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The Dystopian Shift: Essential Content

The key to understanding how COVID-19 is being used as a tool for control is to first study the chain of events that have given birth to unprecedented powers of authorities, the technology and means to control mass groups and the larger agendas at play.

At TOTT News, we have spent years addressing many key issues relating to the Brave New World Order, and as the world moves further towards this foretold dystopian vision, our website has attempted to detail a roadmap generations in the making.


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Discussion: The Line Has Been Crossed

COVID-19, through mass psychological engineering, has brought about the lockdown of nation states and Australians are being told to get used to this new, isolated way of life for the ‘foreseeable future’.

Military on the streets, police targeting rule breakers, surveillance drones barking orders and citizens told to stay in their homes. The scenes we are witnessing bare striking resemblance to the world described in George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty Four.



Member Circle: Call To Arms | March 2020

COVID-19 has now reached an unprecedented tipping point. As countries begin to restrict all non-essential activities, including travel and individual movements, dystopian settings envisioned by science fiction writers over the last century are now becoming a reality.

It seems as if a line has been crossed and the old world is slowly ending. The time has come for like-minded individuals in Australia to rally together and discuss all possible scenarios and solutions that are likely to emerge during this ongoing paradigm shift in the world.


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Military deployed to enforce quarantine orders

The federal government will begin to mobilise the military to enforce Australia’s toughest COVID-19 regulations yet, including quarantine measures and compliance checks.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) have been enlisted to monitor mandatory isolation requirements for suspected carriers of the ‘virus’ and are predicted to expand their operations in the coming weeks.


Member Circle: Turning Point | Ft. John le Bon

The ‘black pill’ shatters all preconceived notions about the world and attempts to do the unthinkable: create a new dialect and framework for discussions to take place.

On this Member Circle Podcast, John le Bon and Ethan discuss personal perspectives and deceptions of the ‘red pill’, religious faith in establishment metanarratives, war propaganda, the Nuclear Bomb Hoax and a first examination of two profound black pill topics.

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