.

This week, British Health Minister Sajid Javid flagged fronted the nation to announce it was “unlikely” England would ever return to lockdowns, and that the government will also drop its plan to make people show a vaccine passport for entry to crowded events.

Claiming he “never liked the idea” in the first place, vaccine passports were set to be introduced at the end of this month – facing backlash from the citizens living domestically.

Mr Javid said after analysing the data and given the high vaccine uptake, there was no longer a need to rollout mandatory vaccine passports for residents to prove whether they’ve had the jab or not.

This is despite the fact that cases continuing to soar in the UK.

“We’ve looked at it properly and while we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, I’m pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports,” Mr Javid told reporters.

The national passport plan would undoubtedly punish some members of society who, for various reasons (including the right to medical freedom), choose not to be vaccinated.

Queensland Nationals Senator Matthew Canavan tweeted in response to the revised UK vaccine passport announcement.

“They divide people, put costs on small businesses and probably can’t be enforced anyway. Good to see UK dropping plans for a ‘papers please’ state.”

A great move in the right direction for the U.K.

Furthermore, the news gets even better from here.

Not only is England reported to be heading in this direction, but the Kingdom is no longer looking to target young children with their COVID-19 vaccine rollout.


18 months into this pandemic saga, we are now witnessing a push to get children jabbed.

Not only for children themselves, but now also for pregnant and expecting mothers.

The Epsilon Agenda begins to get serious.

In the UK, some very interesting developments have recently occurred.

Earlier this month, the UK’s vaccine advisors have decided to now advise against the vaccination of healthy children against COVID-19, saying the direct health benefits are “marginal”.

In its analysis of whether the rollout of coronavirus vaccines should be expanded to children aged between 12 and 15, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) concluded that the benefits are “marginally greater than the potential known harms”.

Looking at numbers of children needing intensive care treatment for COVID-19, the JCVI said the “…margin of benefit, based primarily on a health perspective, is considered too small to support advice on a universal program”.

The Health Ministers from the four U.K. nations — England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland —subsequently have asked their respective chief medical officers to make their own assessments.

As a result, Britain announced earlier this week they will still go ahead with offering jabs for children, however, it will only be a single dose and the decision remains in the parent’s hands.

Very interesting. Imagine if the government defied the TGA’s advice?

Division in the ranks between the vaccine regulator and the unelected health officials.

The propaganda is not as strong to maintain if narratives are divided.

Let’s hope that the other three nations take the JCVI’s advice on board in their decision-making.

This conflict of viewpoints is very different to the one-sided ‘consensus’ here in Australia.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) recently provided advice to the federal government that the Pfizer vaccine was safe and effective for children aged 12 to 15.

We have already detailed why this is a bad idea.

Australia is still pushing ahead with double-jabs for children, with aims to go younger.

One risk that has been frequently highlighted in this discussion is the identification of a condition known as myocarditis, which involves inflammation of the heart muscle. Particularly in the young.

The risk IS not worth it, and one piece of evidence lies in the continued, growing case rates.

Though nearly 80 per cent of the UK’s adult population has been fully inoculated, the country has seen infection numbers edge higher over the past month following the lifting of restrictions.

Britain recorded another 42,076 infections on Friday, the highest daily total since July 21.

Virus-related deaths have also been rising, with another 121 recorded on Friday, taking the UK’s total to 133,041, Europe’s highest. Even with their vaxx targets reached.

This is because vaccines are not meant to prevent infections, or prevent infections being passed on.

This is because people are dying with underlying health conditions.

This is because the flu has been replaced and labelled as COVID, to much smaller rates.

Passports are a naturally a bad idea when taking these things into consideration.

Will we see Australia take this information on board and make the right decision?

If the response to these announcements is anything to go by, probably not.



The Australian government is very well aware of data and decisions made overseas.

They claimed Australia had ‘beaten COVID’ in November 2020, while websites like TOTT News warned this was only the beginning of things to come.

We warned that booster shots were on the way, and that vaccines weren’t the ‘magic solution’. We warned about the second wave as the COVID narrative was declining last year.

This wasn’t due to a ‘crystal ball’. This was from watching overseas developments.

Those who were much further ahead in this game, like Israel — who now prepares to line up for their FOURTH vaccine shot, after revealing the effects only last FIVE MONTHS.

The Australian government chooses to ignore these stories. The TV media chooses not to highlight these stories. This would throw off our push towards ‘jab targets’ and ‘freedom days’.

All theatre to distract from the fact that goal posts will change.

We can already see the mainstream establishment here in Australia crying that opening up at 80% will be ‘ill advised’ without children jabbed and indigenous communities covered.

Speaking to, senior lecturer of social sciences at The University of Western Australia, Dr Katie Attwell, said the UK’s decision to abandon lockdowns and shelve their vaccine passport plan in England was “really risky” and driven around public policy rather than health advice.

“The UK government is making policy for its own context,” Dr Attwell explained of the decision, casting doubt that Australian state and territory leaders would follow suit.

“The current lurch seems to be very much informed by Boris Johnson’s concerns around frittering away the political capital that his government has with their conservative base. They are facing a massive health and social policy crisis,” said Dr Attwell.

Typical response from the ‘experts’ here in Australia.

They will fight opening up as long as possible, before finding a reason to switch the agenda.

Continuing to use the jabs as the ‘solution’ before they are shown to be useless.

Last week, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced certain freedoms will be granted to those who have received the double jab by mid-October, including a visit to the pub and having picnics.

The U.K. was doing these types of things many months ago.

The infrastructure for vaccine passports is already in place at home. Awaiting businesses to be tricked into developing their own coercive policies — and take the manufactured backlash as a result.

