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Arrests continue at freedom protests in #OccupiedMelbourne

Police continue to swoop in quickly on any protesters in Melbourne, with more freedom campaigners met with a massive force across the city.

A Sign of the Times? | FFT

Last week, in the early hours of Wednesday, an unexpected magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Melbourne on the morning riot officers would fire on civilians at a shrine dedicated to freedom.

This symbolic day will not only go down in the annals of Australian history, but may also confirm to those with 'eyes to see' the larger story that is playing out.


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Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne campaigners infiltrated, hunted and censored

Melbourne emerged from an unprecedented blackout across the city to find the movement had been seriously damaged by counter-intelligence operations.

We take a look inside Day 5 and Day 6 of Melbourne’s attempted freedom protests – events that would confirm some of the worst suspicions of infiltration suggested earlier in the week.


Melbourne’s Siege at the Shrine: As it happened

For the third straight day, protesters have descended upon Melbourne to exercise their fundamental right to have their voices heard, in a day that will go down in Australian history. The police rolled out the counter-terrorism unit early in the morning, chasing the group through the Melbourne CBD, before a standoff occurred at The Shrine

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