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Member Circle: The Great Split | May 2020

As the mainstream media continues to engineer the sleeping masses against critical thinkers with negative coverage, a clear intellectual divide is sweeping society. One between those who will stand for freedom and those who will participate in its erosion.

For the latter, we know the Brave New World and Epsilon Agenda will soon find them sleepwalking into the abyss. However, what is the future for those who refuse to enter the new Matrix?


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Huxley and the Epsilon Agenda

Despite the fact that humans as a whole are living longer than ever before, we now suffer certain illnesses to a degree never seen in the past -- affecting most of modern society.

From increases in chronic diseases, to spikes in neurological disorders, humanity has been physiologically, psychologically and spiritually altered in numerous ways over generations.

Could we be witnessing the intentional creation of a human Epsilon class before our eyes?


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Alternative magazine pulled from supermarkets

A magazine that publishes about complementary therapies, alternative medicines and protection against 5G was recently taken down from supermarket shelves across the country.

Coles and Woolworths bowed to pressure from radio host Ben Fordham to pull ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ Magazine, the latest victim of new pushes to ban COVID-19 “thoughtcrime”.