Passing the blame and the liabilities. Intended to drive Australia further towards Agenda 2030.

Australia has always been the little brother that sucked up to the U.S. and the U.K.

Who would of guessed we were the evil little brother after all.

When will Australia grow a spine and ditch this madness?


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9 comments on “The UK is fighting back against COVID dystopia”

  1. Hi Ethan, Uk has now approved vaccinating 12-15 year olds, I wouldn’t be surprised when Winter hits in the UK that they will introduce Vaccine Passports, media in the UK are now talking about increase cases, and are starting 3rd jab at 6mth.

    1. Thank you for that, Aries. Let’s hope the conflicting narratives between the regulator’s advice and the health officers’ direction will damage the propaganda campaign for parents.

      I would not be surprised if you are right about the Winter as well.

      Must always keep an eye on the script changing at any moment!


  2. It’s become very obvious that we appear to have been invaded by spirit of Joseph Stalin and/or Adolf Hitler, because why else has this part of world become incredibly dsytopic lately! Then again 1984 was set in the fictional state called Oceania go figure.

    1. Yes Nathan, Orwell is looming large now. There are t-shirts depicting him, with the text: “I was right, wasn’t I?” And of course the Victorian Police have their very own “Napoleon”, the chief totalitarian porcine from “Animal Farm”, in the form of Luke Cornelius.

      I notice that only one person supported Craig Kelly’s no quax pass Bill recently, George Christensen. Quite a number of MPs were absent for the count. As the govt and opposition “whips” would have instructed their MPs to vote against the Bill, the absentees probably didn’t support the quax pass, but also didn’t have the spine to vote for Craig’s Bill.

      1. Agreed Graham. I believe they are merely playing the game of “good cop, bad cop” so as to break people mentally just like they would do to someone who has been arrested and accused of a serious criminal offence.

        This is nothing but a psy-op to break people mentally and force them to comply. Let these psychopaths enjoy their time in the sun, as the sun will eventually set on their actions and the darkness of the night will come for them soon.

  3. Following Premiers,Politicians, Health Ministers over this debarcle for the last 18 months has left me disgusted in the whole lot of them…and yes you too Scott Morrison.
    The virus has STILL not been isolated, which is a good chance it is just the flu,…the PCR test does not detect anything,..Masks are ridiculous and are harmful to Health, you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide. The lockdowns are a traversty to the Australian people.
    So many small businesses lost…you should all hang your heads in shame.. Oh and don’t get me started on the experimental vaccines… you don’t even know what you are vaccinating against, remember it has NOT been isolated.
    Put your pens down and walk away from this mess you have created and let some real Australians in, they could not do any worse than you lot…and with a tiny little bit of luck they might actually do some good.
    Lost all faith…RIP Australia

  4. Agreed Spinx. All of the above. But one thing all well meaning people must do, is STOP CALLING THE VACCINE A ” VACCINE”. Because it’s all totally bogus.
    The lies within lies have to be untangled. This injection is being “marketed ” as a vaccine, but is in reality a poison concoction of the most vile and diabolical ingredients ever devised by these mad scientists, for use against their fellow human beings. = The self-replicating artificial spike proteins, the blood clotting agents, the Aids virus, the flagellum antigen which attacks the tail of things such as sperm, the damage to the lining of the uterus to prevent pregnancy, the heart inflammation,heavy metal nanoparticles , likely parasites, and on and on it goes. And Big Pharma haven’t even released a full ingredients list yet!
    Dr Sherri Tenpenny is one to watch, but there are many others. Covid is a fake pandemic. The real pandemic will come as a result of the vaccine damage. And the vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated. They become spreaders of disease , through breath, sweat and bodily fluids. But we can protect ourselves with natural medicines, ( and things such as Ivermectin), if we are informed.
    And another thing is this, pandemics don’t drag out for 2,3,4,years. They have a short, sharp period of intensity, then drop off as the virus mutates and becomes less deadly and natural herd immunity occurs. This pandemic, which doesn’t even qualify as a pandemic, is being repeatedly artificially resurrected by false Covid testing and political manipulation.
    The main character weaknesses required of the population for this to succeed, are ignorance ,fearfullness, gullibility, and submission . Unfortunately there is a lot of this going around. However, it is not as pervasive as the political class would like to think.
    One more thing. Everyone should go to the AUSTRALIAN IMMUNIZATION REGISTER. ( Mark Latham shared this on skynews) There is a privacy form that anyone can fill out. This enables you to enact your right to have you vaccine history withheld from being shared with any third party, including your doctor. This is a legal document. – Unlike the dubious, coercive, unconstitutional tactics the gov’t is using in its ” attempt” to mandate fraudulent vaccines and the equally fraudulent vaccine passports. So if anyone demands to know your Covax status,tell them you’ve filled in the form!
    I just hope these disgraceful people who are destroying our Nation, end up digging their own graves.

  5. Thanks Katuschia for your reply, yes I always knew the shot was the prize for the government pushers, the diabolical end game, if you trust your instint and sidestep the shot you have then got to contend with the shedding, which is real. The most diabolical is the testing, why you have to stick it up to your blood/brain barrier is just, to me, the evil part. When someone said the poison was on the end of the tester sticks, I realised the extent of what these criminals will go too.
    It appears that Mark Latham and Craig Kelley are the only two honest politicians……I hope and pray that we have at least these two, and can we hope there are more, if so, I am longing to hear some good news.

  6. Herd Immunity equal herd mentality. I just hope more and more people will wake up and think for themselves. You are right – this is not a vaccine but an experimental spike protein they are testing on the innocent. If people would just ask ‘What’s in the “vaccine” and how does it work?” more could make an informed choice to be or not to be jabbed.

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