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The Truman World: An Esoteric Analysis

There are many movies with hidden spiritual messages. Some of these movies will allow you to question, think and further decipher reality. The more you awaken to your truth, the more the hidden esoteric messages in motion pictures become evident.

The Truman Show is a powerful entry into the unique and ‘prophetic’ catalogue of science fiction -- a simple story, heavy with metaphor and message, akin to a biblical allegory.

What can the story of Truman tell us about the world around us and the process of awakening? Could the phenomenon of sync reveal a larger process of spiritual initiation?


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Coronavirus ‘vaccine certificates’ to be rolled out on smartphones

Ahead of the scheduled rollout of coronavirus vaccines in Australia, new details have revealed how citizens will be expected to carry supporting documentation with them.

Australians will receive ‘proof of vaccination certificates’ on their smartphones, in addition to hard copies, under plans set to be finalised by the federal government.


Member Circle: Infant Imprinting | Ft. Jeanice Barcelo

Almost half a decade ago, the work of Jeanice Barcelo changed Ethan's life. Her groundbreaking research on birth trauma, hospital rituals and the hijacking of human love can't be understated for its significance - for it reveals the true depths of the control system.

Medical violence against mothers and infants is a fundamental topic that has shaped the lives of almost all human beings, and exposes some very profound questions in the process.

How does the beginning stages of a child's life impact their subconscious mind? Why is a calculated assault taking place against humanity? Who or what is responsible?


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Science fiction visions are becoming dystopic realities

After a year when governments themselves became the biggest threat to a population’s well-being, it also became clear it was the ‘crazies’ who were making more and more sense.

What was science fiction only a year ago has now been accepted as reality by Australia’s compliant, poorly-educated populations, explores A Sense of Place Magazine.