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Discussion: Deep state, power shift, transformation

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Follow The Signs: Sync and Numerology

Do you believe in fate? Or that the universe has some kind of influence on world events? Perhaps maybe that divine intervention is real? One thing is for sure, an undeniable array of unexplained and creepy ‘coincidences’ can be found woven in the fabric of the human story.

Synchromysticism and numerology serve as secret languages encoded inside the realm of reality that can be used to decipher meaning in ways not apparent to the naked mind.

How can we use cryptic understandings of symbols to decode, map and predict the path of world events? What can we learn about the coronavirus by digging beneath the surface?


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COVID-19 hotlines are manufacturing division

Australians are being trained to ‘dob in’ their mates, with new COVID-19 hotlines leading to tens of thousands of calls made to report suspected breaches of social distancing rules.

Isolated countries are being engineered to turn against each other in a game of psychological warfare – intentionally distracting citizens away from the real threats facing society.



Discussion: The Line Has Been Crossed

COVID-19, through mass psychological engineering, has brought about the lockdown of nation states and Australians are being told to get used to this new, isolated way of life for the ‘foreseeable future’.

Military on the streets, police targeting rule breakers, surveillance drones barking orders and citizens told to stay in their homes. The scenes we are witnessing bare striking resemblance to the world described in George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty Four.