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Discussion: Coronacircus continues in Australia

As if it were the plan all along, Australia is once again in a heightened state of coronavirus paranoia and hysteria, fuelled by supposed outbreaks spreading from Melbourne to Sydney.

Once again, we are seeing a predictable pattern of establishment propaganda and fearmongering be delivered to the masses with no basis in reason or evidence.


Member Circle: Eye of the Storm | June 2020

The anticipated ‘second wave’ has hit Victoria, who will reimpose stage three restrictions on 10 postcodes until at least July 29 in a bid to contain new ‘COVID-19’ cases detected.

The move signifies the beginning of a new chapter in the #CoronaHoax timeline, which will slowly spread to a national level once again on track towards the Brave New World agenda.


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On the Origin of Eugenics: Evolution Hoax

In the 19th century, a hideous revolution took place in culture with the aim of redesigning the self-conception of the human species, from that of a cognitive and creative being made by intelligent design, to that of an instinct-driven, ape-like creature.

This group of scientific clergymen based their revolution on the work of Charles Darwin, and used his theory of ‘natural selection’ to create a new religious-like belief system.

This scientific upheaval has been so successful, that while we live in a world of potentially unlimited ‘progress’, our descent into a totally bestial view of man has created both an inability to realise this potential and an existential crisis for the human race.


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Discussion: Personal rights, microchips, protests

As long as there has been governments, there has been protests against them. We have heard many tales of the masses using their voice against the powers of the establishment.

However, in recent months, we have seen peaceful protests by 5G activists and anti-lockdown protesters shut down under ‘public health’ restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.